Chapter 328: Battle Amongst The Players (2)

Chapter 328: Battle Amongst The Players (2)

“Bros from the White Cloud Temple, use your CC! It’s fine if we don’t earn any contribution points, but we have to CC our enemies!”

“Brothers from the Mara Hall, hang in there! You’re everyone’s shield. If you guys fall, the people behind will be left without any protection! We have to kill those bastards from the Shinra Sect!!”

“Sisters from the Nymph Abode, do whatever it takes to heal everyone! Make sure you send every ounce of healing to the front lines even if it costs us our lives!”

“Companions from the Dragonkin Tower, use Divine Punishment! Use Raging Wave! Hurl all your skills! MP? What’s that! Crush those bastards!”

“Handsome men and beautiful women of the Swordmaster Pavilion! Unleash your talkative nature! Annoy those bitches from the Shinra Sect to death! Drive them up the wall!”

“Pros of the Lich Palace, do your best! Gambatte, you guys are the best! You guys are the most handsome. Cut down whoever goes invisible!”

People from each of the Six Great Sects were screaming at the top of their lungs. They then brandished their weapons with all their might and fought against their enemies to their heart’s content. Even if they knew that they couldn’t defeat their opponent, they still charged forward. They’d rather die advancing on the battlefield than to live at the cost of their comrades’ lives.

The Shinra Sect was feeling just as hot-blooded. Perhaps they were influenced by having to live in such a cheerless environment when they first joined the Shinra Sect, but after a while, they themselves turned a little gloomy as well. However, no one could deny the fact that this was the most hot-blooded moment in their lives. So what if the other side had lots of people? Charge!

So what if the other side was formidable? Attack!

So what if they fell on the battlefield the very next second? Crush!

A furious roar from both sides of the battle intermingled as one and broke through the ocean’s surface and rushed to the sky.

Shen Jingbin felt her pulse quicken. Beside her, Quiet And Steadfast was no longer his usual calm and collected self either. His dark eyes were now filled with fighting spirit.

The two had their backs against each other and were soaked in blood from the battlefield. One of them would use a root, while the other went forward to slit their throats. They were the “Reaper” duo. The players from the Shinra Sect who’d already died once to them decisively relocated and went in search of new targets. Gradually, the enemies surrounding them began to thin out.

Just as the two of them were planning to move to another location to help the others, five black-clothed figures with distinctly different auras appeared soundlessly and attacked them without a moment’s hesitation.

‘Clang’, the shrill, grating noise that was produced by the collision between metals resounded. A black-clothed man swung a poison-coated dagger at Shen Jingbin’s chest, only to be intercepted by Quiet And Steadfast’s weapon. The other party’s dagger collided with Quiet And Steadfast’s Divine Weapon and immediately disintegrated into dust.

The black-clothed man was dumbfounded.

Shen Jingbin seized the opportunity and spun her wrists in a circle, and her horsetail whisk coiled around the black-clothed man’s still outstretched hand. The black-clothed man immediately began to thrash about wildly. But, was it really that easy to break free from a Divine Weapon?

Tiny Little Loli’s heart had already completed one round of cursing all eighteen generations of ancestors of the ugly freak who stood in front of her. The man next to her who she couldn’t quite make out was also a devil! How the hell was he able to react so quickly? Was he doping or something?!

When Inseparable Love and the others saw Tiny Little Loli being captured, they immediately grouped up and launched an attack. Shen Jingbin flipped her hand and flung several crowd control skills. At the same time, she silently counted the number of enemies present.

If she wasn’t mistaken, these five people were the same ones who’d previously attacked them at Eight Trigrams Field. This meant that they were the commanders of the Shinra Sect players.

One, two, three, four. Including the one that she’d caught, all five of them were accounted for. Since they were all here, there was no need to worry about being ambushed.

She shot a glance at Quiet And Steadfast, indicating for him to get rid of the one she’d caught before she recalled her four Divine Beasts that were scattered across the battlefield. Each Divine Beast would face off against one of them; it was perfect.

Just as Quiet And Steadfast was about to land the killing blow on the black-clothed man Shen Jingbin had caught, she saw the man behind her staring with a look of astonishment on his face.

A foreboding sense of danger prompted Shen Jingbin to turn around, only to see a black-clothed man suddenly coming towards her. Just as before, she could tell from a glance that this was a formidable opponent. She took a step, intending to dodge, but she when she tried to lift her leg, she realised that without her knowing, someone had frozen her legs. She couldn’t move!

The lethal weapon in the black-clothed man’s hands drew nearer, and was about to penetrate her body…

Suddenly, a flash of green sped past them and got between Shen Jingbin and the other party’s weapon.


The muffled sound of the black-clothed man’s weapon burying itself into the newcomer’s chest could be heard.

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