Chapter 352: Meeting Online Friends (2)

Chapter 352: Meeting Online Friends (2)

The five of them began making their way over to the area in front of the elevator. At the same time, everybody in the lounge followed their movements.

“This isn’t right. Why does it feel like they’re walking towards us?!” Temperate Scarlet Moon nervously clutched Gentle Flower’s hand when Zhao Chengning’s group suddenly started walking in their direction.

Gentle Flower’s in-game and real life appearances were very similar; she was overflowing with big sister vibes. She took a look at them and said, “Maybe they’re taking the elevator. We’re in the way, let’s move to the side.”

Apart from National Treasures, the rest of them were of the same mind, so they took it upon themselves to move to the side of the walkway and free up space in front of the elevator.

Before this, both groups were separated by some distance. National Treasures and her companions felt that these people had great temperaments and were good-looking. It wasn’t until they drew nearer that they realised that the words ‘good looking’ were a gross understatement!

This was particularly so for the man and woman in the middle. What the f*ck! They were truly drop-dead gorgeous. They couldn’t tear their eyes away from them! Without even doing anything, they seemed to be a match made in heaven. This was completely different from when they saw the couple’s pictures!

Eh, hold on. Why did they stop? Weren’t they going to take the elevators? The elevator’s already here.

The group of them looked on in bewilderment as Zhao Chengning’s group came to a stop in front of them, and Song Yubao’s eyes started to light up.

“I’m Not A Monster?” The man in the center who was the tallest and the best-looking one suddenly called out.

I’m Not A Monster was momentarily scared witless. A long time passed before he realised that the man was referring to him. “Ah, ah! Y-yes! You’re… Leader?!”

The man nodded and glanced at everyone. “How do you do? I’m your Leader, Quiet And Steadfast,” he said with a smile.

What the f*ck?! Surely not! T-t-t-t-this p-person is Leader?!

“If you’re our Leader, then the rest of you are…” Eternal Rest said with astonishment.

“Hi everyone, I’m Dawn’s Twilight,” Shen Jingchen said.

“Next Week Is Unlikely,” Xia Qihui said.

“I’m Slight Chill,” Jiang Weiwei said.

All of them then turned to look at Shen Jingbin as one. She gave a soft cough and said, “I’m Nutjob.”


Oh f*ck!

Nutjob, you’re joking, right? Aren’t you supposed to be ugly? How’d you suddenly turn into the Goddess?!

Goddess is Nutjob, Nutjob is Goddess. The gap between the two of them was simply far too great for them to accept!

“Oh my god, oh my god, is that really you, Nutty? Heavens! Quick, tell me that I’m not dreaming! The Goddess is actually my companion!” Song Yubao suddenly went up to Shen Jingbin and said with sparkling eyes, “Nutty, I’m National Treasures.”

Shen Jingbin eyed Song Yubao. While her round face was adorable, she also looked somewhat familiar. “National Treasures, have we met before? Outside of the game, I mean.”

Song Yubao’s sparkling eyes suddenly turned watery. She clutched Shen Jingbin’s hand and said excitedly, “Yes, yes, yes! We met at B University’s basketball court before! I even gave you and Leader some water.”

Song Yubao’s retelling jogged Shen Jingbin’s memory. “Oh, so that was you.”

Song Yubao nodded her head furiously.

“This isn’t a good place to talk; let’s move somewhere else. I’ve booked a cardroom for us upstairs, so let’s make our way there. We’ll head over to the event together when it starts,” Xia Qihui said.

And so, the group went back to the elevator and began making their way to the cardroom.

After they left, the hotel lounge was abuzz with excitement; everyone was discussing what they’d just witnessed. However, the people in question were blissfully unaware of it.

The cardroom that Xia Qiwei booked was on the eighteenth level, and the next situation happened on the level between the hotel rooms and the ballrooms. The elevator doors suddenly opened when it reached the fourteenth level, revealing another group of people standing outside. A pretty, classy looking lady stood at the front of the group.

The newcomers glanced at the elevator which was already packed with people. The pretty lady at the front of the group frowned at the sight, and when she saw who was in the elevator, her brows scrunched up even more.

I’m Not A Monster, who was standing next to the elevator buttons, looked to the people outside and said with a smile, “Apologies, but the elevator is full. You guys will have to wait for the next one.” He then pressed the button to close the elevator doors without waiting for them to reply.

After the doors closed, Eternal Rest said, “That woman just now looked rather familiar.”

“She looks like a player too. You’ve probably met her in-game before. You’ll soon be seeing more familiar-looking people,” Long Life replied.

Eternal Rest felt that what he said made sense, so she brushed the matter aside. Once the elevator had reached its destination, they made their way over to the cardroom and began mingling.

Back to the people outside the elevator.

Crying Fish’s real name was Yao Zhen, and she was from Lin City. She was invited to the event as she was placed on the beauty leaderboards. Some of the people standing behind her were from her guild, while she only got acquainted with the others after reaching the hotel.

The perks of being pretty were that one could make friends easily wherever they went, whenever they wanted.

Yao Zhen knew from the very beginning that Quiet And Steadfast would definitely be invited to the event. So, after reaching the hotel, she tried various ways and means to find out whether he’d reached yet. It had to be said that she had quite a childish way of thinking. The grudge between the two of them ran far too deep in the game and resolving it might not even be possible. However, they were strangers in real life, so it was possible for them to have a fresh start.

Besides, she was very confident in her own appearance, and she believed that Quiet And Steadfast would definitely be captivated by her beauty.

Yao Zhen truly wanted to know what kind of person the man she’d been smitten with for so long was like in real life.

And, if he was worthy of her affection.

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