Chapter 329: Status And Responsibility (1)

Chapter 329: Status And Responsibility (1)

The sudden turn of events caused the black-clothed man and Shen Jingbin to freeze.

Shen Jingbin looked at the person defending her in astonishment. She’d made many friends in the game, but there were few who’d risk their lives for her. Furthermore, who’d be able to help someone out at a time like this? Much less risk their own life without hesitation.

Additionally, she unexpectedly recognized the person protecting her. However, this person wasn’t actually a “person”.

More accurately, this person was neither a human nor a player.

Half kneeling in front of her was a disciple from White Cloud Temple. The back of his label had a small number that was unique to an NPC. Its purpose was to differentiate between players and NPCs.

One glance was all it took to reveal the NPC’s number.


Thankfully, she remembered who 806 was.

Just like how every human has their own personality, every NPC had one as well. 806 was a shy person. Though he was shy, he was exceptionally hardworking and had become part of the patrol squad at a young age. The patrol squad was in charge of White Cloud Temple’s security, and they punished anyone who dared to threaten the peace, which included restless disciples from the temple.

As the patrol squad often patrolled the area, Shen Jingbin had run into 806 several times and had even exchanged pleasantries with him.

Whenever 806 saw her, his face would turn red, and he’d murmur, “Greetings, Senior.” Shen Jingbin had a tendency to tease people who were shy and delicate like 806, but she’d never done so in real life for the sake of being courteous. However, this was a game, and the other party was an NPC, so she couldn’t help herself.

Gradually, Shen Jingbin remembered everything about this NPC.

However, at this moment, this cute and bashful boy had a sword in his back. Blood spurted out of his mouth as he half kneeled in front of her; his slender body shielding her from danger.

“Se… Senior… you must destroy this shameless evil sect for the sake of White Cloud Temple. All of White Cloud Temple’s disciples are under your command…” With every word, 806 coughed up a mouthful of blood, staining his robes till they were a deep crimson. Before he could finish what he wanted to say, he breathed his last. His body turned into smoke and dispersed in front of Shen Jingbin’s eyes.

Players could come back to life when they died. But, for NPCs, there was no coming back. He would be replaced by another NPC, and he’d forever disappear from the game as if he’d never existed.

There would never be a strong and bashful 806 ever again.

In the future, she wouldn’t be able to tease this cute little disciple of hers whenever she returned to the temple.

Everyone who practiced martial arts had a warrior’s soul and tended to look after those who looked up to them. This was a virtue that had been inculcated in them since young. When 806 had called her “Senior” again, she suddenly remembered that she’d once had a delicate and cute disciple like him in the past too. Back then, she’d loved teasing this junior of hers, and they’d had a pretty good relationship. However, that junior had an accident, resulting in him losing both of his legs and the ability to ever walk again. Not long after, the junior left Old Master Shen’s care.

Since then, she’d never seen him.

A junior who’d disappeared forever and another who could never walk again. Both of them had disappeared from the stage of martial arts.

The image of 806 and her junior’s face suddenly merged, and Shen Jingbin felt her heart sink. She felt a surge of grief, and her face turned as cold as ice. Suddenly, she began to give off an imposing air, forcing her attacker who’d just come back to his senses and was about to launch another attack to take a step back.

“I’ll kill you!” Shen Jingbin roared at the black-clothed man, her eyes becoming frenzied. She flicked the horsetail whisk in her hand and appeared before the man in a single step. Before he could react, she wrapped her whisk around his neck and unleashed all of her skills on him. The man’s HP instantly dropped like a rock, and nearly bottomed out. “So, you like stabbing people, huh? Then, let me give you a taste of what it feels like!”

After making her cold declaration, she drew a dagger from her bag. Without batting an eyelid, she thrust it into the man’s chest. The last of his HP disappeared, and the man’s body fell to the ground.

It wasn’t over, though; she continued to stare at his corpse.

Shinra Sect players had three chances to revive where they died. When they resurrected, a protective barrier would form around them for ten seconds. These ten seconds was meant for them to escape. As long as they didn’t attack other players within these ten seconds, players would not be able to harm them.

She was determined to make him use up all three of his revivals right here and now!

Only a short while had passed from the time the black-clothed man attacked to Shin Jingbin’s current intimidating demeanor. By the time Quiet and Steadfast had broken free from his incredulity that an NPC was actually able to shield a player from an attack of their own volition, Shen Jingbin was already standing over the black-clothed man’s corpse with a look of death on her face. Looking at her expression, a sense of foreboding washed over him.

He frantically ran up to her and glanced at his surroundings. Although the four Divine Beasts were in a deadlock with their opponents, the remainder of the black-clothed men similarly had their hands full. Neither hide nor hair could be seen of the one that had died. He’d probably revived and slipped away.

Out of the corner of his eye, Quiet And Steadfast saw the “Four Monsters” approaching. Players belonging to the same guild were granted a buff that allowed them to see invisible guild members. That, coupled with his high level, meant that the invisibility of other Liches didn’t work against him.

“Four Monsters, I’ll leave these guys to you!” Quiet And Steadfast shouted.

Hearing their Leader call out to them, the Four Monsters rushed over.

When they drew nearer, Quiet And Steadfast was once again impressed by his foresight.

Without any warning, Shen Jingbin suddenly recalled the Four Divine Beasts!

Thankfully, Quiet And Steadfast had called for the Four Monsters in the nick of time. Otherwise, the moment the four black-clothed men were freed from their deadlock, they’d rush over and focus their attacks on the two of them. As the saying goes: Overcoming four hands with two fists is a difficult taskFurthermore, these opponents looked like they were skilled; if things went south, there was a very real chance of them getting injured.

At a time like this, they couldn’t afford to be injured. After all, the final BOSS had yet to make an appearance.

“The four of you, keep him boxed in. Don’t let him out of my attack radius!” Shen Jingbin emotionlessly ordered the Four Divine Beasts.

At Shen Jingbin’s command, the Four Divine Beasts immediately surrounded the black-clothed man’s corpse.

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