Chapter 335: Rebirth (1)

Chapter 335: Rebirth (1)

“The third stage of the final battle between good and evil has ended. The battle will now proceed to the fourth stage. The Shinra Sect’s Sect Leader, Jue Tian, has arrived. Please defeat him with all due haste and save the world. Note: The quest reward will scale according to how much time is taken. A faster clear will result in greater rewards.”

Just after the system announcement was made, six people slowly floated down from the ocean’s surface.

Although there were only six people this time around, the amount of pressure they exerted was unprecedented. When they landed, the bigshot NPCs from the Six Great Sects stepped out and made their appearance.

The moment Distant Tyrant saw Jue Tian, he ran up to him and started cursing up a storm. “Jue Tian, I can’t believe filth like you would actually dare to make an appearance. I still haven’t gotten back at you for sullying my sect’s reputation back then!”

Shen Jingbin hurried over to Quiet And Steadfast’s side when she caught sight of him. Shen Jingbin knew that this was the ‘usual banter’ between NPCs when she heard Distant Tyrant speak.

Sure enough, Jue Tian stepped forward the next second and smiled. A trace of cruelty appeared on his gentle and reserved face. “Does your Mara Hall even have any reputation to speak off? You’re just a bunch of barbarians to other people anyway.”

“You!” Distant Tyrant was boiling with anger. He was struggling against the urge to rush up and take revenge on Jue Tian.

Song Yuqing and Lu Yinzhou hurriedly stepped forward to stop Distant Tyrant.

“Jue Tian, we may not have gotten rid of you previously, but you won’t be so lucky this time. We’ve found a way to destroy you this time!” declared Poison Toad.

Shen Jingbin had a helpless look on her face. Dear Sect Leaders, was it really a good idea to announce our plans to the enemy?

But, NPCs had a different way of thinking from normal humans.

Jue Tian smiled. “Hahaha, good, I’d like to see how you plan to destroy me. I’m just worried that the ones dying, in the end, might be all of you!”

Yu Youchen might not like the two demonic clans, but she despised Jue Tian even more. “Don’t act so arrogant, you evil creature. Your life ends today.”

“Hah, we’ll see!” Jue Tian laughed for a moment before his expression turned stern. “Attack!”

At his command, four of the Shinra Sect’s five legendary Elders rushed forward like a tornado and clashed with the Sect Leaders of the righteous sects. Only the Grand Elder remained standing behind Jue Tian, looking as imposing as ever.

Upon the arrival of their Sect Leader, who was also the strongest BOSS, the Shinra Sect players felt their confidence swell, and they jumped into the fray with renewed vigor.

At the same time, they also received a system notification.

“Jue Tian’s arrival has increased all of your stats by 5%.”

Look at how cool our BOSS is! Are you feeling scared now, you trash from the righteous sects?!

“Notice: the demonic sect’s Sect Leader has appeared. Please rejoin the rest of the Lead Disciples and use your advantage to vanquish the evil. Note: You possess many advantages; please make good use of them.”

All six of them received the same notification when they gathered where Quiet And Steadfast and Shen Jingbin were.

“Many advantages? What are those? How are we supposed to ‘make good use’ of them when we didn’t even receive an explanation?” The Winds Of Ximen asked out loud.

Shen Jingbin turned to Quiet And Steadfast and said, “I remember you saying that there were three elements to this battle: the Divine Beasts, the players, and the Divine Weapons. Could our ‘advantages’ be referring to these things?”

Quiet And Steadfast grew solemn. The NPCs were taking care of the Shinra Sect’s Elders for now, so they didn’t need to worry about the Elders. As for the Shinra Sect players, they’d resigned themselves to not being able to defeat all six of them plus one unknown NPC, and they gave the group a wide berth. This meant that within this entire battlefield, only they and Jue Tian were free to move about! At the same time, the current situation also validated one of Quiet And Steadfast’s theories.

“Our primary target is Jue Tian. Little Jing, summon all four of your Divine Beasts. Everyone, ready your divine weapons and make sure you’re buffed up. We’re going to focus fire on Jue Tian!” Quiet And Steadfast looked to Su Qing and said, “Senior, we’ll leave the Grand Elder to you. Is that alright?”

“I lack the ability to take out this fellow, but restraining them isn’t out of the question. Just focus on taking care of Jue Tian.”

“Thank you, Senior!”

A sense of unease washed over Qi Mu. She was under the impression that Su Qing would be fighting alongside them when they took on Jue Tian. She was really tempted to ask whether they’d be able to defeat Jue Tian like this.

But, she held back what she wanted to say when she saw everyone else’s serious expressions.

Using the game’s qinggong techniques, the group of them broke apart and surrounded Jue Tian and the Grand Elder. Su Qing was extremely quick and raced to the forefront in an instant. Jue Tian swept a glance at Su Qing, and without any further prompting from him, the Grand Elder shot forward like an arrow. The Grand Elder and Su Qing’s palms ruthlessly smashed against one another in mid-air, causing ripples to flow outwards with them as the epicenter. Before the ripples dissipated, Su Qing used one of his hands to make several motions, and a crack appeared out of thin air behind them. Then, the two of them, along with the ripples that were brimming with danger, were sucked into the crack before disappearing.

Jue Tian’s expression finally changed a little when Su Qing and the Grand Elder disappeared. At the same time, Shen Jingbin and company had made it over to Jue Tian.

As they didn’t know how Jue Tian’s aggro worked, The Winds Of Ximen was designated as the main tank for the time being. He would initiate the fight with a skill, while the rest would wait till Jue Tian was focused on him before releasing skills of their own. Gentle Flower was in charge of giving everything she had to heal him. If she had the chance, she’d help to heal the rest of the party too. The rest of the party would throw out CCs and DPS as much as they could. The moment they were injured, they were to top their health with potions. If Jue Tian’s aggro were based on DPS, Gentle Flower would focus her efforts on Quiet And Steadfast instead, while The Winds Of Ximen and Pure Crane would help to defend against attacks and split the aggro. Shen Jingbin would be in charge of CCing Jue Tian, while Qi Mu just needed to mindlessly DPS.

Shen Jingbin summoned her Divine Beasts once again. This time around, they were clearly doing a lot better. Once again, the Black Tortoise enveloped everyone in a barrier at her command.

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