Chapter 330: Status And Responsibility (2)

Chapter 330: Status And Responsibility (2)

Seeing as Shen Jingbin was still camping his corpse, the black-clothed man saw no point in dragging this out. He decided to revive himself.

He was going to fight his way out of this. As long as he broke free from the encirclement of the Four Divine Beasts, there was a chance that he could live! This ugly bitch underwent such a drastic change, to the point where he wasn’t even able to defend against her. Even worse, she had this scary look in her eyes, and he had no intention of facing her a second time.

The moment the light of resurrection shone, the black-clothed man made a break for the gap between the Black Tortoise and the Vermillion Bird.

The Black Tortoise’s main body was a tortoise, so it was naturally slower than the other three Divine Beasts. They were also at the bottom of the ocean, so the Vermillion Bird’s speed was limited. Therefore, they were his best bet at escaping!

What he failed to realize, was that Shen Jingbin wasn’t the only one who had battle pets. Quiet And Steadfast summoned all of his battle pets and used them to cover the gaps between the Four Divine Beasts.

With a loud bang, the black-clothed man rammed into a white deer and fell to the floor.

As he was the one who’d run into the deer, the system interpreted that as his intention to attack and released his protective barrier. Shen Jingbin immediately rushed forward and sent out another skill. Then, she grabbed the old dagger from Quiet And Steadfast’s hand and ended the black-clothed man’s life once again.

Over the next few minutes, the two of them continued this cycle of “I supply you with knives, and you kill him.” Very soon, they extinguished all three of the man’s lives.

When he’d lost his final life, the black-clothed man revealed his true identity; a large and burly man.

It was Reckless East Emperor.

Shen Jingbin brushed past his corpse and turned to Quiet And Steadfast. Her present expression was a lot less cold than it was previously.

“Let’s go; we still have to deal with the other five of them.”

Quiet And Steadfast wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “Ok.”

After exchanging glances, the two of them moved quickly towards the four black-clothed men who were still trapped by the Four Monsters.

Shen Jingbin was the conservative type, and both her attacks and retreats were always careful and considered. However, today, it was like a seal had been released, and every attack from her showed no mercy. Her attacks didn’t give her opponents the chance to react. At the same time, her attacks also didn’t leave any opening for her to escape either. Such a manner of fighting shocked the Four Monsters and the black-clothed men alike.

The more she fought, the more worried Nine Ballards got. She had always believed that the only person who could beat her was Quiet And Steadfast. Furthermore, ever since she’d joined the Shinra Sect, her strength had increased by leaps and bounds, and she was now able to hold her ground against Quiet And Steadfast. Her previous loss at the East Sea was just a mistake on her part; she wasn’t in the right state of mind. Once she put her mind to it, it was hard to say who would win or lose.

This ugly and crazy bitch was never a person she’d considered her equal. In fact, killing her was easier than squishing an ant.

Yet, that now couldn’t be further from the truth!

Nine Ballard’s eyes turned cold. Stop screwing with me! How could I be pressured by this ugly bitch?

When the cooldown for her invisibility was up, Nine Ballads immediately went invisible and stilled her breath as she jumped out of the encirclement. Her plan was to wait until Shen Jingbin was within her attack radius and then launch a sneak attack.

With Nine Ballard now invisible, Inseparable Love and the others began to panic, thinking that she’d run away. Just as they were able to make a break for it, they noticed her carefully making her way back, and they realised what she was trying to do. They quickly calmed themselves and focused on covering her.

The Four Monsters before them were well-known players. They were the cream of the crop within the Lich Palace; god ranked players. Their abilities and intelligence were beyond ordinary, and winning against them wasn’t possible unless sacrifices were made.

“Jedi, you have to keep the two of them busy later on. Make sure to keep them there even if you have to blow yourself up. North By Northwest, the other two over there are yours. Leave Quiet And Steadfast to me. We’ll keep them busy and give Nine Ballads time to finish that bitch off. Not only is she lucky, but she also has the Four Divine Beasts on her side too. Letting her live would mean trouble for us in the future. No matter what, we have to kill her!” Inseparable Love frantically barked out her orders. “If the chance presents itself, we can even trade what’s left of our revivals for even more attack power. In the end, we can self-destruct and finish the Four Monsters off! Life or death isn’t important. What’s important is that Shinra Sect wins!”

The Shinra Sect had a skill that could only be used during the final battle. This skill allowed them to sacrifice their remaining lives for a buff that increased their attack for one minute. The more lives they had left before using the skill, the greater their attack buff would be.

Return of the Jedi and North By Northwest looked solemnly at Inseparable Love and nodded their heads in unison. “Alright! Let’s drag them down with us even if we die.” Underneath their masks, their faces no longer showed any fear of death.

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