Chapter 35: The Divine Beast Named Mascot (1)

Chapter 35: The Divine Beast Named Mascot (1)

[System Notification] A hero this way comes. The skies and earth darken, sand and stone fly through the air. Player Nutjob has successfully tamed the Divine Beast: White Tiger, after a series of difficult fights! Congratulations!

Shen Jingbin sat cross legged on the ground while hugging the White Tiger she’d just caught. It had shrunk down to the size of a cat and they shared an awkward gaze.

A server wide announcement was made while the White Tiger shrunk down. At the same time, countless carrier pigeons flew up to her face, each of them holding a letter in their beaks. She didn’t even need to look at the messages to know for sure that it was Shen Jingchen frantically bombarding her with messages.

The White Tiger nestled in Shen Jingbin’s arms looked at the birds with great interest. It proceeded to stretch its tiny claws, but was stopped short by Shen Jingbin who slapped its claws away. Feeling wronged, the White Tiger looked at her with its round black eyes and blinked. Its was so adorable, Shen Jingbin’s heart was on the verge of trembling. Its current appearance was practically night and day from how it used to look. If it weren’t for her previous experience leaving such a deep impression, she’d definitely be tempted to doubt her eyesight.

After capturing the White Tiger, there was now a chibi [1. Smaller and cuter version of something, mostly used for drawn comic or cartoon characters.] version of it in Shen Jingbin’s once empty pet window. She couldn’t help but want to pet the White Tiger’s furry head as she opened up its page.

“White Tiger, One of the four Divine Beasts, the spiritual beast of the West. Attribute: Metal, Governs Slaughter, Color: White. Known as White Tiger, represents fall.”

“As the White Tiger is a deity of slaughter, the stronger the opponent, the more ruthless its attacks and skills become. Using skills will cause it to become enraged, rendering it uncapturable.”

You can’t use skills?

Shen Jingbin’s mind blanked out. She’d been so nervous while fighting the White Tiger that she’d forgotten she could use skills in the game!

It was a good thing that she did forget though, was this an idiot’s luck?

Shen Jingbin patted the little guy’s head after closing the pet window, she then stood up and said, “White Tiger sounds way too high profile. I’ll have to give you a different name, okay? Mm, I’ll call you Mascot.”

The little tiger at first replied with a growl, but after giving it some thought, made a tiny “meow” instead. This little thing was simply too adorable.

The corner of Shen Jingbin’s eyes twitched. Was this little fella trying to please her by learning how to meow like a cat?

She attempted to suss out the little tiger, “You don’t need to act like a cat, I know you’re a tiger.”

The moment she finished speaking, she saw the tips of Mascot’s ears tremble, before it excitedly cried out, “Gao gao gao!”

Shen Jingbin: ...

Mascot was trying really hard to please her.

Could she still play this game properly when her pet was trying to flatter her that much?!

The quest wasn’t marked as completed, even though she’d unexpectedly managed to tame a Divine Beast. Shen Jingbin placed Mascot on her shoulder and opened up the guild channel to ask for help.

[Guild] Nutjob: What do I do if I end up getting lost?

[Guild] Slight Chill: You must have gotten your IQ eaten by a dog, how did you manage to get lost?

[Guild] Eternal Rest: Nutty, I heard you managed to tame a Divine Beast!! Where are you, where are you, I’ll come get you! I want to see how the Divine Beast looks like!

[Guild] Long Life: Little Nut, how’d you tame the Divine Beast? How did you do it?

[Guild] Tanabata Evening: What kind of special skills does the Divine Beast have?

[Guild] Shi Yi: Is the Divine Beast a guy or a girl? Can it give birth?! If it can, let me buy one off you!


Thanks to the system’s announcement, the guild channel was abuzz with activity. With her appearance, the chat was whipped into even more of a frenzy. Shen Jingbin only felt that the words flashing past her on the chat window were a blur. She couldn’t tell who was saying what.

The army of carrier pigeons that had taken a great deal of time to settle down around her were once again causing a ruckus. She opened up a few of the letters. Aside from a small number of friends, many of the letters were sent by people she didn’t know. It was only then that she realized she hadn’t selected the option to reject letters from strangers yet.

She hurriedly changed her settings to reject letters from strangers, breathing a sigh of relief after narrowly avoiding being annoyed to death by the army of carrier pigeons. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t even have a moment’s respite before a shiny carrier pigeon landed on her shoulder.

“Send me an invite.” It was from Shen Jingchen.

Shen Jingbin very obediently sent out a party invitation, which was instantly accepted.

There were now two other people within the party, Quiet and Steadfast and Dawn’s Twilight.

For the convenience of the players, in addition to the guild channel, players were also provided a party and raid channel.

[Party] Dawn’s Twilight: ...

[Party] Nutjob: ...

[Party] Quiet And Steadfast: ? ? ?

[Party] Dawn’s Twilight: …

[Party] Nutjob: Are you retarded -.-?

[Party] Dawn’s Twilight: I’m going to go f*****g nuts because of you!

[Party] Nutjob: …I’m very magnanimous!

[Party] Dawn’s Twilight: ...

[Party] Quiet and Steadfast: ...

[Party] Quiet and Steadfast: Stay where you are, Dawn’s Twilight and I are coming over to pick you up.

[Party] Nutjob: Ok.

[Party] Dawn’s Twilight: How’d you end up at Nameless Mountain? Even birds wouldn’t shit there.

[Party] Nutjob: I was trying to farm some mobs, but couldn’t find any, and I ended up drifting here.

[Party] Dawn’s Twilight: ...F*ck! You managed to get yourself a Divine Beast by just wandering around? There really is no justice in this world! Back when your big bro was trying to get himself a Celestial pet, he had to bring along an entire party to help him succeed.

[Party] Nutjob: Not my fault I was born beautiful, can’t do anything about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

The party channel abruptly went silent when she said that. At this point, Shen Jingbin suddenly realized that her current appearance had nothing to do with the word beauty.

[Party] Nutjob: Don’t judge my appearance by your human standards, I am a goddess of the Divine Beast realm.

[Party] Dawn’s Twilight: You win.

[Party] Quiet and Steadfast: …You guys are pretty funny.

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