Chapter 340: Emerging Victorious (2)

Chapter 340: Emerging Victorious (2)

The interior of the Watchtower of Longevity was very spacious, yet all there was inside of it was a single solitary oil lamp burning away at the forefront.

Nine Ballads rushed forward without hesitation, the dagger in her hands pointed at the oil lamp. She raised her hand...


Her dagger was blocked by a long sword. Nine Ballads looked up and was met with a palm flying in her direction.

Nine Ballads wasn’t as strong as the other party. She couldn’t advance any further after her dagger was blocked, so she could only retreat.

“You’ll have to defeat me if you want to put out the lamp!” Shen Jingchen said coldly.

Nine Ballads sneered before she wordlessly clashed against him once again.

Dawn’s Twilight wasn’t a match for her in the past, and neither was he a match for her this time around either. In Nine Ballads’ eyes, he was nothing.

Shen Jingchen hadn’t been serious at first when he went up against the figure in black. However, after exchanging a few blows, he realised he was in trouble!

I’m not a match for this person!

Don’t tell me…she’s Nine Ballads?!

Shen Jingchen’s expression changed, and he switched up his method of attack, choosing to buy time instead.

However, Nine Ballads saw through his plan and refused to go along with it. She had her heart set on extinguishing the oil lamp. In the end, Shen Jingchen had no choice but to use himself as a shield to prevent her from reaching the Lamp of Life.

Nine Ballads was sick of his delaying tactics, and her attacks became even more merciless. No matter how high Shen Jingchen’s defense was, he wouldn’t be able to hold out forever. His health was just about to run out.

Nine Ballads shoved him out of the way and raised her dagger once again...

Reinforcements had finally arrived, but they could only watch as the tip of Nine Ballads’ dagger drew closer and closer to the lamp.

The world seemed to be collapsing.

Are we going to lose?

“The leader of the Shinra Sect, Jue Tian, was unable to defy the will of the heavens. He has been sealed, and all life on earth has escaped this calamity.”

Just as the oil lamp’s light went out, a system notification resounded in everyone’s mind.


Everyone froze and only reacted when several consecutive notifications floated through the air.

After a brief moment of stupor, the players of the Six Great Sects exploded into deafening cheers, while players from the Shinra Sect collapsed in dejection.

[System Announcement] Evil shall never prevail over good. Through the efforts of the disciples of the Six Great Sects, Jue Tian, Leader of Shinra Sect, has been successfully sealed in the eighth floor of the Reincarnation Pagoda and shall never again disrupt the realm’s peace.

[System Announcement] The disciples of the Six Great Sects have won the battle between good and evil, congratulations!

[System Announcement] The battle between good and evil has ended. An update and maintenance will be conducted in half an hour. Rewards for the victors will be given out after the update, and the leaderboards for the top contributors will also be made public at that time. To all the players who have made it onto the leaderboards: please return to your respective sects to collect your rewards. To prevent any unnecessary loss of data, please plan your time wisely.

[System Announcement] As a show of thanks to all the players who have participated in this battle between good and evil, all players who log in after the update will receive a mystery gift bag. Thank you for being a part of this legendary tale. Yiju Technology Pte Ltd wishes you all the best in your future endeavours.

The final battle between good and evil that they’d spent so long preparing for had finally ended. Shen Jingbin felt as if her body was much lighter after she got out of the gaming pod. When she thought back to what Zhao Chengning did at the very last moment, her heart melted once again. Without thinking about it, she changed her clothes, went downstairs, and prepared to head over to the Zhao family’s household to look for him.

Along the way, Shen Jingbin recalled what had transpired while she drove.

After they’d drawn Jue Tian over, she’d found that all of Jue Tian’s aggro was directed at her. Without any warning, Jue Tian began to launch all of his attacks at her.

At that time, Zhao Chengning was clearly some distance from her. She didn’t expect him to pounce over and take all of Jue Tian’s attacks in her stead. She could say for certain that this was Zhao Chengning’s most miserable state ever since he’d started playing.

Luckily, Su Qing managed to open the eighth floor in time. As soon as it opened, Pure Crane and The Winds Of Ximen immediately grabbed Jue Tian and flew towards the eighth floor. However, they didn’t expect Jue Tian to suddenly lash out and grab onto her with a wave of his long sleeve. It was as if he wanted to drag her into the Reincarnation Pagoda together with him.

“No, there’s no way out once you enter the eighth floor!” Su Qing exclaimed.

When Zhao Chengning heard this, he pushed himself up despite clearly not having recovered from Jue Tian’s previous attacks and tightly grabbed onto Shen Jingbin’s foot tightly, refusing to let go. When Qi Mu and Gentle Flower saw what was happening, they hurriedly sliced off Jue Tian’s sleeve. Only then did Pure Crane, The Winds Of Ximen, and Su Qi manage to seal Jue Tian within the Reincarnation Pagoda.

The moment the system notification popped up, Zhao Chengning disappeared in a glorious flash of white light as the last of his health was shaved off by Jue Tian’s debuffs.

It was a good thing he’d be transported to the Southern Sea when he respawned. There was no need for him to pass through the Underworld.

Shen Jingbin’s head was filled with the image of Zhao Chengning’s pale face before he died. She couldn’t wait to see him.

She soon reached the Zhao family’s household. When the auntie who worked as the family’s helper opened the door and told her that the Second Young Master was in his room with a smile, Shen Jingbin thanked her and headed straight for Zhao Chengning’s room.

After not hearing a reply when she knocked on the door, she decided to boldly enter the room.

He probably couldn’t hear because he was still in the gaming pod.

Thankfully, the door wasn’t locked. She twisted the knob and pushed it open.

Her hand was pulled inwards the moment she stepped in, and the door slammed shut. The next thing she knew, she felt herself pressed against the wall.

His smouldering masculinity enshrouded her. Before she could react, his lips pressed against hers, lightly licking at them before they mercilessly invaded.

Shen Jingbin reflexively tensed. She raised her hand, wanting to strike back on instinct. But, she felt her body go soft when she locked eyes with his gleaming pupils. Her arms dropped weakly onto his shoulders, and her tensed body relaxed as she leaned into his embrace.

The two of them hugged and kissed, heedless of anything else.

There was no such thing as time when it came to lovers. An indeterminate period of time passed before Zhao Chengning, seemingly satisfied, let go of her. However, he didn’t release her from his embrace; she was still trapped between him and the wall, and he began to dot butterfly kisses along her face every now and then.

“You…” Shen Jingbin was a little breathless and stopped to pant after uttering a single word.

“I know you miss me, that’s why I left my door unlocked… How did I know that? Because, I miss you too.” He pecked her soft lips again. “I know what you’re thinking. Ever since we went to Virtuous Heaven Temple to tame the Vermillion bird, I resolved to never let you face any danger by yourself. I’d stand in the way of any harm that befalls you, even at the cost of my own life.”

His eyes glowed too brightly, and Shen Jingbin couldn’t help but shut her own eyes.

The unique taste of Zhao Chengning’s lips pressed onto hers once again.

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