Chapter 351: Meeting Online Friends (1)

Chapter 351: Meeting Online Friends (1)

Meeting online friends in real life has always been a magical thing where opportunities and risks are both present. Even in today’s online gaming era, this is still the case.

Everyone used their actual appearances in the game. It wasn’t like how it was in the past where everyone controlled an avatar, and the other party’s appearance was hidden behind the screen. Yet, due to the beautification system, there were still inevitably some differences between one’s in-game and real-life appearance.

Song Yubao still remembered the excitement she felt when she first met her guildmates. At first, she was still quite reserved. After all, no matter how familiar they were with each other, that was all in-game. This was their first time meeting each other in person. Fortunately, all it took was a single meal for everyone to act like how they did in the game.

Her only regret was that she wasn’t able to immediately meet the executive in the guild.

Song Yubao’s university was relatively far away from Panlong Kaiyuan Intercontinental Hotel. Even if she managed to catch the morning train during the rush hour, there was still a good chance that she’d miss them. So, she might as well stay at the hotel instead. When she reached the hotel, she learned that several other B City players had the same idea as her. The executives, however, were not of the same mind as them.

All women loved to look pretty. Even if their own nature came to light, they still had to make themselves look pretty. Under the urging of their companions, Song Yubao and her girlfriends were finally done putting on their makeup, and they got ready to head downstairs.

I’m Not A Monster had already gotten in touch with Quiet And Steadfast while waiting for them, and he told them that the executives were waiting for them downstairs. Everyone immediately perked up when they heard the news.

The members of Jade Sea Pavilion were all experts who excelled in real life as well. They were either top students of prestigious universities or CEOs of big corporations. Any one of them was a giant amongst men, yet they deeply admired their Leader from the bottom of their hearts. Given the chance to personally meet the leader which they so admired, it was understandable for them to be excited.

While they waited for the elevator to arrive, I’m Not A Monster cast a glance at Song Yubao, whose emotions were visible on her face and decided to tease her. “Treasures, remember not to get too worked up and throw yourself at Leader when you meet him later. You’ve got to have some modesty.”

Song Yubao snorted. “Of course, I know that. You, on the other hand, like sucking up to people. Do your best to tone it down today, so you don’t embarrass our guild. There’s going to be lots of people coming today, so don’t do anything to embarrass us, or I’ll ask Leader to kick you out of the guild when we get back.”

“My god! How audacious!” I’m Not A Monster angrily rapped his knuckles against her head.

Descent Of Rain And Snow looked at the numbers on the elevator which continuously changed and nervously said, “I feel so nervous now. What should I do? We’re about to meet Leader and Vice-Leader. If I can’t control myself later, make sure you hold me back.”

Lingering White Clouds patted her back as if to comfort her and said, “Don’t be afraid, everyone’s feeling just as nervous. In my opinion, you definitely won’t be the most embarrassing one out of all of us.”

I’m Really Not A Monster suddenly sighed. “Sigh, it was only last night when all the ladies’ hearts belonged to us. Now, they’ve flown over to the executives. It really does seem like public morals are declining by the day. Morales aren’t what they used to be. Long Life, make sure you keep a close eye on your wifey later. Women are fickle creatures.”

Long Life immediately jabbed back. “You talk too much.”

Long Life also hurriedly embraced his own wifey and firmly said, “My wife is the best, humph.”

The elevator arrived while they were talking, and the group entered it with smiles on their faces. When they got to the first floor and exited the elevator, a few highly conspicuous people in the lounge caught the attention of Song Yubao.

“What the f*ck! What the f*ck! Look over there!” Song Yubao suddenly cried out and excitedly pointed. “It’s the Goddess, it’s the Goddess, it’s the Goddess!”

Truth be told, there was no need for her to shout. The rest of them had already spotted said Goddess the moment they stepped out of the elevator.

Before she came, Song Yubao was already wondering if Yiju would invite the Goddess to the event. Never did she expect the Goddess to actually make an appearance!

“Hey, do you think the Goddess will give me her signature?” I’m Not A Monster craftily asked.

Just then, Linger White Clouds spoke up. “Hang on, why do they look kind of familiar?”

“Ahhh, I sent a picture of the Goddess and her boyfriend to the WeChat group last time. Look, the person next to the Goddess is her boyfriend!” Song Yubao replied.

“No, besides the two of them, don’t the other three people look familiar as well?” Lingering White Clouds asked.

Now that she mentioned it, they did look familiar. This was particularly so for the man who stood to the Goddess’ left and bore a slight resemblance to her. The more they looked at him, the more familiar he seemed. As they were trying to recall where they’d seen him before, I’m Not A Monster’s cell phone rang.

“Leader’s calling, be quiet!” I’m Not A Monster hurriedly hushed them before answering the call.

Song Yubao noticed that the Goddess’s boyfriend happened to be making a phone call at the same time too, and a thought suddenly struck her.

Zhao Chengning’s group had been waiting in the lounge for some time now, but still hadn’t caught sight of the others. Jiang Weiwei was starting to get anxious, so she urged him to call to find out what was going on. When the call connected, he heard noise from I’m Not A Monster’s end.

“Hello, Big Monster? Where are you guys? Have you come down yet?”

“We're here, we’re here. We just came out from the elevator. Where are you, Leader? I don’t see you.”

Zhao Chengning turned to look at the elevator with his phone to his ear. Indeed, there were a group of people standing in front of the elevator who were looking around, seemingly in search of someone. “I’ve found you. Wait there; I’ll come over right now.”

He then hung up and turned to his group. “They’ve arrived, they’re right over there.”

Everyone looked in the direction that he spoke up. “Let’s go over then,” Xia Qiwei said.

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