Chapter 334: The Price Of Victory (2)

Chapter 334: The Price Of Victory (2)

Shen Jingchen came charging over with Lingering White Clouds, Long Life, and Eternal Rest in tow. With a swung of his blade, he created a gap in the encirclement, and Shen Jingbin made a break for the gap without a second thought. During this, with the help of the NPCs, Nine Ballads had finally broken free from the Four Divine Beasts who were swelling with killing intent. But, when she looked back, she found that the Jade Sea Pavilion had come to provide support.

“All forces, charge! Get rid of each and every one of them!” howled Nine Ballads.

The NPCs immediately surged towards them.

After escaping from the encirclement, Shen Jingbin didn’t even have a chance to catch her breath before she saw all of the black-clothed men charging towards her. “Black Tortoise, battle formation!” roared Shen Jingbin.

The Black Tortoise, who was lagging behind the black-clothed men, spat out a bubble in response. The bubble sped towards Shen Jingbin’s group and formed a barrier around them.

All of the black-clothed men who were charging towards them were stopped by the bubble.

Shen Jingbin opened up her pet window and found that all four of her Divine Beasts weren’t in good shape. She hurriedly recalled them into her pet space.

It might have been that the Black Tortoise wasn’t feeling well, or that these NPCs had a far greater attack power than the Guardian Monsters, but it only took a few hits for the Black Tortoise’s barrier to be broken.

Lingering White Clouds looked up and surveyed their surroundings the moment she finished dispelling all of Shen Jingbin’s status ailments, topping off her health, and buffing everyone. “We can’t let this go on. We need to rejoin the rest of our forces.”

Shen Jingchen was of the same mind. He was planning to issue a full retreat while the Black Tortoise’s barrier was still up. Unexpectedly, he heard a high-pitched voice from within the group of black-clothed men. They were holding a dagger, and they viciously attacked the portion of the barrier that had a crack in it.

The sound of glass breaking rang out, and the Black Tortoise’s barrier was completely destroyed.

After the barrier broke, the black-clothed men didn’t rush them as expected. Instead, they formed a ring around Shen Jingbin’s group, and the black-clothed man who’d broken the barrier stepped forward. They adopted a tone that sounded like they were giving alms to the poor and said, “If you guys leave her behind, we’ll consider letting you go for now.”

As Shen Jingchen looked at the black-clothed man, a name popped into his head. He gave a cold smile and said, “Nine Ballads, I have a newfound respect for your narrow-mindedness. Is there really any meaning to you chasing after my little sister like a rabid dog?”

The moment he said that everyone present froze up in astonishment with the exception of Shen Jingbin. She’d already had an inkling of who this person was but wasn’t able to confirm it.

Nine Ballads wasn’t the least bit deterred by having her identity revealed. She pulled off her mantle and revealed a cold and elegant face. A look of ridicule could be seen plastered on her face. “That’s none of your business. All that matters is that this is what I want. Just tell me whether she’s going to die alone, or do all of you want to be buried with her.”

Eternal Rest spat. “Shut up, bitch. If you want to fight, then let’s fight. Stop spouting all this nonsense!”

Long Life was at a loss over what to do about his wife’s bad temper. But, he agreed with her too. He nodded to his wife, letting her know that he’d fight with her.

Lingering White Clouds didn’t say a word. She gave her answer by standing in the middle of the two siblings.

“Since all of you feel like dying, then I’ll help you along!” Nine Ballads viciously eyed Shen Jingbin’s group and motioned for the black-clothed men to attack with her slender arm.

However, the black-clothed men only had time to take a single step forward before everyone heard a series of explosions in quick succession, but at different intervals and intensity. This unexpected occurrence caused the black-clothed men to falter.

“What’re you standing around for? Attack!”

But, almost as if they’d turned deaf, the NPCs ignored all of her commands.

“Now,” said Shen Jingbin in a whisper. The rest of them immediately understood what she meant. The next instant, they were charging through a small gap in the encirclement and making a beeline for Soundwave Temple.

“All of you are worthless!” roared Nine Ballads as she threw her dagger to the ground and rushed up to one of the NPCs.

The NPCs who were stuck in a daze suddenly came around. The innocent NPC whom Nine Ballads had decided to take her anger out on blinked at her and said, “Your lordship, our fellow disciples are currently sacrificing themselves to take down those hypocrites from the Six Great Sects. We need to provide assistance; we shouldn’t be wasting time over here.”

Nine Ballads’ brows furrowed. “What do you mean?”

“Our disciples are blowing themselves up for the sake of the sect’s victory! We should be doing the same!” said the NPC as his eyes began to glow with fervor.

As if in reply, another explosion could be heard.

Nine Ballads recoiled internally and subconsciously looked towards Soundwave Temple.

Over at Soundwave Temple, it was as if everyone had fallen into a frenzy. Most of the Shinra Sect players had bloodshot eyes. The moment they saw a place with many people gathered, they’d immediately rush over and blow themselves up without the slightest bit of hesitation.

Self-detonation was an omnidirectional attack. Regardless of how many there were, all enemies would be affected by the explosion as long as they were within the attack radius. So, players who blew themselves up would be able to bring some small fries with them when they died.

Amongst the Six Great Sects, the Dragonkin Tower received the most damage. As they were the frailest, they’d obviously become the Shinra Sect’s primary target.

“Everyone scatter, don’t bunch up!”

“No, we’ll be easy pickings for them if we split up!”

“F*ck these guys, I’m going to have it out with them! They want to blow themselves up, right? I’ll kill them off first. Let’s see who’s faster!”

“Frail Dragonkins, come to where your big bro is. I’ve got lots of meat on me, so I’ll be your meats shield for


This was what Shen Jingbin and company saw when they arrived.

“This is…a little too much…” muttered Eternal Rest.

No one replied.

Shen Jingbin’s face darkened. “Let’s go! Kill those bastards from the Shinra Sect!”

Everyone nodded and dashed forward.

At this moment, a clap of thunder that sounded as if the heavens were being torn asunder could be heard from the ocean’s surface. Shortly after, arrogant laughter originated from the same spot and travelled clearly to everyone’s ears.

“Hahaha, the disciples of my sect are truly loyal! Keep going! Blow all these self-righteous hypocrites to smithereens! I’ll bring all of you back to life once I’ve conquered this world!”

“Come, use your flesh and blood to paint a scarlet road to victory for me!”

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