Chapter 343: The Legendary Offline Event (1)

Chapter 343: The Legendary Offline Event (1)

Upon exiting the washroom, Shen Jingbin saw Zhao Chengning standing in front of the doorway with his back against the wall. The dim lights shone down on him and cast a shadow over his face. He looked sexy as hell.

“Mister, this is the ladies’ washroom. Aren’t you afraid you’ll get mistaken for a pervert by standing right in front of it?” Shen Jingbin laughed and jokingly teased him.

“Have you ever seen a pervert that’s as handsome as me?” Zhao Chengning wasn’t the least bit embarrassed about it. Instead, he walked over smugly with his chin held high.

“I met Jian Cishu inside the washroom. You should have a talk with her.”

Zhao Chengning’s eyebrows knitted together. “There’s nothing for me to talk about with her; I’ve already said everything there is to be said. I can’t do anything about it if she refuses to let go of me.”

Inwardly, Shen Jingbin was satisfied with how firm he was. However, she still said, “Although I’m very pleased with your attitude, she’ll probably put an end to her wishful thinking from now on. Just treat it as a farewell to her. I’ll wait for you in the lounge.”

With that, she walked away.

Left without a choice, Zhao Chengning remained where he was and waited for Jian Cishu to come out.

After all, this was his wifey’s order.

Fortunately for him, Jian Cishu exited the washroom a few minutes later with red-rimmed eyes. Upon seeing Zhao Chengning, she froze and cried out in disbelief, “Brother Chengning!”

With Zhao Chengning’s intelligence, he was able to discern the situation with just a glance. He knew what kind of person Shen Jingbin was; she definitely wouldn’t have done this to Jian Cishu. He thought back to those women who’d hurriedly left the washroom with pallid complexions earlier on and had a vague idea of what had happened inside the washroom.

No wonder she made him stay behind.

He’d heard a little about the backbiting between women, but he didn’t really pay much attention to it as he felt that it had nothing to do with him. Now that he had a wifey, he should probably pay more attention to it. After all, a woman can be terrifying when she’s jealous.

Even if Shen Jingbin had intended for him to comfort Jian Cishu, his attitude was far from gentle. This was because he firmly believed that if a man doesn’t like a woman, he shouldn’t do anything that might lead to a misunderstanding.

Zhao Chengning stood two steps away from Jian Cishu, his expression somewhat aloof. “What happened? Little Jing said that you met with some trouble.”

A flash of disappointment streaked across Jian Cishu’s face, which was quickly concealed behind a smile. She just knew he wouldn’t have looked for her on his own accord. She should’ve… thought of it earlier, right?

“It’s nothing major.” Jian Cishu replied with a smile.

Zhao Chengning wasn’t sure whether to believe her or not. He merely glanced at her a few times before he said, “Jian Cishu, I’ve always treated you as my sister, you should know that…”

Jian Cishu cut him off. “I know! You’ve said it before; there’s no need to say it again.”

“Alright. Actually, I’m not as good as you think. I’m shallow and treacherous. The first thing I notice about a woman is either their face or their chest. You don’t have to waste your time on me. If you look around you, you’ll surely be able to find someone even better than me.”

“You don’t have to say that. I know what kind of man I fell for. I promise to stop thinking of you. Still, I’ve liked you for such a long time, so I’ll need time to let go of my feelings.” Jian Cishu replied somewhat despondently.

“Alright. I hope we won’t meet again till the day that you manage to completely erase me from your mind.”

Jian Cishu paused for a moment before nodding with a heavy heart.

“Little Jing is waiting for me in the lounge. I’ll be going then. Have fun.”

Jian Cishu’s heart ached terribly as she watched the man she’d loved for so many years leave without a trace of hesitation. She was no longer in the mood to stay at the party and left the venue in a daze.

The cold air assaulted her the moment she stepped out of the hotel. She had an overcoat on over her gown and felt a chill run down her spine.

As she watched the vehicles passing by in the streets, Jian Cishu suddenly felt the urge to cry. Her mind went blank, and she fished out her cell phone. Her fingers swiped over the phone until she found a number to call. It was only when a man’s voice rang out from her phone that she came out of her daze.

She’d actually called Zhao Chengan!


Zhao Chengan’s voice travelled through the phone, seemingly gentler than usual. This made Jian Cishu feel even more aggrieved.

Jian Cishu choked out a sob the moment she spoke, “Big Brother Zhao…”

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Chengan’s voice sounded anxious.

“I’m in front of Luofu Hotel’s entrance.”

“Alright. Wait for me; I’ll be right there.”

She suddenly realised that she was being coquettish with him. Jian Cishu hurriedly inhaled and said, “No, it’s fine, Big Brother Zhao. I dialled your number by accident. You don’t have to come over. I heard that you’re very busy these days…”

She had yet to finish her sentence when he cut her off. “Jian Cishu, if it’s you, I won’t find it troublesome. Stand there, don’t move, and wait for me to come over. Be good.”

Zhao Chengan’s last few words, asking her to ‘be good’ continued to linger in her mind till he hung up.

Jian Cishu suddenly thought back to what Zhao Chengning had said to her. “If you look around you, you’ll surely be able find someone even better than me.” Her face started to flush red for no reason, and her heart didn’t seem to ache as much.

Zhao Chengan arrived very quickly. She soon saw his car slowly come to a stop in front of her and he stepped out. His figure was tall and sturdy under the night sky, and he exuded masculinity. She watched him as he strode over and stood beside her, looking at her with stars in his eyes.

By the time the party ended, it was already past midnight. Zhao Chengning didn’t feel safe letting Shen Jingbin drive back alone, so he insisted that she stay at his place for the night. Unexpectedly, they found that his Grandfather was still awake.

Upon seeing the handsome couple come back together, a wide smile bloomed across Old Master Zhao’s face.

“Little Jing, you won’t be going back tonight, right?”

Zhao Chengning answered on her behalf. “Mhm, it’s too late now. It’s not safe for her to drive back alone.”

Old Master Zhao continuously nodded his head. “It’s indeed dangerous… So, where’s Little Jing going to sleep tonight?”

“I’ll sleep in the guest room, Grandpa.” Shen Jingbin replied.

A look of regret appeared on Old Master Zhao face. “Oh no, we can’t have that. We seldom have guests staying overnight, so the guest rooms aren’t well kept. I’m afraid it won’t be convenient for you to stay there… Why don’t you sleep with Chengning instead?”

Both juniors were stunned.

Shen Jingbin was the first to react. She looked at Zhao Chengning, and her face reddened instantly. “No, no, no. Grandpa, I’ll just sleep in the guest room.”

Zhao Chengning also gave his Grandfather a look of exasperation. “Grandpa, it’s getting late, you should get some rest. We’ll take care of this ourselves.”

After saying that, he grabbed Shen Jingbin and left. Old Master Zhao was left alone muttering to himself. “You rascal, can’t you tell that I’m trying to help you? No wonder you’ve yet to marry the lass! Humph!”

Old Master Zhao haughtily harrumphed and retired to his room to sleep. After all, it took a lot of effort for him to stay up this late at his age.

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