Chapter 366: Ruthlessly Crushing Your Love Rivals (2)

Chapter 366: Ruthlessly Crushing Your Love Rivals (2)

The man was seated beside Zhao Chengning. At first, he sported a self-confident look, but it melted away when he glanced at Zhao Chengning’s accomplishments.

T-this person clearly wasn’t playing like this just now!? Alright, I admit that he played pretty well before, but he definitely wasn’t this good!

Zhang Lu was just as unsettled as the man. In fact, she felt even more disgusted than if she’d stepped on a pile of dog droppings.

She was obviously bluffing when she’d said she wasn’t that good. If that were the case, she wouldn’t even have stepped out, to begin with. In the past, she’d spent a good long time arduously training herself when she found out that Zhao Chengning was playing this game; all for the sake of having a common topic with him. Unfortunately for her, she caught wind of him dropping the game just after she’d gotten the hang of it. She’d taken notice of how Shen Jingbin played as well. Shen Jingbin had pretty good micromanagement skills, but there was still a definite gap when compared to her. This was why she’d stepped out. But!

In reality, both husband and wife were playing amongst themselves, so of course, they wouldn’t go all-out. Zhang Lu and the man were asking for it by wanting to have a match with them, so they obviously wouldn’t hold back.

Ruthlessly crushing your love rivals was obviously the best!

As a result, it was no surprise that Zhang Lu and the impeccably attired man suffered a crushing defeat. The rest of the men who were watching in the crowd quietly tore their eyes away from the spectacle.

On the other hand, the couple who’d just finished an enjoyable session of stomping their love rivals into the ground held hands and went to tour the rest of the exhibition.

Just after stepping out from the individual experience zone, Shen Jingbin heard her phone ring. She accepted the call and realised it was from Pure Crane. He’d picked up Black Kite and Delicate Flower, and the three of them were now in the exhibition hall. Black Kite was in a tizzy when she found out that Shen Jingbin was here, and was kicking up a fuss saying she wanted to see her. Seeing no other way out of it, Pure Crane decided to give Shen Jingbin a call.

The two of them decided to meet below the stage in exhibition hall two before hanging up.

“Black Kite and the others are here. We’ve decided to meet beneath the stage. Let’s go together.”

Zhao Chengning nodded. Shen Jingbin consciously hooked her arm around his, and they began making their way towards the stage.

Each and every ballroom had a front and rear entrance. Exhibition hall two’s stage was located beside the rear entrance. When they weren’t far from the stage, they spotted several people standing beside the stage.

As they drew nearer, the group, who was idly chatting amongst themselves, took notice of them. A slightly plump looking younger girl took a closer look at them and called out in a probing manner, “Eh? N-nutty?”

Shen Jingbin hesitated for a moment because she hadn’t seen Black Kite yet. Upon hearing the girl call out to her and confirming that she hadn’t recognised the wrong person, she smiled and nodded. “Yup.”

The man and woman beside the slightly plump girl instantly froze, and it took a long while before they finally came back to their senses. The slightly plump girl let out a cry and rushed up to Shen Jingbin before placing her hands against Shen Jingbin’s shoulders. Her eyes were like lasers as she gave Shen Jingbin a once over while incessantly muttering something.

“This can’t be! There’s too big of a difference! Oh my god, I can’t believe Nutty’s so beautiful! She’s much prettier than I’d imagined! I can’t believe what I’m seeing! I’mgoingblind I’mgoingblind I’mgoingblind!”

“Oh, you’re here.”

The girl’s reaction caused a bitter smile to appear on Shen Jingbin. Just then, she suddenly heard Pure Crane’s voice from behind her. She turned back to see him cradling a mass of food.

Pure Crane launched into an explanation when he saw the two of them staring curiously at the items he was carrying in his bosom. “They came over immediately after getting off the car and haven’t eaten anything yet, so I went to buy something for them… What are you doing, Black Kite?”

The slightly plump girl was Black Kite. She rushed up to Pure Crane with tear-filled eyes as soon as she saw him. Obviously, this was a very moving sight.

“Brother Pure Crane, hurry and tell me whether this person is Nutty or not! My god, this is too out of this world.”

Pure Crane clearly found what Black Kite said very amusing. He handed over the food he was carrying to the other man and woman before saying, “She’s Nutty. You didn’t get the wrong person. Didn’t I tell you that Nutty’s really good looking in real life?”

“Bro! Aren't you a little too casual about it?! This isn’t just at the level of ‘really good looking!’” cried Black Kite in her heart.

The man and woman were far more composed than Black Kite. Apart from their initial surprise, they didn’t reveal any other superfluous emotions.

“Nice to meet you, Nutty. This is our first time meeting. I’m Delicate Flower,” said the girl with a smile as she greeted Shen Jingbin. She had a slight heroic air to her.

“I’m Cheshire cat,” said the man standing beside Delicate Flower.

Shen Jingbin took another look at Cheshire Cat.

She was surprised at how different he looked in real life. He looked more or less average in-game, but he looked especially handsome in real life. He had an androgynous look about him, but no one would say he looked girly.

Only, he looked really familiar. On closer inspection, he was especially familiar!

“You look rather…” Shen Jingbin frowned slightly. She’d just started speaking when she was suddenly interrupted.

“Wei Wei.”

The door beside the stage that was closed beforehand was suddenly opened, and a line of people walked in. At the forefront of the procession was a tall and slender man who wore a black mask. The clothes he wore helped Shen Jingbin figure out that the man was Vv - the very same person who’d interrupted her!

Shen Jingbin came back to her senses. Why did she feel that Cheshire Cat looked so familiar? That’s because he looked remarkably similar to Vv!

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