Chapter 350: The World Works In Mysterious Ways (2)

Chapter 350: The World Works In Mysterious Ways (2)

Seeing some relatively familiar faces behind Xiangpeng, Zhao Chengning gently placed his hands over Shen Jingbin’s shoulders and said, “You still have things to do, right? Go ahead and take care of it. Don’t worry about us; we’ll be here waiting for someone.”

Only then did Xiangpeng remember that he still had things to do. He reluctantly exchanged a few more pleasantries before bringing his guests upstairs.

After they entered the lift, a woman with a rather enchanting appearance curiously asked, “Who are those people from just now? They looked rather familiar. That girl, in particular, was quite pretty. Is she one of the invited guests as well?”

A rather handsome man answered first without waiting for Xiangpeng’s reply. “I’m not too sure about the two guys, but, seeing as they’re dressed quite affluently, I suppose they’re players. I still remember that girl, though. Didn’t she appear in the official promotional video as White Cloud Temple’s Great Senior Sister previously?”

After saying that, he looked towards Xiangpeng as if seeking confirmation. When Xiangpeng nodded his head, the man laughed and said, “I thought she was rather pretty when I saw her in the promotional video previously, and I quite like her. I didn’t expect her to be even prettier in person. Brother Xiang, could you introduce her to me after the event?”

“I can’t help you there. That lady just now wasn’t someone we hold sway over.” He paused for a moment before continuing. “In fact, prior to this, we personally extended an invitation to her for this event, but we were rejected. The reason why she came by today is because of her boyfriend.”

“So, she has a boyfriend already? What a pity,” the man said a little dejectedly.

Xiangpeng wordlessly glanced at the man. However, in his heart, he thought, “You wouldn’t stand a chance even if she didn’t have a boyfriend.”

Surprisingly, no one had sat on the sofa that Zhao Chengning had previously occupied. Seeing as it was still empty, Zhao Chengning brought the siblings over to rest while they waited.

The sofa didn’t look that big, but it was able to accommodate all three of them. Previously, Zhao Chengning’s looks caused everyone to only sit around him, but not next to him.

“I just called up Big Monster, and he said that they’re in National Treasures’ room. National Treasures is still doing her makeup, but they should be coming down soon,” Zhao Chengning said once they’d sat down.

Shen Jingchen humphed twice and shot a glance at Shen Jingbin. “You women are so troublesome. You always need to wear makeup whenever you leave the house.”

Shen Jingbin rolled her eyes at him. “You make it sound as if the person who spent ten minutes standing at the doorway and looking at themselves in the mirror before we left was me.”

Shen Jingchen gulped and rubbed his nose, staying silent. Zhao Chengning laughed when he saw the siblings’ antics. Unwilling to accept defeat, Shen Jingchen changed his target and said, “Ah Ning, quick, manage your wifey! Are there actually people like her who bully their own brother?!”

Zhao Chengning held his hands up. “My hands are tied.”

Shen Jingchen angrily clicked his tongue. “She’s got you under her thumb!”

Shen Jingbin showed off by leaning against Zhao Chengning. “What? Not willing to admit defeat? You single loser.”

“…” Shen Jingchen’s anger instantly faded away.

“My beauty! Long time no see I’ve missed you so much!” Just as Shen Jingbin was gleefully mocking her brother, she suddenly heard a very familiar voice. Shen Jingbin then saw a woman burst through the doorway and throw herself straight at her.

“Jiang Weiwei, please mind your manners.” Without another word, Zhao Chengning obstructed Jiang Weiwei who was making a mad dash for Shen Jingbin. There was no way he’d let this female hooligan get near his wifey!

“Hey, Zhao Chengning, don’t be so petty. You’re only dating her, and you’re already so strict. Will she have any rights in the future when she marries you?!” Jiang Weiwei, who didn’t get to hug Shen Jingbin, was filled with resentment.

Zhao Chengning brushed her comment aside without the slightest change in expression. “That’s none of your concern.” He then looked behind her and asked, “... Where’s Xia Qihui?”

“I don’t know; he probably went to park his car.”

Just as she said that another suave and dashing man walked over from the doorway. The eyes of the women seated in the lounge practically popped out of their head when they caught sight of him.

Oh my god, three extremely fine male specimens have appeared at the same time. Could B City really be a place where the elites gather?!

“Where are they?” Xia Qihui subconsciously asked when he couldn’t spot the people he was expecting to see. It was then that he noticed the Shen siblings. His gaze rested on Shen Jingbin’s face for a moment before shifting to Shen Jingchen.

Shen Jingchen didn’t look all that different from how he looked in-game. However, his temperament was completely different. Unlike Jiang Weiwei, who couldn’t sense anything at all, Xia Qiwei merely hesitated for a moment. “Dawn?”

“Hm? Don’t tell me you’re Next Week?” There wasn’t much change in Xia Qiwei’s appearance either, so Shen Jingchen was able to recognise him at a glance.

Xia Qihui nodded, and Zhao Chengning stepped in to introduce them. “This is my bro Xia Qihui, also known as Next Week Is Unlikely. Qihui, this is my girlfriend, Shen Jingbin, and her brother Shen Jingchen.”

Xia Qihui glanced a few more times at Shen Jingbin before breaking out into laughter. “Who’re also known as Nutjob and Dawn’s Twilight. I say, Nutty, you’ve hidden yourself quite well.”

Shen Jingbin said, “This was just a beautiful coincidence.”

“Dawn, you’re easily recognisable as you look practically the same as your in-game character, so there’s nothing to be excited about. Shen Jingbin, on the other hand, is different. Oh my god, I can already imagine the others going crazy when they see you later… Hey Chengning, why’s your luck so good?” Xia Qihui said with feigned regret.

“Hold up, what did you guys call him just now? Dawn?” Jiang Weiwei was slow-witted and realised that she seemed to have heard something mind-boggling. “You’re that fella, Dawn’s Twilight? And you, beauty, you’re Nutjob?!”

“I’m a normal person, not a nut job,” Shen Jingbin said seriously.

Shen Jingchen rubbed his nose and answered with a tinge of guilt in his voice, “Cough. I, uh… do seem to recall my in-game name being Dawn’s Twilight.”

“…” Jiang Weiwei looked back at the four of them with grief and indignation.

This world really works in mysterious ways!

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