Chapter 337: A Race Against Time (1)

Chapter 337: A Race Against Time (1)

“My disciple, Nutjob. Your Master probably won’t be around to guide you for much longer. When I enter the Big Dipper array, whether or not I’ll be able to return will be for the heavens to decide. But, regardless of the outcome, your Master hopes that you won’t forget the basic qualities of a human being, and that you’ll lead White Cloud Temple’s disciples to a brighter future. As for who the next Sect Leader will be, I’ve already asked Elder Tang from the Disciplinary Hall to take up the position. Elder Tang may look stern, but he has a heart of gold. I hope that you can show him the same respect that you do for me. The road ahead is filled with twists and turns, so you have to be careful.” Shen Jingbin tried to move her body but found that the system had frozen it in place. It looked like the rest of the players were locked in place by the system as well.

Just as she was pondering this issue, she heard Song Yuqing’s voice. She looked in the direction his voice was coming from and found him looking back at her from a distance away. In her mind’s eye, she could even make out his expression that was filled with emotion.

“Let’s go!” In the next second, Lu Yingzhou suddenly shouted. The Sect Leaders of the Six Great Sects grabbed the Elders they were assigned to and jumped into the black spiral that Poison Toad had opened.

Although Yu Youchen couldn’t participate in the battle because of her injury, this array required the Sect Leaders to sacrifice their lives in order to activate. There was no way she could ask Zhang Wudi, who’d come here to help, to sacrifice himself in her place. So, even if she was unable to stand, without a second thought, she dragged her body, wheelchair and all, into the black spiral with the Elder in tow while Zhang Wudi was keeping him busy.

The disciples of the Six Great Sects stared blankly as their Sect Leaders disappeared with their enemies before their very eyes.

For some reason, this left a sour taste in a players mouth. “F*ck… Did they really have to make it so emotional…?” he muttered in a slightly nasally voice. The players nearby who heard him nodded their heads in agreement.

Every single player received parting words from their Sect Leaders. Some of them only consisted of a few words, while others were as long as an essay. They knew full well that the contents of these letters were based on what their personalities were like, and what they’d done in the past, but it still deeply touched them.

For a moment, everyone was overcome with an inexplicable sense of sorrow.

After the Sect Leaders of the Six Great Sects jumped into the black spiral, it flashed for an instant before turning blue. The next moment, it expanded to twice its size, and the light it emitted began to glow with increasingly greater intensity. Finally, there was a brilliant beam of light, and everyone was forced to shut their eyes...

When they reopened their eyes, the players from the Six Great Sects saw many familiar and unfamiliar looking faces. But, based on what they were wearing, they were all allies!

Before they even had the chance to rejoice, the spiral that Jue Tian had formed flashed as well. A beam a red light began to swell in size, and after several seconds, another blinding ray of light flashed...

Reinforcements from the Shinra Sect had come as well.

At the same time, everyone finally regained control of their bodies.

“I’ll prepare to open Reincarnation Pagoda. Remember to bring Jue Tian over.” Su Qing appeared out of the void and quietly spoke to Shen Jingbin and company. Then, without waiting for them to reply, he made a beeline for Reincarnation Pagoda.

Shortly after Su Qing’s appearance, the Grand Elder of the Shinra Sect returned as well and took his place behind Jue Tian once again.

Zhang Wudi dashed over to where Shen Jingbin’s group was and glared daggers at Jue Tian and the Grand Elder. “Disregard everything else and force this evil creature towards Reincarnation Pagoda. I’ll help you guys to protect the Lamp of Life!”

Quiet And Steadfast nodded. He narrowed his eyes and tightened his grip around the dagger in his hand before turning invisible.

His invisibility was like a signal, and the moment of tranquility was broken once again as both factions clashed against each other.

Dawn’s Twilight and Next Week Is Unlikely made it over to Shen Jingbin’s side during the lull in the fighting. All of the Lead Disciples had charged into battle and were now fighting against Jue Tian. On the other hand, the Grand Elder was locked in battle with Zhang Wudi and had no way of coming to his Sect Leader’s aid.

Opening the teleportation spiral had caused Jue Tian’s stats to drop. So, when Quiet And Steadfast and the rest fought against him, they could clearly tell that he wasn’t as much of a challenge as he was before.

“I’ll leave this place to you guys. Remember, you can’t let anyone from the Shinra Sect get to the Lamp of Life, and you have to it at all costs!” Shen Jingbin quickly surveyed the battle. She only had time for this one sentence before she rushed back in to help the other Lead Disciples.

Dawn’s Twilight and Next Week Is Unlikely wanted to help too, but two black-clothed men appeared out of nowhere. One was tall and muscular, while the other was short and skinny. Neither of them said a single word before launching themselves at the pair. Every single one of their attacks was aimed at their blind spots as if the two black-clothed men had a complete understanding of them.

While fighting the two black-clothed men, Dawn’s Twilight and Next Week Is Unlikely shared a knowing glance with one another.

These two had finally shown themselves.

Shen Jingbin felt like something was missing when she returned to the fight, but only realised that the system had recalled the Divine Beasts back to her pet space when Quiet And Steadfast yelled for her to summon them.

Shen Jingbin received a system notification while she was in her rush to open her pet window. “Your pets’ human form has been unlocked.”

What the f*ck, what the hell is this?!

Shen Jingbin blanked for a moment before she hurriedly summoned her Divine Beasts.

Sure enough, she wasn’t greeted with the sight of her Divine Beasts, but four charming men who looked completely different from one another!

There were no changes to the Azure Dragon. The Vermillion Bird looked like a slightly younger and more lively version of its predecessor. In fact, he looked like a tsundere princeling. The Black Tortoise was slightly older than the Vermillion Bird. He had a gentle expression on his face, and the feeling he gave off was that of a cleansing spring breeze.

Mascot, on the other hand, made Shen Jingbin feel like covering her face the moment she laid eyes on him!

My god! Why did my cute little Mascot end up looking like Tarzan?! Although he’s buff, handsome, and he’s oozing with charm, this game’s set in ancient China. Is it really a good idea to appear with some unknown beast’s pelt around you?! He probably wasn’t even aware of what was going on. He’s just foolishly smiling at me with one canine sticking out!

Ah, he’s still an idiot even after he’s turned into a human.

Shen Jingbin helplessly sighed.

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