Chapter 345: Crushed By Luck Yet Again (1)

Chapter 345: Crushed By Luck Yet Again (1)

The next day, Zhao Chengning talked about it with Shen Jingbin while sending her home.

Shen Jingbin paused for a moment before she said, “I’ll go if I have nothing on that day. Anyway, I have a feeling that that manservant, Shen Jingchen, would probably give me hell for it if I don’t agree to go.”

Zhao Chengning laughed. That really did seem like something Shen Jingchen would do.

“National Treasures and the rest are very curious about you.”

“I hope I don’t disappoint them.”

“You won’t disappoint them. The only thing you’ll do is exceed all expectations,” Zhao Chengning replied confidently while looking ahead.

Zhao Chengning left after dropping her off at the lobby without even stopping for a drinkEven though the couple was in their ‘honeymoon’ phase, the period where they were passionately in love, they weren’t interested in heart-wrenching goodbyes.

Shen Jingbin had just fished out her keys when the door opened, and Shen Jingchen appeared before her with an extremely vulgar smile on his face.

On reflex, she raised her hand to look at the time. It was only just after 8, and this brat was actually awake? How odd.

Shen Jingchen stood before the doorway, blocking her path. “Hey, Shen Jingbin. You didn’t come home last night, right?” He knew the answer to his question, yet he still asked anyway. The shit eating grin on his face only growing wider.

Shen Jingbin tossed what was in her hand at him and pushed him away. “Don’t you know the answer already?” she asked as she changed her shoes.

Shen Jingchen rounded her and stood on the other end. “Did you stay at Ah Ning’s place? How was it? What happened last night? How did it feel?” he asked in a depraved manner.

Shen Jingbin looked up and rolled her eyes. “Why are you so dirty minded?”

Shen Jingchen immediately adopted an innocent look on his face. “Why am I the filthy one?! I was just worried about how you slept last night. What are you going on about?!”

Shen Jingbin shot him a withering gaze. Shen Jingchen recoiled for a moment before he spoke again. “You and Ah Ning are in your honeymoon phase, so I was just afraid that the two of you might’ve gotten caught up in the moment. Besides, the two of you are adults, and you know what you’re doing, so there’s no need to be secretive about it.”

Shen Jingbin shot a disdainful glare at him. “Would a single dog like you even be able to understand if I told you?”

Shen Jingbin then spun around and made her way back to her room without waiting for him to reply. Shen Jingchen was left standing there dumbfounded till he finally came to the realisation that he’d been made fun of. “Zhao Chengning definitely didn’t manage to satisfy that girl last night!” he shouted in a fluster.

Shen Jingbin had taken a bath the night before at Zhao Chengning’s place, but she didn’t have a change of clothes. So, the very first thing she did when she got back to her room was put on a fresh set of clothes. Once done, she made her way downstairs and was greeted with the sight of Shen Jingchen sitting on the sofa with an expectant look on his face.

“You’re aware of the offline meetup, right?”

Shen Jingbin nodded. “Yeah. If I’ll come along with you guys if I don’t have anything on that day.”

“You’ll come along with us? You mean Ah Ning agreed to it too?”

Shen Jingbin provoked him once again. “Do you really think he wouldn’t go if I went?”


Shen Jingbin was his senior when it came to romance, so he had no choice but to bow to her seniority. Shen Jingchen glared at her for a moment before he pulled out his handphone and began fiddling with it. “I’ll tell National Treasures and the rest. You have no idea how much they’re looking forward to meeting you. Even I don’t get this kind of treatment, hmph!”

“What happened to the game’s update?” she asked.

“Oh, it’s a little complicated. Login later in the afternoon and see for yourself.”

After her lunch, Shen Jingbin jumped straight into the game. Since information on the update and rewards for the previous event were all listed on the official website, she made sure to have a look at it before logging in.

The leaderboard for ‘The Battle Between Good and Evil’ was plastered on the homepage. Shen Jingbin glanced at it and found the names of the top 3 players. The system had coloured their names, making them especially conspicuous.

Unexpectedly, the one who’d accumulated the most points was actually Shen Jingchen. After which was Quiet And Steadfast, followed by Neverending Journey.

Shen Jingbin was ranked eighth. As she skimmed through the rest of the list, she couldn’t help but lament how destiny had matched her together with her nemesis yet again. Just below her name and ranked ninth was Nine Ballads.

Other than the leaderboards, there was also information about the event’s rewards and the offline meetup. Shen Jingbin briefly ran through them before closing the game’s webpage.

The moment she logged in, Shen Jingbin saw a system announcement making its way across the sky.

[System Announcement] Since time immemorial, heroes have been born from youths. Congratulations to players Dawn’s Twilight, Quiet And Steadfast, and Neverending Journey for taking the top 3 places on the leaderboards. They have been awarded the gold, purple, and red coloured title of ‘Hero’ respectively along with the following: ‘Large Exquisite Grade Contribution Gift Box ’, Medium Exquisite Grade Contribution Gift Box ’, and ‘Small Exquisite Grade Contribution Gift Box’. Let’s give these heroes a round of applause; three cheers!

[System Announcement] To thank players for their participation, there will be an ‘Exquisite Grade Lucky Gift Box’ drop every 15 minutes. Opening these gift boxes will give you a chance to obtain items like Pan Gu’s Stone, top quality equipment, and vaulted mounts. Note: These boxes will drop at random locations. Time to test your luck, young heroes.

[System Announcement] To thank players for their participation, contribution and xp rates will be increased from 7 pm to 10 pm tonight. Players who are interested are advised to plan their time accordingly.

[System Announcement] The Battle Between Good and Evil has ended. All of the players within the Shinra Sect have reclaimed their original identities. But, to commemorate them as once being part of the Shinra Sect, they will receive a 10% increase in chance for fortuitous events to occur within the Shinra Sect’s map. Players from the Six Great Sects who have yet to receive their rewards are advised to return to their sects as quickly as possible and claim them. Players who fail to claim their reward within these 72 hours will be deemed to have forfeited them.

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