Chapter 336: Rebirth (2)

Chapter 336: Rebirth (2)

“Just the few of you plan on taking me on? Such arrogance!”

The Winds Of Ximen was a close combat specialist, and as soon as Jue Tian was in his attack radius, the battle began in earnest.

Jue Tian gave a cold smile and blocked The Winds Of Ximen’s sword qi with one of his wide sleeves. Quiet And Steadfast, who was following closely behind The Winds Of Ximen, brandished his dagger and threw out a skill of his own as well, immediately attracting Jue Tian’s aggro.

“Plan B!” Pure Crane shouted.

Gentle Flower was standing between The Winds Of Ximen and Quiet And Steadfast at first, but she hurriedly rushed over to where Quiet And Steadfast was standing when she heard Pure Crane’s command. Her hands never stopped as she loaded buff after buff onto Quiet And Steadfast.

Quiet And Steadfast’s attack power was much higher than your average player. If Jue Tian’s aggro wasn’t random, or if he didn’t just focus on the first person who attacked him, there was practically no chance of Jue Tian’s aggro being taken away from Quiet And Steadfast. But, this also meant that Quiet And Steadfast was the most at risk.

However, all of them had neglected one thing: that all the damage dealt by the Four Divine Beasts would count as damage done by Shen Jingbin.

Just like how in cultivation novels higher level cultivators would be able to exert pressure on lower cultivators, Jue Tian was also able to exert the same type of pressure against battle pets. So, aside from Shen Jingbin, no one else thought to use their pets. The Four Divine Beasts were different though. They were a pinnacle existence, so they weren’t subject to Jue Tian’s influence. But, due to their connection with their owner, their strength was somewhat reduced. But, no matter how much their strength was reduced by, that didn’t change the fact that they were Jue Tian’s nemesis. As Jue Tian was weak to their attribute, every strike from them would deal additional damage and would they also be a critical attack. The firepower of all four Divine Beasts, plus Shen Jingbin’s own, quickly exceeded what Quiet And Steadfast was putting out. And with it, Jue Tian’s attention shifted to Shen Jingbin.

“Be careful!” Quiet And Steadfast was the first to notice that Jue Tian’s target had changed, and he hurriedly called out a warning.

But, everything was happening too quickly and there just wasn’t enough time to react. Without being able to dodge in time, Shen Jingbin took a massive blow from Jue Tian’s skill. In that instant, Shen Jingbin’s health almost bottomed out. Gentle Flower quickly leapt into action and healed Shen Jingbin, saving her from an untimely demise.

Jue Tian’s offensive didn’t just stop at that though, and he launched into a barrage of attacks. Realising that their Master had been injured, the Four Divine Beasts drew closer to protect by blocking the attacks. Seizing the opportunity, Quiet And Steadfast hurriedly mustered all his strength in an attempt to redirect Jue Tian’s aggro back on himself.

Jue Tian’s high attack and HP were rather obscene. A long while passed with all six of them and the Four Divine Beasts grinding away at Jue Tian’s health before they managed to shave off a portion of his health. But, just as the group was at their wit’s end, something happened.

The ten expert NPCs who were locked in battle with the four Elders looked as if they were intentionally deadlocked, but they were actually luring the Elders to a designated area. When all four regions were joined up, it would form an array.

“Our era has passed; it’s time for the youngsters to take over now. Us old people won’t be around to keep you guys company any longer.”

Song Yuqing used all of his strength to unleash a wide range attack that knocked each of the Elders towards one of the areas. Then, Poison Toad used the opportunity to activate a skill that was exclusive to the Sect Leader of the Lich Palace - The Big Dipper.

An enormous black spiral suddenly appeared above Soundwave Temple. The spiral’s immense attractive force caused everyone on the battlefield to drop what they were doing and steady themselves so that they wouldn’t get sucked into the vortex.

When the black spiral appeared, Jue Tian became invulnerable. Before the group could figure out what was going on, they heard him booming with anger. “You ignorant fools, to think you’d even be willing to throw away your lives. But, do you really think you have the skill to pull it off?!”

The moment Jue Tian finished speaking, he raised his head to the sky and roared as a black gas left his body. The shockwave was so immense that Shen Jingbin and company were brought to the ground and they vomited a mouthful of blood. When they checked their health bars, they noticed that they were all sitting at half health now. Everyone hurriedly drunk a health potion before Gentle Flower got to her feet and topped them up.

Another black spiral had appeared above Soundwave Temple. Only this time, the spiral was half the size of the previous one, and its attractive force was weaker as well.

After the two spirals appeared, regardless of which faction they were from, whether they were alive or dead, or whether they were fighting in this battle or not, players who were Level 80 and above received a system notification.

“Due to the suppression array’s activation, the stats of the Shinra Sect’s Sect Leader, Jue Tian, have been reduced by half. Young heroes, please make good use of this time.”

“All members of the Six Great Sects have offered up half of their HP to activate the suppression array. Please make good use of this time.”

“These are turbulent times, and the world is in disarray. The Six Great Sects have come together to defend the Southern Sea. The Weapons Grandmaster, Su Qing, has activated the Lich Palace’s suppression array - The Big Dipper. All players from the Six Great Sects who’re Level 80 and above have the option to participate in this battle once again. Young heroes, are you willing to join the battle? Yes/No. (Note: The Sect Leaders of the Six Great Sects have sacrificed themselves to obtain this opportunity. Young heroes, please give careful consideration to your decision.)”

“Twilight beckons and darkness descends. The Shinra Sect’s Sect Leader, Jue Tian, has sacrificed his strength to activate the Heaven and Earth Reversal Array. All players from the Shinra Sect who’re Level 80 and above have the option to participate in this battle once again. Are you willing to take arms once again for your Sect Leader? Yes/No. (Note: Players who join in at this time will no longer have multiple lives. However, all of their stats will be increased by 5% in turn.)”

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