Chapter 356: The Award Ceremony (2)

Chapter 356: The Award Ceremony (2)

Zhao Chengning didn’t like being caught in this sort of situation. However, when he noticed the lustful gazes of the male audience, he nodded coldly in response. The audience’s hearts went wild.

The female organiser followed by asking, “Did the two of you get together because of our game?” after saying that, she winked mischievously at them.

Zhao Chengning pursed his lips together. Zhao Chengning’s gesture was spotted by Xiang Peng, who was standing by the side. He knew that this was a sign of the honourable Great Master’s displeasure, so he hurriedly rushed to smooth things over. “Let me tell you guys a secret. Actually, I’m high school classmates with our Great Master Quiet And Steadfast. Not only is he a pro in the game, but he’s also outrageously talented in real life as well. Back in high school, he was your typical smart kid. Be it in exams or other areas; he would always crush the existence of peasants like us. At that time, we’d always wonder behind his back what kind of girl he’d find in the future. Now, it’s clear that the Great Master has impeccable taste. Of course, this also goes to show that our players are all quite good-looking. If you’re still single, why not try your luck and play our game!”

Xiang Peng blurted everything out at one shot without stopping for a single pause. Then, under the confused looks of the two organisers, the dissatisfied looks from the audience, and Zhao Chengning’s approving gaze, he sent the two of them off the stage. He then forcibly made the host continue the award ceremony.

After Shen Jingbin got off the stage, she pulled at Zhao Chengning’s side and whispered, “Your high school classmate sure knows how to read people.”

Zhao Chengning looked at her affectionately and said, “That’s because of my imposing presence.”

Shen Jingbin snorted at him and turned to face the stage.

During this time, the camera used to broadcast the event was trained on them. Although it wasn’t able to record the conversation between them, it was able to effortlessly capture all of their movements. Unbeknownst to them, their exchange evoked the wrath of all the single people who sat in front of their computers. At the same time, it also established their status as a golden couple.

After all sorts of bizarre awards were handed out, it was finally time for the award-giving segment for players on the Beauty Leaderboard and the Handsome Men Leaderboard.

The Beauty Leaderboards and the Handsome Men Leaderboards weren’t established by <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>’s officials. It was Hundred Daybreaks who took the lead to organise the players, and that led to the emergence of the two leaderboards. It’s said that this was an era that focused on appearances, so the emergence of these two unofficial leaderboards had attracted many people’s attention. Before the start of the offline event, and even before Shen Jingbin’s appearance, the award-giving segment for these two leaderboards was the most anticipated segment of the event.

Being the one who’d prompted the establishment of these two leaderboards, Hundred Daybreaks name was amongst the list of people who were invited to the event. She was attending in her capacity as a guest award presenter.

Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning were nibbling on each other’s ears and whispering sweet nothings to each other when they suddenly heard the hostess say the name ‘Hundred Daybreaks’. They looked up and saw a woman wearing a red V-neck dress stand up from the right side of the front row, and slowly walk onto the stage.

The back of her dress had an openwork design, which revealed her alluring back and shoulder blades. After she went on the stage, the lighting was cast on her exquisite, dolled-up face. Although she wasn't as beautiful as Shen Jingbin, she was still a femme fatale in her own right.

She seemed to have sensed that Shen Jingbin was looking at her, as she suddenly turned her attention to Shen Jingbin. She gave Shen Jingbin a subtle, provocative smile before shifting her gaze to Quiet And Steadfast, who was sitting next to her. She wiggled her eyebrows at him, appearing to be teasing him.

Shen Jingbin immediately turned to look at Zhao Chengning. Zhao Chengning seemed to have sensed her gaze and turned to face her as well. His eyes looked at her innocently, as if to say, ‘Don’t get the wrong idea, I didn’t respond to her.’

“Hundred Daybreaks?” She lowered her voice and said, “She’s quite pretty.”

“Definitely not as pretty as you.”

“She has a really good and sexy figure.”

“Mhm. I prefer yours; she’s not my type.”

As the two of them were whispering to each other, the stage was abuzz with chatter as well. The hostess exclaimed that the game had as many hidden talents as there were beauties amongst the crowd. While laughing, she asked, “Could this beauty be the famed Hundred Daybreaks?”

The woman nodded, and the hostess asked again, “I’m curious, since you’re so pretty, aren’t you on the leaderboard as well?”

Hundred Daybreaks laughed when she heard the hostess’ question. At this moment, she gave off an indescribable sense of allure. She and Shen Jingbin were two different types of women. She couldn’t hold a candle to Shen Jingbin, yet she had her own graceful bearing. This laugh of hers captured the hearts of various male players.

“I’m the one who kickstarted the leaderboards. If I myself placed on it, people would inevitably gossip. Furthermore, I’m a low-profile person.”

“It seems that all of our beauties like to keep a low-profile,” the hostess said. “Now, would you please help us call out the top ten players on the Beauty Leaderboards and Handsome Men Leaderboards?”

Hundred Daybreaks received two cue cards from the hostess and called out the names that were written on them. There weren’t many players that Shen Jingbin recognised on the two leaderboards. However, she did hear a few familiar names such as Crying Fish and Inking A Message. She looked at the stage to see a woman standing next to Hundred Daybreaks. To her surprise, it was the lady they’d met at the lift a little while ago.

She then saw Hundred Daybreaks take the trophy for third place from a female attendant and hand it to that woman.

Funnily enough, Crying Fish seemed to be ranked third on the Beauty Leaderboards as well.

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