Chapter 365: Ruthlessly Crushing Your Love Rivals (1)

Chapter 365: Ruthlessly Crushing Your Love Rivals (1)

Once the troublemaker had left, the exhibition hall regained its former peacefulness with the help of the exhibition’s staff. Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning got back in line, and it wasn’t long before their turn was up. The couple chose a pair of computers that were near each other.

“Wanna have a match?” Zhao Chengning suddenly suggested when the game began.

Shen Jingbin thought for a bit before nodding. “What does the winner get?”

Zhao Chengning flashed an evil smile. “The loser has to do any one thing that the winner says.”

Shen Jingbin’s lips curled, and her face screwed up in discontent. “That doesn’t seem like much of an incentive for me to win.” But, she changed her mind when she saw the feigned look of disappointment on his face. “How do we compete?”

“Each round lasts for five minutes. We’ll choose the same mode, character, and weapon. The one with the most kills wins.”


They donned their headsets and entered the game. Shortly after, an opening animation played, and they were brought to the mode selection screen. After selecting their mode, character, and starting weapon, the screen faded to black, and a countdown began.

This particular single player FPS that Yiju had released had a premise similar to that of Resident Evil, in that they had to go up against all kinds of disgusting zombies. At present, even though the game didn’t have much to offer other than it’s lifelike graphics, the available modes and graphics it offered when it was first released made waves amongst gamers.

When it was first released, Shen Jingbin had dabbled a little in the game with Shen Jingchen and had really enjoyed the gunplay. But, after a while, she couldn’t put up with its lifelike visuals and decided to shelve the game. Even after being away from the game for a couple of years, her little heart still gave a slight shudder when she saw the zombies in-game.

It couldn’t be helped. Our fearless maiden, Miss Shen, didn’t have much of a resistance against things that reeked of blood like zombies.

Even then, she was only mildly affected by it, and her performance wasn’t impacted. The people waiting behind her could only see her back as her fair, slender hand flew across the keyboard. Her in-game character responded accordingly and dashed about. Such nimble movements could only be showcased in this game. If it were any other game, her character would’ve long since died. Practically all the enemies that entered her character’s line of sight received a headshot. Her level of skill, and her impressive dynamic vision, was apparent for all to see.

Numerous other players who were gathered around her couldn’t help but gasp in surprise. Nowadays, even women were skilled at gaming.

Obviously, Zhao Chengning was no pushover either, and two of them were evenly matched. Throughout the match, their score only differed from the other by one or two kills.

Five minutes quickly passed, and the match ended. In the end, Zhao Chengning managed to come out on top with just two more kills.

When the two of them pulled off their headsets and stood up, they found out that at some point, the other three computers nearby had been vacated, and everyone’s attention had been drawn to their battle. From the looks on the couple’s faces, it looked like they still wanted to go on with their competition.

Suddenly, an impeccably attired man stepped out of the crowd. “May I have a match against the two of you?”

Not one hair was out of place on the man’s head, which had an inordinate amount of hair gel applied to it. Even when they were several steps away from him, they could still clearly catch a whiff of his thick cologne. It was so bad that Shen Jingbin wondered whether he’d dumped half a bottle of cologne on himself.

“Count me in too,” said a woman in a red dress as she stepped out of the crowd. Shen Jingbin glanced at her out of the corner of her eye and realised it was Zhang Lu.

I never expected to find her over at this part of the exhibition.

“I don’t mind,” said Shen Jingbin. She then turned to Zhao Chengning to see what he had to say.

Zhao Chengning was extremely unhappy that this man was running his eyes over his wife. This was further compounded by the provocative gaze that the man was looking at Zhao Chengning with.

“Let’s go for a round then. You guys know the rules?” Zhao Chengning asked insipidly.

The man immediately replied, his tone carrying an air of insufferable arrogance. “Of course. Back then, I used to be the Emperor. In fact, I could even take the two of you on by myself.”

In the past, the title of ‘Emperor’ was given to players with the highest achievements. Obtaining this title was an incredibly difficult feat. Back in the day, the game was extremely popular, and many people played it. However, only one of ten people would be able to obtain this title.

As expected, as soon as he uttered the words ‘Emperor’, the small crowd that was gathered around them broke into an uproar. The man cast a slightly smug glance in Shen Jingbin’s direction. Unfortunately for him, the beauty looked as if she hadn’t heard what he’d said and remained unphased.

No matter. Maybe she didn’t know what being an ‘Emperor’ meant. All he needed to do was strut his stuff in-game, and she’d know how good he was. The man thought inwardly in an attempt to console himself.

Zhao Chengning sneered in his heart. Emperor? This guy probably didn’t know that he was the very first Emperor in the game.

“I only played this game casually in the past, so I’m not very good at it. Since all of you are so good at it, make sure you go easy on me later on,” Zhang Lu said with a smile as she glanced at the two men.

Shen Jingbin looked at her oddly. “Isn’t this a competition? Why would we go easy on you? You’re better off not playing if you want us to go easy on you.”

“Ah…” Zhang Lu was left dumbfounded for a moment. She was just about to explain what she really meant when Zhao Chengning interrupted her.

“Alright, let’s start.”

Zhang Lu swallowed the words in her throat and shot a glare at the woman who’d caused her to lose face. All four of them separated and selected their computers before donning their headsets and entering the game.

Nothing needed to be said about Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning. Their movements were efficient and precise, and they had formidable micromanagement skills. Their kill count rocketed upwards from the very beginning of the match, leaving the man and Zhang Lu in their wake.

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