Chapter 362: Touring The Exhibition Hall (1)

Chapter 362: Touring The Exhibition Hall (2)

The two ballrooms that were used as the exhibition hall were interconnected, so the venue encompassed a wide area. In spite of that, the number of people dwarfed the available floor space. When the group walked into the exhibition hall, the very first thought that crossed their minds was: a sea of people.

Shen Jingbin looked back to the rest of the group. “Should we look around together, or?”

Every single one of them shook their heads.

“Us four bros are gonna have a look around on our own.”

“Ximen and I will be fine on our own. We’ll also be waiting for Pure Crane and Black Kite while we’re at it.”

“I’ll be going with Snowy.”

“Mm, it’ll be fine with just me and Gentle Flower.”

Even her own brother was abandoning her to run off with Xia Qihui and Jiang Weiwei.

You gotta be kidding me. People who get in the way of a couple’s lovey-dovey time will get struck by lightning!

“Looks like these guys have a sense of propriety,” Zhao Chengning said with a sigh.

Shen Jingbin cast a sidelong glance at him. Her gaze was accusing, but at the same time, it was quite charming and attractive.

Zhao Chengning, who was in a great mood, pinched her cheeks and dragged her inside.

The first place the couple visited was Yiju’s game experience zone. The experience zone was further divided into individual areas for each online game. When Yiju first started, it produced several popular single player games. Even now, it still had a large following of die-hard fans. Currently, Yiju’s most popular game was a First Person Shooter.

Shen Jingbin’s ‘violent tendencies’ started to run amok, and she dragged Zhao Chengning over to the FPS game. Every individual game’s experience zone had, at most, five gaming machines in them; the less popular games only had one machine. Unfortunately for her, while other games might not have a single person playing the game, this particular FPS had a long line of people queuing up to play it.

Shen Jingbin was interested in trying the game, so she didn’t care how many people there were in front of her. She pulled Zhao Chengning to the back of the line and started queuing up with an expression on her face that said ‘I don’t care, I just want to play this game.’

Normally, Zhao Chengning couldn’t stand queues. He glanced at the adamant look on his wifey’s face, then turned to look at the dense mass of people in front of him before helplessly sighing and resigning himself to his fate.

At some point, the people queuing up in front of them noticed the couple’s presence. Every single one of their faces lit up in delight, almost as if they’d picked up a bar of gold from the ground. In particular, the person directly in front of them acted faster than their brain could process. They whipped out their phone and snapped a photo. In their haste, they forgot to turn off their camera’s shutter sound, and a resounding ‘kacha’ was produced from their phone. The sound brought the person back to their senses, and under the couple’s watchful gaze, they awkwardly and silently deleted the photo with a sullen look on their face.

The person hesitated for a moment. Then, after looking like they’d managed to muster up the courage, they moved their trembling body forward to ask the couple a question. “Are the two of you here to play this game?”

Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning looked towards the person who appeared to be a weak-looking boy. He wasn’t very tall, and he spoke in a whisper. With the couple’s attention focused on him, the boy’s face instantly flushed. “I-i-if the two of you want to play this game, you can go ahead of me,” he said with a stammer.

“Hm?” Shen Jingbin was amused by what the boy had said and flashed him a charming smile, stunning all the onlookers in the process. “It’s okay; we’ll be fine queuing up here.”

The boy’s face burned even redder. He uttered a simple ‘oh’ and hurriedly turned his head back. Following that, he refused to look back again, no matter what.

Shen Jingbin noticed that even the boy’s neck had turned red, and she couldn’t help but find it funny. She turned to Zhao Chengning, wanting to whisper sweet nothings into his ear when she noticed out of the corner of her eye that a familiar looking woman, who was leading a group of several other women, had taken their place behind Zhao Chengning.

“Q-Quiet And Steadfast?” squeaked the leading woman in a dainty voice.

Having heard his name being called, Zhao Chengning turned back to find himself face to face with several unfamiliar women. The woman at the forefront of the group did look slightly familiar, but he clearly didn’t know who she was either.

“I’m Crying Fish…” Yaozhen felt her heart clench when Zhao Chengning’s gaze fell on her, and she hurriedly announced who she was. She spoke in a cute and bashful manner, akin to that of a young girl who’d run into her sweetheart.

Unfortunately for her, Zhao Chengning was blind to all of this. His eyebrows knitted the moment he heard who she was. He then grunted in acknowledgement before returning her greeting with a ‘nice to meet you’. Following that, he turned around and didn’t look back at her.

Crying Fish’s beautiful and charming face went stiff, causing a woman with an unkind face behind her to immediately speak up. “Sigh, why is he like that? He’s so rude. Quiet And Steadfast, even if we’re enemies in-game, this is our first time meeting in real life. Are you really going to bring over the grudges you harbour in-game to real life as well? That’s very ungentlemanly of you.”

Zhao Chengning’s gaze drifted over to the woman who’d spoken. There was a thick layer of eyeshadow around her eyes, and who knows how many layers of foundation applied to the rest of her face. When she spoke, it almost felt as if her face was going to split apart.

Seeing as how Zhao Chengning wasn’t very willing to deal with this group of women, Shen Jingbin decided to step in and help him out. “I’m sorry, Miss, but what kind of reaction were you hoping for when meeting with a stranger for the first time?”

The woman with thick eyeshadow appeared a little embarrassed when she saw that Zhao Chengning had utterly ignored her. When Shen Jingbin spoke out in his stead, she immediately jumped at the opportunity to vent her anger on Shen Jingbin; her voice turning shrill as she kicked up a fuss. “And who are you? We’re speaking to him. Why’re you butting in?”

From the very beginning, Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning’s presence had already attracted the surreptitious gaze of countless people. Once the woman with excessive makeup started to kick up a fuss, even more people’s attention was drawn to them. Shen Jingbin could feel the innumerable number of curious gazes being sent their way from every direction.

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