Chapter 347: Comparing Yourself To Others Will Only Lead To Frustration (1)

Chapter 347: Comparing Yourself To Others Will Only Lead To Frustration (1)

[System Announcement] Player Quiet And Steadfast has opened ‘Medium Exquisite Contribution Box’. A golden light burst forth from it, revealing a ‘Great Sage’s Gift Box’, a ‘Fallen Afterglow Robe’, 5 Pang Gu’s stones, and 6 strands of ‘Ice Silkworm Heavenly Thread’. Such phenomenal luck is simply unheard of!

Shen Jingbin had only just sent a private message to Quiet And Steadfast when the system announcement appeared. It looked like his luck was pretty good too.

“The guild members and I are at Cherry Blossom Island getting ready to fight a world Boss. Do you want to come along?” asked Quiet And Steadfast in his reply.

After seeing his message, Shen Jingbin set aside her plans to drop by the shopping center for some wrapping paper. She summoned her mount and hurriedly made her way over to Cherry Blossom Island.

Cherry Blossom Island was a small island at the edge of Thunder Marsh. It was an island filled with cherry blossoms, and it had wonderful scenery. It was also one of the must-visit spots for lovers. But, due to the fact that a world Boss, the Cherry Blossom Man, could spawn here, most of the players that came by were all high levelled couples.

Shen Jingbin wasn’t able to find anyone when she arrived, and only managed to spot the members of Jade Sea Pavilion standing around in twos and threes when she arrived at the Cherry Blossom Man’s spawn point.

Quiet And Steadfast, who was the first to notice her arrival, quickly went over to greet her.

“You’re here. We’re waiting for the Cherry Blossom Man to spawn in a few minutes.”

“There aren’t many people here today,” Shen Jingbin commented.

“To avoid any accidental injuries, Next Week Is Unlikely cleared out the area.”

“Oh? You’re being that overbearing?”

“Previously, the fight between good and evil had always been on our minds. We’ve finally managed to get through it, so we obviously have to let loose a little. The rest of the guild has come up with a competition to see who can get their hands on the Cherry Blossom Man’s ‘Cherry Blossom Hairpin’. Whoever gets it will be able to make one request of anyone else in the guild at the offline event.”

The Cherry Blossom Hairpin is a drop that’s exclusive to the Cherry Blossom Man. While its stats are nothing out of the ordinary, it looks great. Furthermore, it can add between 1-3 points of Luck. That being said, it has an astronomically low drop rate.

“Oh, you’re here too, Nutty. It feels like it’s been forever since we’ve last seen you. Sob sob sob, everyone’s been thinking of you!” National Treasures happened to spot Shen Jingbin too as she was looking around, and sped over to greet her. “Our Leader told me that you'd be coming to the offline meetup too, right? Hahaha, it looks like I need to work hard today. Nutty, be sure to listen to what I say after I get the hairpin, alright?~”

Eternal Rest, who’d come over with National Treasures said, “Nutty isn’t part of our guild, so she doesn’t have to listen to what you say. Isn’t that right, Nutty?”

Only then did she remember that Shen Jingbin had left the guild. “When are you planning to rejoin Jade Sea Pavilion?”

Shen Jingbin paused for a moment. “Uh, there’s no rush, so I think staying in Bronze Tree, for the time being, is pretty good too.”

Quiet And Steadfast’s expression turned bitter. “You think staying in Bronze Tree is pretty good even if I’m not in it?”

National Treasures was thrown into a frenzy. “Oh my god! Was that person who was acting like a jealous young wife really our Leader?! How terrifying!”

Eternal Rest discreetly pulled National Treasures off to the side. “It’s none of our business, and it’s rude to stare at them…”

At this moment, a gigantic cherry blossom tree spawned behind Quiet And Steadfast, and a person’s face appeared on its broad tree trunk. Its branches swayed wildly, littering the floor with cherry blossom petals.

“The Cherry Blossom Man’s spawned!” someone shouted. Everyone present raised their weapons, pumped themselves up, and jumped straight into the fray. Their ferocity was so overwhelming that Shen Jingbin got a fright.

However, just as they were about to reach the Cherry Blossom Man, they suddenly felt the earth tremble beneath their feet. Countless boxes came crashing down from the sky and landed with a bang. Some of the boxes happened to land on the players, smashing into those who didn’t notice them in time and taking off half their health. The players were so surprised; they began crying out in shock.

“F*ck, f*ck! What the hell is this?!”

“F*ck! Does that bastard have concealed weapons?!”

In the midst of this chaos, a system announcement suddenly appeared in the sky. The members of Jade Sea Pavilion were stunned stupid by it, while the couples who had just left Cherry Blossom Island were left cursing and swearing.

[System Announcement] Blessings descend from the heavens. Her flower basket in hand, Xuan Nu who was elegantly drifting by has been mesmerised by Cherry Blossom Island’s beauty. With a wave of her hand, the ‘Exquisite Lucky Gift Boxes’ in her basket descend to Cherry Blossom Island. Make haste, young heroes, now is the time to test your luck!

What the f*ck, what the f*ck?! The Lucky Gift Boxes had been delivered to them on a silver platter!

Several moments of lifelessness passed before the members of Jade Sea Pavilion excitedly made a mad rush for the Lucky Gift Boxes, all thoughts of fighting the Cherry Blossom Man having been forgotten. Quite a number of Lucky Gift Boxes had dropped this time around, but the odds of obtaining anything good from them were incredibly small. Unless players were ridiculously lucky, it was impossible for them to get anything good by opening just one or two boxes. With things as they were, the only solution was to go for quantity over quality. After all, all they needed to do was open more boxes, and they’d be able to improve their chances.

The other players were quick on their feet too. In just a few minutes, Shen Jingbin witnessed countless flying mounts closing in from afar. Shortly after, they landed and got straight to grabbing a box for themselves.

The Cherry Blossom Man had just respawned, so no one dared to unleash any skills in an attempt to fight for a box. Everyone was worried that a poorly aimed skill would not only result in them losing out on the box, it’d also draw the Boss’ ire and give them a free ticket back to their respawn point.

And so, this was the very first time no intense conflict for the boxes occurred since the event had started.

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