Chapter 342: Cocktail Party (2)

Chapter 342: Cocktail Party (2)

Jian Cishu spotted them the moment they appeared. Initially, she’d had no plans to attend the party. She’d only agreed to come when she heard Big Brother Zhao mention that Zhao Chengning would be making an appearance. However, she didn’t expect to receive such a ‘surprise’ after coming here.

She knew that she had no chance with him. But, she couldn’t help but want to be near him. Seeing how happy he was with this beauty as his companion pained her greatly, and she was too overwhelmed to speak. She could only use going to the washroom as an excuse to avoid them.

It looked like she really needed to give up on him.

However, she didn’t expect to still be hounded by rumours even after seeking respite in the washroom.

Just as she was hesitating over whether she should go out or not, she suddenly heard the raucous laughter of various women coming from the doorway and her name being mentioned.

“Hey, did you guys see the woman that Second Young Master Zhao brought with him today? They say that she has a remarkable background. It’s little wonder that someone like Second Young Master Zhao would be head over heels for her. His eyes were glued to her the whole time, and he was unwilling to look away for even a moment.”

“Ugh, don’t talk about it. Putting aside her family background, just look at that face! If I were in his shoes, I wouldn’t be able to look away either.”

“Second Young Master Zhao’s life is complete with the company of a woman who’s as beautiful as a flower. The Jian Family Miss sure is pitiful though. Her rumoured fiancé is openly appearing in public with another woman. I wouldn’t be able to stand it if I were her.”

“What, you mean the girl from the Jian Family who is besotted with Second Young Master Zhao? Second Young Master Zhao has never once acknowledged the betrothment between the two of them. The whole thing was a set-up by her. Her Mother is even more arrogant, using the Zhao Family name to make a scene everywhere. I say, this slap to their face is really satisfying!”

The women outside gossiped non-stop, though the topic of their conversation had shifted from being envious of Shen Jingbin to chastising Jian Cishu.

These women had previously indulged in wishful thoughts of getting together with Zhao Chengning. Now that someone had beat them to it, they were feeling a little resentful. However, their opponent was far too outstanding in every aspect and had no flaws. So, they could only swallow their resentment and bear with it.

Now, Jian Cishu had become an easy target for them to vent their frustrations on. They directed all their dissatisfaction and resentment towards her, which manifested as personal attacks.

Jian Cishu trembled with rage when she overheard their conversation. But, she couldn’t do anything, and neither did she dare to go out. All she could do was hide in the cubicle as the rims of her eyes reddened.

“Lower your volume when you’re talking about other people behind their backs. After all, the sound-proofing might not be as good as you think.”

Just as Jian Cishu was on the verge of a mental breakdown, a female voice suddenly spoke up. It sounded a little cold but was pleasant to the ears.

It didn’t take long for her to recognise who it belonged to.

The women outside quietened down, not daring to make a sound. They looked foolishly at the woman in front of them who was dressed in a black, backless gown. Her outstanding appearance and the intense aura that she projected caused their minds to go blank. Their legs instantly turned to jelly just from being subjected to her gaze.

They were only able to breathe normally when she entered the cubicle and closed the door. The women hurriedly fled the washroom without looking back.

Jian Cishu couldn’t describe how she was feeling at the moment. When she stepped out of the cubicle, Shen Jingbin happened to walk out as well.

Shen Jingbin gave a polite nod upon seeing her; her manners were impeccable.

“You…” Jian Cishu walked forward haltingly, intent on saying something. However, after uttering the word “you”, she was left tongue-tied as she faced Shen Jingbin’s breathtaking appearance.

“Never lose your sense of self no matter what. People called me a flower vase and said that I was just a pretty face with no talent or substance. But, later on, I made all those people who said that about me come back and personally apologise.” Shen Jingbin raised her head and looked at the mirror, which reflected the woman who was standing behind her. Jian Cishu’s slightly red-rimmed eyes were especially noticeable when seen through the mirror.

Honestly speaking, Shen Jingbin didn’t have any long-standing feud with Jian Cishu. They just happened to fall in love with the same man. The only difference between them was that this man had chosen her.

Shen Jingbin was no saint. If Jian Cishu had been the kind of villainous supporting character found in novels or dramas, she definitely wouldn’t have stood up for her. However, Jian Cishu didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t deserve to be chastised as such.

Furthermore, as the saying goes: to the victor go the spoils. Jian Cishu had lost to her, so she was the only one who had the right to chastise her, not that bunch of ignorant women.

Disrespecting her rival meant disrespecting her. This was Shen Jingbin’s way of doing things.

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