Chapter 346: Crushed By Luck Yet Again (2)

Chapter 346: Crushed By Luck Yet Again (2)

[System Announcement] Extra, extra, read all about it! Fevered preparations are being made for <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> first offline meetup! For more detailed information, please refer to the game’s official page, Wechat account, and Weibo page. We will inform you of any further updates as soon as possible. The exciting tales of Celestials and Demons will leave you wanting more. Yiju looks forward to meeting you in person for the very first time.

All of the system announcements appeared in succession every hour to ensure that all of the players were aware of the news. After Shen Jingbin read all of the system announcements, she slowly made her way towards White Cloud Temple to receive her rewards.

These past few days, White Cloud Temple was filled with players who wanted to collect their rewards. Different from before, she was greeted with many sincere gazes and smiles that were filled with praise when she returned to the sect. Those looks of disdain and resent from before seemed to have disappeared overnight, and Shen Jingbin’s mood suddenly took a turn for the better.

Out of habit, Shen Jingbin made her way over to the Sect Leader’s residence, only to remember that Song Yuqing was no longer around when she arrived at the door. The rare good mood that she’d had just moments ago turned gloomy in an instant.

Just as she was about to leave, the door suddenly opened, and a grey-haired old man appeared from within. “Junior disciple, are you Song Yuqing’s direct disciple, Nutjob?”

Shen Jingbin sized up the old man before her. He appeared to be the very stern sort and had a stone-faced expression. He stared at her with a piercing gaze akin to that of a hawk’s; the kind that could make your scalp go numb.

Was this Elder Tan of the Discipline Hall?

“I am her. Greetings, Elder Tan.”

“You know me?” Elder Tan strode forward and stopped in front of Shen Jingbin.

Shen Jingbin suddenly felt immense pressure from his gaze. “My Master told me about you in his final moments.”

Elder Tan’s expression softened. “Your Master was a great man who sacrificed himself for the sake of the world. The karmic cycle and heavenly laws of reincarnation are still in play. He won’t be gone from us for long.”

“Huh?” Shen Jingbin couldn’t understand what he was saying, and she shot him a puzzled look.

Elder Tan just quietly shook his head and assumed his stone-faced expression once again. Left feeling helpless, Shen Jingbin could only bid Elder Tan farewell and prepare to return to Radiant Dawn Hall for her reward.

Just as she was about to leave, Elder Tan unexpectedly spoke again. “You did well in the last battle; these are your rewards.”

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Shen Jingbin thought to herself.

Shen Jingbin thanked him like a well-behaved child after receiving her rewards from him. “Thank you, Elder Tan. I’ll be taking my leave first.”

“Go on.”

All of the rewards were bundled together. Players would have to open the bundle to find out what their rewards were. Shen Jingbin left White Cloud Temple and made her way over to her own manor before taking the time to open her bundle.

The moment she opened it, a ray of dazzling golden light erupted. After it subsided, an ornately decorated gift box appeared before her along with a snow-white robe and 3 Pang Gu’s Stones.

[System Announcement] Player Nutjob has opened ‘Large Common Contribution Gift Box’. A golden light burst forth from it, revealing a ‘Ninth Heaven Phoenix Cry Gift Box’, a ‘Bustling Robe’, and 3 Pang Gu’s stones. Such phenomenal luck is simply unheard of!

Shortly after the system announcement, countless players were driven into an uproar once again.

The contribution packages were ingeniously designed. The gift packages that the top 3 players received had a 100% chance to produce a vaulted flying mount, a vaulted cosmetic item, some Pang Gu’s Stones, and several rare materials. The materials’ rarity was dependant on the type of contribution package opened. Gift packages given to 4th to 50th place on the leaderboards had a 100% chance to produce several Pang Gu’s Stones and a cosmetic item. Whatever else they could get was dependent on their luck. Gift packages for the 51st place onwards had progressively diminishing chances to obtain items.

Several thousand people had received their gift packages at this point. While most of them had received common gift packages because they were placed further behind on the leaderboards, not a single person had gotten anything as amazing as Shen Jingbin had.

It was yet another case of overwhelming Luck.

Countless people who saw the announcement were left roaring in frustration. It was truly vexing.

In spite of that, the charming beauty, Miss Shen, was unexpectedly calm. She blinked several times before picking up all of the items to inspect them.

The Ninth Heaven Phoenix Cry Gift Box contained a mount that could traverse land, sea, and air. It was released shortly after the game went into service and it looked amazingly cool, had blindingly fast speed, and there weren’t many of them in circulation. At present, there were almost none of them in circulation. They were so rare that their going rate on the market was absurdly high, and Shen Jingbin had somehow managed to get her hands on one. The Bustling Robes were a cosmetic item that was released not long ago. It wasn’t all that rare, but due to its unique design, it was very well received by female players and sold pretty well on the market. In short, she’d struck the jackpot.

The Bustling Robe’s design appealed to her sense of aesthetics, so she chose to bind it to her account without any hesitation. However, the mount box remained untouched. Shen Jingbin had always kept that incident on New Year’s Eve, when Zhao Chengning gave her a New Year’s gift, in her heart. She had her own specialised mount now too, so she didn’t have much of a need for this one. Since the Ninth Heaven Phoenix Cry Gift Box was so rare, she might as well give it to Zhao Chengning. And, it could also double as her New Year’s gift.

But, who knew exactly what he’d be able to get from the gift box? It’d be no fun if he managed to get a mount that was even cooler than what she currently had.

As she was letting her imagination run wild, she suddenly saw a system notification float by.

“Your husband, Quiet And Steadfast has logged in.”

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