Chapter 333: The Price Of Victory (1)

Chapter 333: The Price Of Victory (1)

The black-clothed man led Shen Jingbin further and further away from Quiet And Steadfast and the Four Monsters. By the time she realised what was happening, she’d already left Soundwave Temple’s vicinity.

Shen Jingbin knew this wasn’t good. She wouldn’t be able to tell what was going on at Soundwave Temple from where she was, and that put her in a disadvantageous position. Thinking this, she lost all interest in chasing after the black-clothed man and, intentionally or otherwise, began hurrying back to Soundwave Temple.

But, it was it as if the black-clothed man knew what she was thinking and changed up their strategy. They turned ruthless and violent, cutting off Shen Jingbin at every turn.

Shen Jingbin had no choice but to release her Four Divine Beasts.

The previous battle and having to box in Reckless East Emperor had exhausted much of their strength. With the upcoming BOSS fight looming ahead of them, Shen Jingbin had stored the Four Divine Beasts in her pet space to rest after getting rid of Reckless East Emperor.

Nine Ballads gritted her teeth the moment she saw the Four Divine Beasts. She had no way of closing in on Shen Jingbin now. She gave a cold sneer and said, “This is a one-on-one battle, you ugly monster. Fight fair and put away your Divine Beasts.” So as not to reveal their identity as disciples of the Shinra Sect, their voices would be altered by the system after donning their mantles, making them sound gender ambiguous. According to the management team’s explanation, this would further emphasise their perverse nature.

Shen Jingbin was stunned silent for a moment before she came to her senses and smiled. “I must be an idiot if I talk about ‘fairness’ with someone from the Shinra Sect!” Then, without giving the other party a chance to react, Shen Jingbin ordered the Four Divine Beasts to restrain the black-clothed man.

The Four Divine Beasts leapt into action and surrounded the black-clothed man in the blink of an eye.

However, this black-clothed man was clearly different from Reckless East Emperor. Their level was much higher than his, and they were far stronger too. It only took them a little while to break free from the encirclement.

If their order had been to ‘attack’ instead, it might have taken the black-clothed man a little while longer to break free. Instead, the ugly monster had told them to ‘restrain’ the black-clothed man, unintentionally giving her the chance to escape.

Nine Ballads’ lips curled into a smile. So what if the Divine Beasts were intelligent? In the end, they were all just a bunch of data. Whatever their owner says, goes. They aren’t able to act according to the situation.

Nine Ballads’ mood soared when she saw Shen Jingbin’s back towards her. Shen Jingbin probably never would’ve expected the legendary Four Divine Beasts to not be able to restrain her. Or, she might be preoccupied with something else and wasn’t able to pay attention to her.

Either way, this was wonderful news for Nine Ballads. She disregarded the Four Divine Beasts who were chasing after her and fixed her gaze solely on the person before her. As she sprinted towards her prey, Nine Ballads coated her dagger with her most lethal poison.

The distance between the two of them grew smaller and smaller. Soon, there was only a small gap separating Nine Ballads’ dagger and Shen Jingbin’s back. Nine Ballads began to feel a surge of unprecedented happiness and chose not to toss her dagger at Shen Jingbin. She wanted to personally feel the sensation of her dagger digging into this woman’s body!


Just as Nine Ballads was about to sink her knife into Shen Jingbin’s back, several loud explosions could suddenly be heard from the direction Shen Jingbin and Nine Ballads had previously come from at varying intervals. There were three explosions in total, and the last one was exceptionally loud.

The enormous explosion shook the two of them. At that moment, Shen Jingbin felt something peculiar behind her. She quickly spun around and faced her assailant. Meanwhile, the Four Divine Beasts who were chasing after the black-clothed man had caught up as well, trapping her one again.


When she came back to her senses, Nine Ballads realised she’d lost the upper hand and was beyond annoyed.

Not knowing the cause of this huge commotion made Shen Jingbin even more anxious. Her face darkened as she turned to the black-clothed man who was trapped in the encirclement with her and said, “Take care of them.”

With that, she turned to leave. Nine Ballads was startled by this turn of events. Before she could come up with a plan, a group of black figures appeared out of thin air in front of the ugly monster and surrounded her.

“We’ll protect you, your lordship.” Another group of black figures also appeared behind Nine Ballads and charged towards the Four Divine Beasts.

When Nine Ballads took a closer look at them, she realised these NPCs were disciples from the Shinra Sect!

Just like how everyone one of the Six Great Sects had NPC disciples in addition to players, the Shinra Sect was the same too. However, due to how the sect worked, Nine Ballads had never expected these NPCs to actually help her.

The tables had turned.

Shen Jingbin looked at the black-clothed men blocking her way. Without any hesitation, she pulled out her horsetail whisk and charged towards them. Beams of silver light flew towards the black-clothed men who were drawing closer, pushing them back bit by bit. In spite of her efforts, there were no gaps in the black-clothed men’s encirclement, and she’d received several small wounds from their exchange.

Thankfully, these NPCs didn’t coat their weapons with poison. Otherwise, she’d probably have died from poisoning.

Shen Jingbin swung her horsetail whisk and tossed out another skill, bottoming out her MP at the same time. In that instant, she heard her brother’s voice. “What the f*ck, what the f*ck! Hold fast lil sis; your big bro’s coming to save you!”

She had to hand it to him; her brother was beyond handsome right now! She’d never call him ugly again!

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