Chapter 364: The Best Out There (2)

Chapter 364: The Best Out There (2)

Crying Fish couldn’t take it any longer. She anxiously walked up and said, “Ma’am, you can’t just chase my friend out like that… You saw it yourself; Miss Shen was the one who’d taken action against my friend. How can you…”

The woman in charge cut her off. “I can’t pass judgement now since I didn’t see everything for myself. But, what I can say is that Miss Shen would never harm another person without reason. If you think your friend has been wronged, feel free to take it up with the company.”

Crying Fish shot a meaningful glance at her companions. They immediately understood what she was getting at, and started kicking up a fuss. “She’s clearly the one who acted first, so how can you distort the truth like this?!”

As the saying goes: three women are enough for a drama. What then, if there’s a group of them? The venue suddenly turned into a real life version of palace intrigue.

“There’s no justice in the world. How can the victim become the assailant and be chased out at that?! I’m going to report all of you!”

“This is how Yiju treats us players! Pui! I’m going to expose all of you on Weibo!”

“Let go of her. She’s just a girl! What are you men planning to do to her? I’ll report you guys for sexual harassment!”

Due to them stirring up trouble, a state of confusion filled the surroundings. Crying Fish’s group was kicking up such a fuss, that Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning’s temples were throbbing in pain.

Out of the corner of her eye, Shen Jingbin spotted a table with a half drunk bottle of mineral water on it. She suddenly walked towards it, grabbed the bottle, and viciously smashed it onto the table...

An enormous bang shocked everyone into silence. It wasn’t just their area of the exhibition hall that had fallen silent; it was almost half of the exhibition hall that had gone quiet.

Everyone subconsciously looked towards the origin of the sound and found an unearthly beauty expressionlessly standing beside a table with a half smashed bottle in hand. The table, which was made of wood, had wood chips flaking off it. It wasn’t hard to figure out what had happened.

How terrifying. How much strength did she have to pull that off?

The woman with eyeshadow quietly swallowed her saliva, and suddenly felt as if she’d been far too rash today. She couldn’t bring herself to imagine whether both her hands would still be there if Shen Jingbin had been serious.

“Don’t you guys think that you’ve been wronged?” Shen Jingbin indifferently asked the group of dumbstruck women who, before this, were kicking up a fuss. Although Shen Jingbin’s upset face was still beautiful, it made others feel as if there was a weight pressing down on the pit of their stomach, making it hard for them to breathe.

The group of women subconsciously shook their heads.

“If you think you’ve been wronged, I can step outside with you now. This exhibition hall has cameras. I don’t mind having a look at the recording so we can figure out who’s the one causing trouble!”

Shen Jingbin issued a very domineering statement. No one dared to say anything after she spoke. All they did was stare dumbly at her.

After a moment of silence, a soft voice suddenly spoke up. Looking over, it turned out to be the small boy who’d been standing in front of Shen Jingbin before. “Ah, there’s no need to look at the video footage. I was standing in front of this wo- I mean Miss Shen just now, and can attest that this woman was the one who provoked her first. Miss Shen was only acting in self-defence. Furthermore, she didn’t attack anyone as that group claimed.”

His face was flushed, and he stood shyly behind Zhao Chengning. Due to what he’d said, everyone’s attention was now on him, making him turn even redder. Shen Jingbin looked at him. Her face softened when she saw the bashful look on his face, and she smiled at him.

A number of silly people caught sight of her smile, causing them to stand and speak up for their Goddess as well. At the same time, they quietly shot looks of displeasure towards the small boy.

“That’s right; there’s no need to check the recording. We can act as witnesses! That woman was the one who started stirring up trouble first!”

“Sigh, this is my first time seeing someone as unreasonable and crafty as her! It’d be best to get rid of her as soon as possible. Just looking at her makes me angry… Those ones over there who were with her aren’t any better either. They’re all a bunch of trash.”

“Hey, isn’t that something Fish from that guild… what was it… Life At First Sight? I saw her during the live stream of the award ceremony in the afternoon. She looks so pretty, so why is she hanging out with this group of women? Tsk, she can’t be any good either.”

“Tch, you don’t know what happened, right? You see that man standing in front of them, the most conspicuous looking one? He’s Quiet And Steadfast. Rumour has it that she tried to hook up with him last time. Now, she’s probably trying to do the same in real life as well. I never expected him to have a beau already, so how could she have a place in his heart? This is what I think, but she brought along this group of crazy women here to stir up trouble. Tsk tsk tsk, women sure are scary.”

The atmosphere suddenly changed, and Crying Fish could hear an endless stream of vitriol and conjecture. At that moment, her face turned an unsightly pale shade. Now that things had reached this point, it didn’t matter what the truth actually was. The end result was that she’d suffered a considerable loss.

The rims of her eyes reddened. With a stomp of her foot, she spun around and ran off, pushing everyone in her way aside. The women from her posse who were left behind glanced at each other before following after her. With that, one of the lead characters left in a wretched state.

“Alright, alright, break it up. Nothing more to see,” came the timely prompt from the woman in charge, urging the crowd to disperse. At the same time, she quietly instructed the security guards to take note of what that group of women looked like and to bar them entry from the exhibition.

Now that all the onlookers had dispersed, Shen Jingbin strolled back to Zhao Chengning’s side. She smiled at the boy and thanked him, while the boy bashfully scratched his head, not daring to look her in the eye.

Zhao Chengning was watching off to the side before he suddenly wrapped his hand around her waist and gently pinched her. “Looks like you’ve caused an innocent young boy to become smitten with you.”

Shen Jingbin dodged him before looking up to stare him in the eyes. “What, I’m not allowed to be charming?”

Zhao Chengning’s expression softened, and he took her into his arms. “Of course, you can. You’re the most charming person in the world.”

Shen Jingbin’s lips curled. “I’m nowhere near as charming as you. You’re the best out there, hmph.”

That tsundere harrumph of hers left Zhao Chengning not knowing whether to laugh or cry. He pulled her even closer and whispered sweet nothings into her ear. At the same time, he began planning how to pay that group of women back for today’s affront.

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