Chapter 354: A Dazzling Entrance (2)

Chapter 354: A Dazzling Entrance (2)

Everyone’s attention was like a spotlight that was focused on the people from Jade Sea Pavilion. This was especially so for the three people who were seated at the first row, who were the center of everyone’s attention!

The middle area had six seats per row. The seats on the first row were exclusively reserved for the Six Great Sects’ Lead Disciples, while the seats from the second row onwards were for the players on the leaderboards. There were three other people - two males and one female - seated there when Shen Jingbin, Zhao Chengning, and Gentle Flower reached the first row. It wasn’t hard to guess that they were Pure Crane, The Winds Of Ximen, and Qi Mu.

The three of them were a little stunned upon seeing them. In particular was the man on the right, who was especially affected. He looked as if his eyes were about to fall out of his sockets.

There were still three empty seats to the left. When they glanced at the names behind the chairs, they found that the middle seats were reserved for Zhao Chengning, Shen Jingbin, and Gentle Flower respectively, with Gentle Flower being placed at the aisle.

The hostess realised that the audience’s attention had been drawn away, so she was doing her best to get it back. As a result, she raised her voice. It was rather difficult for them to exchange greetings with each other in such a setting, so they just nodded in acknowledgment to the other group before sitting down.

The moment she sat down, Shen Jingbin vaguely heard the sound of something hitting the ground.

“Alright, I’m sure everyone must be tired after hearing us promote Yiju Corporation for so long. Now, without further ado, let’s give a gracious welcome to <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>’s development team, who have decided to attend today’s event! They’ll be telling us about their future plans for the game as well as the game’s highlights. At the same time, we’ll see if they have any exclusive news to share with us.”

The first row’s lighting was much brighter than the others. Once the hostess realised that the newcomers’ entrance was the one that caused the uproar, she changed her manner of speaking. To avoid losing her rice bowl, she hurriedly pushed through to the event’s next segment.

After she spoke, several seconds of silence passed before it was followed by a light smattering of applause. On closer inspection, it could be seen that the people clapping were all from Jade Sea Pavilion. Most of the others still had dazed looks on their faces.

Song Yubao clapped half-heartedly, while she spoke to I’m Not A Monster with a hint of smugness, “Look at these people. Tsk, tsk, tsk. They’re really such good-for-nothings. They’ve even forgotten their surnames after laying eyes on our Goddess. It looks like we’re the ones with more willpower.”

I’m Not A Monster nodded in agreement.

Ten people - half male and half female - walked onto the stage. One could tell with a single look that they were tech gurus. After greeting the players, they introduced themselves before they proceeded to analyze the current situation of <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> and future content developments. This succeeded in capturing some of the players’ attention from below.

After the development team was done with their talk, the hostess went on stage once again to invite the event’s main organisers on stage. Three Yiju company executives, including Xiang Peng, walked up on stage. The three of them happened to catch a glance of the extremely eye-catching couple seated at the first row of the middle area at the same time, and their palms began to sweat slightly.

<<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> had an extremely large and terrifying player base. As such, today’s event had long become a trending topic on Weibo after its player base repeatedly mentioned it. It even overtook other entertainment news and seized first place on the list of popular search terms. The main reason for this was because of Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning.

Although Yiju Corporation’s senior management didn’t attend the event, they were concerned about how things were faring at the event. After all, this was <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>’s first offline event. Whether the event was successful and was able to open up new business opportunities, depended on today’s performance. The moment the event trended on Weibo’s hot searches, senior management speedily contacted the three main event organisers and demanded that they invite the two people on stage no matter what. They wanted to let the two of them talk about their story in the game, and it’d be best if they let everyone know that they played a significant role in bringing the two of them together!

The fact that they were able to occupy the senior management position of a company as big as Yiju meant that every single one of them was a capable man, possessing a clear understanding of consumers’ needs and wants. Players these days harboured all sorts of fantasies towards the game itself, and Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning could be said to be the perfect realisation of the ultimate fantasy of all male and female players. There was also the matter of the two forum posts on the forums previously, so most of the players already knew that the couple was dating in real life. If they revealed that the two of them had actually met in the game and ended up together from there, then it’d be the perfect form of free advertisement for them! If that happened, they’d be able to usher in a new batch of players as well!

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