Chapter 36: The Divine Beast Named Mascot (2)

Chapter 36: The Divine Beast Named Mascot (2) 

Quiet and Steadfast and Shen Jingchen were incredibly fast. Soon, Shen Jingbin caught sight of them sitting on Shen Jingchen’s eye-catching dragon. After jumping off its back, the very first thing Shen Jingchen asked was where the White Tiger was.

Shen Jingbin pointed at Mascot who was resting on her shoulders.

Shen Jingchen had a constipated look on his face, “Doesn’t it look more like a wild cat than a Divine Beast?”

Mascot resentfully glared at him and cried out.

Quiet and Steadfast wasn’t all that convinced that the tiny little thing on top of Shen Jingbin’s shoulders was the legendary Divine Beast, White Tiger. He walked beside her and extended a hand towards Mascot and tried to pet it, eliciting a scratch and small cut from it.

Alright, it really did seem like a Divine Beast.

Retracting his injured hand, Quiet and Steadfast said, “Take a look at your White Tiger and check if it’s a flying mount. If it can’t, I’ll bring you up to the mountaintop. Monsters at the top of the mountain are pretty good for raising your level.”

Shen Jingbin opened up Mascot’s pet page and checked.

Mascot’s experience bar was maxed out, and from the looks of it, the Divine Beast’s level was fixed at 130. At the top of the little white tiger’s portrait, the small word “beginner” could be seen. An icon with wings at the bottom was greyed out. It was clear that she couldn’t use him as a flying mount.

“It can’t, it’s still too young.” She replied.

Quiet and Steadfast nodded, summoning his mount. And once a fox appeared, he sent out a mount sharing invitation.

She recognized the fox. It was Sheng Huang, an auspicious creature with a lifespan of two thousand years as recorded in the Classics of the Mountains and Seas[2. Here's a pic of how it looks like: Click]. Although it couldn’t compare to the White Tiger that she’d just caught, it was previously ranked as the game’s third best Divine Beast amongst Celestial pets.

On the other hand, Shen Jingchen’s Divine Dragon had been ranked as the game’s former number one Divine Beast amongst Celestial pets.

<<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> allowed for only two players on a single mount. There were three people at present, so no matter how they split themselves, two people were going to have to share a mount.

Shen Jingbin very naturally accepted Quiet and Steadfast’s mount sharing invitation. A hideous Daoist nun sitting stiffly behind a handsome Lich that was stock still; it was a hilarious scene no matter how one looked at it.

Shen Jingchen looked dumbfounded when he saw the two of them taking off. He suddenly felt a little bewildered: Why did his sister need Quiet and Steadfast to bring her up? His Divine Dragon could seat two people as well!

The top of Nameless Mountain was practically deserted. Low leveled players wouldn’t send themselves to their deaths by coming here, while the experience was too pitiful for high level players. As a result, the three of them had the map to themselves.

Quiet and Steadfast left Shen Jingbin by a rock to prevent her from being attacked by monsters.

Thanks to the experience sharing option, Shen Jingbin didn’t even need to lift a finger.

Quiet and Steadfast and Shen Jingchen were truly worthy of being called experts. They cut through monsters as if they were vegetables. However Shen Jingbin, as someone who exemplified the five virtues of youth, felt guilty for leeching off them without doing anything.

She pulled Mascot off of her shoulders and threw him into the mass of monsters, while at the same time making preparations to recall him at any time.

She didn’t know how strong Mascot was, and this was the perfect chance to get a feel for how powerful a Divine Beast truly was.

Mascot assumed its majestic and awe-inspiring form it previously had the moment it landed on the ground. It then proceeded to disregard the densely packed swarm of red named[1. Enemies that have red names are usually of a much higher level than the player who’s attacking them] monsters, lazily stretching itself and issuing a roar towards the heavens.


It then swiped its claws at one of the monsters by its side, pummeling it into the ground in an instant.

Shen Jingbin was dumbfounded.

After killing a monster with a single blow, Mascot turned it head adorably towards its owner and shook its tail. It’s eyes shined brightly as if it was saying, “Quickly, praise me, praise me!~”

Shen Jingbin played along and gave it a big thumbs up.

Upon seeing this, Mascot suddenly leapt beside Quiet and Steadfast and Shen Jingchen as though it had gone mad, excitedly clawing at the monsters as it tried to steal their kills. What the f*ck, what kind of “marvelous” pet was this? It even knew how to vie for attention?!

With the addition of Mascot, the rate of elimination between the three of them was more than doubled. Soon, the entire mountaintop was completely devoid of monsters.

Checking her Experience bar, Shen Jingbin noticed that she had risen to level 45.

She was pretty happy with her rate of leveling, but Shen Jingchen snubbed it and said, “You’ve never tried to level by hunting monsters in the past, have you? Normally, defeating this many monster’s should have gotten you to level 50, but you’re only level 45. What a huge waste of our time.”

“It’s not like you did more work than Mascot.” She disdainfully snorted.

“Sure enough, an abnormal freak like you would definitely have an abnormal pet as well!”

While the two bickered, Quiet and Steadfast remembered several small instance dungeons within the Nameless Mountain that were good for level 45’s. He interrupted the two of them and suggested that they enter the dungeons for equipment, Experience and so on.

When the topic of equipment was brought up, Shen Jingbin suddenly remembered that she had growth type equipment.

“I probably don’t need any new equipment. The equipment I have on me are all growth type equipment.”

Shen Jingchen looked at her in shock as he said, “This game is literally unplayable now!”

Quiet and Steadfast was much calmer than Shen Jingchen, asking, “Do you know how to upgrade it?”

Shen Jingbin was stunned for a moment, before she shook her head.

Quiet and Steadfast placed his hand on his chin and thought for a moment before he said, “In general, upgrading equipment requires materials. You’ll have to remember which quest you got the equipment from, as upgrading it would involve some kind of follow up quest from the original NPC. You should be mindful of that.”

Shen Jingbin nodded.

There was no longer any need to farm for equipment, but dungeons were still the number one place to earn Experience. They still had to run through the dungeons for the sake of raising her level in the fastest possible manner. Thus, Shen Jingbin was repeatedly carried through the dungeons in Nameless Mountain by the two of them till they hit their daily entrance limit.

By the time they went offline, she’d managed to reach level 60.

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