Chapter 349: The World Works In Mysterious Ways (1)

Chapter 349: The World Works In Mysterious Ways (1)

Early on Saturday morning, Shen Jingbin was actually woken up by Shen Jingchen for the first time ever. Once she’d shaken off her grogginess, the first thing that came to her mind was that aliens had brainwashed this fellow.

Shen Jingchen’s eyes shone with a mysterious light. He squatted down in her room and kept rushing her.

“Hurry up! It’s already so late, and yet you’re still taking your own sweet time.”

Just put up with it.

“Hey, you’re still doing your makeup?! Lil Sis, trust your Big Bro. You’re beautiful; you don't need makeup!”

Just keep putting up with it.

“Lil Sis, why haven’t you changed yet?!”

I can still put up with it for a little while more.

“My god! Lil Sis, you’re so slow!”

F*ck, I can’t put up with it anymore!

Shen Jingbin, who’d finally reached the end of her patience, grabbed the pillow on her bed and threw it at her brother’s face. “Get out!”

Peace was finally restored to her world.

It was around half an hour later when the Shen siblings finally left their house. As they were passing by their neighbourhood’s guard booth, the security guard happened to see Shen Jingbin who was seated at the front passenger seat through the half-opened window. He instantly fell into a trance, not even realising that the breakfast in his hands had dropped on the floor. It was only when the car had completely left his sight that he finally react by mumbling, “Fai-Fairy! …No, this one is even better-looking than the fairies on TV...”

Although this was just an offline meetup, considering the fact that she was going to meet Shen Jingchen and Zhao Chengning’s long-time gaming buddies whom they had a good relationship with, she thought that she should treat it a little more seriously. Thus, she put on some light makeup to enhance her complexion. It couldn’t be helped that she was a natural born beauty. All she needed to do was casually apply some makeup, and she’d look stunning. It was impossible for her to keep a low profile.

This just goes to show that beautiful people have their own woes too.

When the two of them reached Panlong Kaiyuan Intercontinental Hotel, Zhao Chengning was already seated in the lounge waiting for them.

The players who were invited to the event came from various cities across the country. Yiju had generously reserved three large ballrooms and two entire floors of hotel rooms for the players from the other cities. Most of them had already arrived on Friday and checked into the hotel. As for players like Shen Jingbin who stayed in B City and disliked staying in a hotel, they chose to show up on the day itself.

The event officially began at 10 PM. It was only 8 PM at the moment, and there were still two more hours to go. As per their plan, the companions from Jade Sea Pavilion would come together before the event started, so that they could officially get to know each other.

Due to the event, the hotel was livelier than usual. The lounge, which was usually empty, had been filled to the brim with people since early in the morning. This was especially so for the area around Zhao Chengning. There wasn’t even a single empty seat around him. On closer inspection, it was apparent that he was surrounded by females. They either sat alone or in twos and threes, and were smiling bashfully at him as they sized him up, inwardly trying to guess the identity of this extremely eye-catching man.

People would enter through the doorway from time to time. The moment the elevator doors opened, a wave of people would come and go. People dressed in all sorts of styles could be seen as they moved about.

At first, the Shen siblings didn’t attract much attention when they entered the hotel lounge. It was only when Xiangpeng – the person-in-charge of receiving the guest performers for the event – saw them from behind and called out to them, that all eyes fell on them.

Xiangpeng was one of the event organisers, and many of them had already gotten to know him during their first day. Now that they saw him leading a group of people with outstanding looks, they couldn’t help but take a few more glances at them out of curiosity. When they heard him calling out to someone, they casually looked over as well.

Then, the lounge which was initially buzzing with noise suddenly became incredibly quiet. It was so quiet; you could even hear a pin drop.

“Miss Shen, you actually came!” Xiangpeng called out to her, appearing pleasantly surprised when he realised he’d recognised the right person. He abandoned the guest performers behind him, whom he’d just received from the airport, and ran forward to greet her. “Did you change your mind? Why didn’t you give me a call, I would’ve sent someone over to pick you up in person.”

Shen Jingbin waved her hands at him and was about to say something when she heard a pleasant male voice speak from behind her. “She’s with me.”

When she turned around to look, she found out that Zhao Chengning had come over.

Xiangpeng was stunned when he saw Zhao Chengning. Feeling a little nonplussed, he asked, “Master Zhao, what’re you doing here?”

“I’m one of your players.”

Xiangpeng was appalled. “What the f*ck! Master Zhao, don’t scare me like that! You rake in millions of dollars every second, and you actually spend your time playing our game? I feel that I’ve committed a sin just thinking about it!”

Xiangpeng wasn’t making a mountain out of a molehill. In his mind, Zhao Chengning was a man of high standing who shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as games. Shouldn’t his recreational activities be things like playing golf, listening to concerts, or occasionally attending charity galas and charity balls?

The fact that he played games completely shattered Xiangpeng’s impression of him.

Zhao Chengning looked helplessly at him. “After being in the sky for so long, it’s time for me to come back to Earth.”

Shen Jingbin felt that his answer was just asking for a beating.

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