Chapter 344: The Legendary Offline Event (2)

Chapter 344: The Legendary Offline Event (2)

The guest room was different from what Old Master Zhao had said. Instead, it was rather clean and tidy. After Zhao Chengning saw her to the guest room, he stood at the doorway and took her hands into his, reluctant to part. “Just now, my Grandpa…don’t mind him.”

Shen Jingbin peeked out of the room and looked over to Old Master Zhao’s room. “I know. It’s late, and you must be tired. Go to bed early and get some rest.”

“You know, Grandpa’s suggestion suddenly doesn’t seem so bad after all.”

Shen Jingbin glared at him. “You beast!”

Zhao Chengning chuckled and bent down to kiss her before returning to his room.

Knowing that his sweetheart was currently in his house gave Zhao Chengning a rare bout of insomnia. He tossed and turned, but couldn’t fall asleep. Giving up, he got up and opened up his WeChat.

As expected, those night owls in the guild were still awake, fervently discussing something. He skimmed through the chat history and realised that they were talking about meeting up in real life.

After the final battle ended, <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> was updated. Following which, the people who made it onto the leaderboards were on the game’s official website. Most of the members from Jade Sea Pavilion were listed on it. Quiet And Steadfast, Next Week Is Unlikely, and the Four Monsters were even ranked among the top. Apart from the leaderboards, the game’s officials also released a piece of news. In order to thank players for continuously supporting <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> and the Yiju Corporation, their company’s headquarters would be organising an offline event to celebrate the smooth conclusion of “The Battle Between Good And Evil”. The top 50 players in the event, as well as the top 10 players from each leaderboard, would receive an invitation. Even the players on the game’s unofficial beauty leaderboards were included. (The ‘top-ranked’ ugliest women were obviously excluded.)

The event would be held in a carnival-like setting. Players who weren’t on the guest list but were interested in participating could join in as well. However, they had to pay for their own travel expenses and accommodation.

Since Yiju’s headquarters were located in B City, the offline event this time around would be held in B City.

Most of Jade Sea Pavilion’s members lived in B City, and they were ecstatic when they heard the news. Although they had been in the same guild for a long time, were on good terms, and weren’t all that far away from one another, they never had a gathering for some reason. Yiju’s offline event this time round undoubtedly served as an excellent opportunity for them to meet up. So, it was no surprise that all of them were very excited.

There were numerous elites from Jade Sea Pavilion, and most of them made it onto the guest list. They talked about it the whole night and decided that they’d seize this opportunity and meet up no matter what. It was no small feat for all of them to get along and play the game for such a long time, so this was indeed something worth celebrating.

National Treasures: Oh my god, oh my god! Am I finally going to meet our amazing Guild Leader and the two Vice-leaders? Ah! I’m so excited!

I’m Not A Monster: Hehe. Treasures, let me remind you that at this moment, apart from Dawn, the other two pros still haven’t said that they'd be going.

National Treasures: I don’t care, I don’t care! It’s really difficult for an opportunity like this to come by, they’ll surely attend.

Quiet And Steadfast: ??? What?

Descent Of Rain And Snow: Ah, Leader appeared.

Lingering White Clouds: Leader is actually still up at this time, how rare. /secretly laughs.

Quiet And Steadfast: I couldn’t fall asleep, so I thought I’d come and see what you guys were talking about. What’s National Treasures so excited about?

National Treasures: Ahhhhhh! My dearest Leader! To tell you the truth, I’ve been your die-hard fan since the very first day the game released. For your sake, I’ve been lying in wait in Jade Sea Pavilion this whole time just for this day! You’ll definitely come for the gathering, right?! /pitiful.

Zhao Chengning mulled over it for a moment. “I haven’t decided yet. I’ll give you a reply tomorrow after I’ve asked around.”

I’m Not A Monster: Bleh. Ask around? Who’re you asking?

I’m Not A Monster: Could it be Nutty?

I’m A Monster, Dare To Hit Me: Oh, I think I smell an affair.

Eternal Rest: Me too.

Temperate Scarlet Moon: +1.

Faint Blue Seaweed: In that case, is there a chance of Nutty coming along as well? I saw her name on the guest list. Leader, I request to be a part of the live audience when you have your affair!

Yanmen Imperial Sister: Request to be a part of the live audience when you’re having an affair +1.

Long Life: +2.

Big Buddhist Nun: +3.

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