Chapter 363: The Best Out There (1)

Chapter 363: The Best Out There (1)

Everyone liked watching a good show. Regardless of whether it had anything to do with them or not, they’d gather round to spectate. Now that this woman had caused a scene, everyone nearby had gathered to watch the spectacle.

Unexpectedly, the woman wearing eyeshadow became even more emboldened when she saw the crowd form around them, and a stream of unkind words flowed out of her mouth. Aside from Crying Fish, who was now teary-eyed, the rest of the women behind her were parroting what she was saying; almost as if they had some massive grudge against Shen Jingbin.

But, Shen Jingbin had absolutely no idea who they were.

“These days, some women have no manners at all. They think that they can interrupt other people just because they’re beautiful, without even considering their own position beforehand.”

“That’s right, we were speaking to Quiet And Steadfast, not you. Why’re you butting in?”

“In spite of you sticking so close to your boyfriend, he still married someone else in-game. Not only that, he even married an ugly wench. You’re a failure of a girlfriend.”

Out of this group of women, the only one qualified to take part in the award ceremony earlier this afternoon in exhibition hall 1 was Crying Fish. Crying Fish hadn’t told them that that ugly woman in-game was actually even more beautiful than herself in real life, so they were completely unaware that Shen Jingbin was that very same ugly woman from White Cloud Temple.

In this world, there’d always be people who’d harbour unreasonable malice towards others who were better than them. This group of women were that type of people. They were under the impression that they’d grabbed ahold of this perfect beauty’s weaknesses, and were beyond ecstatic about it. Little did they know, that in the eyes of others, they were just a bunch of monkeys.

Crying Fish had noticed this as well and quietly tugged at the group before whispering something to them. Shortly after, their faces screwed up in displeasure, and they shut their mouths.

Crying Fish cleared her throat and gave Shen Jingbin an apologetic smile. “They tend to be quite straightforward when they speak, and it can sound harsh at times. But, they bore you no ill intent, so I hope you won’t take it to heart,” she said miserably.

Shen Jingbin shot a cold stare at Crying Fish and said, “If you can really twist an issue of upbringing into them having straightforward personalities, then I honestly have nothing to say to any of you.”

“What did you say!?” The brows of the woman with excessive eyeshadow instantly shot up. She marched up to Shen Jingbin, intent on holding her up by her collar. She was confident she could put up a good enough fight, owing it to the time she’d spent with those ‘brothers’ of hers in the past.

But, she’d picked a fight with the wrong person. Before she even had the chance to touch Shen Jingbin, she found her hand behind her back. The piercing pain caused her to cry out in pain.

“Ah, why’d she suddenly lash out!?”

“Help, i-it’s an assault!”

“How can there be someone like this? All the other person did was say a few words, and now she’s attacking them. Why’d they let someone like this in?!”

“She might look beautiful, but she’s rotten on the inside!”

After the woman was subdued, the rest of her companions tried to shit-stir and began kicking up a fuss, pushing all the blame on Shen Jingbin.

“Silence,” Zhao Chengning rebuked them, his face frosted over in displeasure. None of them dared to say anything after that.

On the surface, Zhao Chengning might look mild-mannered and gentlemanly, but in truth, that imposing manner of his was impossible to overlook. Having been pissed off, all traces of warmth were gone from his face, and he now exuded an aura of intimidation. These shallow-minded women obviously couldn’t stand up to Zhao Chengning, who’d cultivated this bearing of his over a long period of time.

Shen Jingbin narrowed her eyes and leaned in close to the ear of the woman with eyeshadow. “Next time, would you mind thinking of your own position first before you act out? Otherwise, don’t blame me if you end up making a fool out of yourself.”

The woman with eyeshadow was unwilling to admit defeat, and even now, she was still hurling abuse. Shen Jingbin didn’t hold back either and tightened her grip. The pain caused the woman to inhale sharply, and only then did she fall silent.

“What’s going on?” The exhibition hall’s security guards rushed over upon seeing the commotion.

“Mr security guard! There’s a fight over here! Please, come help quickly!”

The woman acted as if she’d seen her savior the moment she laid eyes on the security guard and cried out for help once again. Shen Jingbin scoffed. It looked like this woman was even shallower than she’d thought.

The security guard didn’t recognise Shen Jingbin. The only thing he could tell was that the woman in front of him was more than meets the eye, and he avoided taking any rash action. After working in a high-end hotel for so long, the one thing he’d picked up was how to read people.

While the security guard was still trying to work out how to deal with the situation at hand, several people appeared from within the crowd. Amongst them was the woman in charge of this event.

“What’s going on here?” Before she even had the chance to figure out what was going on, she suddenly felt a stern gaze sweep past her. When she looked over, she realised that it came from Second Young Master Zhao, who they absolutely couldn’t afford to offend. Her heart leapt into her throat, and she was ill at ease. She hurried forward with an apologetic look on her face. “Miss Shen, what happened? What’s going on?”

Shen Jingbin glanced at the woman she’d subdued. The woman in charge of the event looked over as well and immediately figured out what was going on. “It looks like we have a situation on our hands… Security, escort this woman out and tell the guards at the entrance to bar her from entering. Everyone present is a VIP, and we cannot afford to let anything happen to them,” she said sternly.

The woman stared with wide-eyed disbelief at the person in charge when she heard what she’d said. “Hey! What’re you going on about?! I’m the one being assaulted here! How did I become the culprit? Are all you people at Yiju blind?!” she cried shrilly.

The woman in charge turned a deaf ear to the other person’s pleas and urged the security guard to take her away. The security guard acted as if he’d just woken from a dream, and hurriedly called upon his co-workers to take the troublemaker from Shen Jingbin and evict her from the exhibition.

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