Chapter 325: Meeting Lonely Moon Once Again (1)

Chapter 325: Meeting Lonely Moon Once Again (1)

They didn’t know whether the people inside had heard her, but regardless, Shen Jingbin and company rushed to launch an attack from the outside of the encirclement. No matter how clever the demonized White Marsh was, it couldn’t possibly come up with the perfect solution to handling an onslaught from both ends in such a short period. Furthermore, the fact that they needed to surround this group meant that the people trapped within weren’t weak. Even if they hadn’t met each other before, they should still at least be somewhat capable of fighting.

Shen Jingbin grouped up with Qi Mu and The Winds Of Ximen, while the rest of the party did the same and acted on their own. Their primary targets were those mobs that were smaller in size and that weren’t wearing any tough armor. Mobs like these were either nimble and had quick reflexes, or boasted high attack power. However, their weakness was that their defense was nothing out of the ordinary. As long as their movements were restricted before they took action, it’d be easy to take them out.

Their first target was an enemy that was located further away from the demonized White Marsh. It looked like a wolf, yet it had the ability to walk upright. It stood slightly further behind the rest of the mobs performing the encirclement. From the looks of it, it was planning to launch a sneak attack.

Shen Jingbin cast a meaningful glance at her two party members before the trio began to quietly creep closer. With the mobs’ attention completely focused on the players trapped within the encirclement and the White Marsh’s control over them, their approach went completely unnoticed. After making sure that the mobs were within their attack range, Shen Jingbin made a signal to her companions.

In an instant, White Cloud Temple’s Root skill, and Dragonkin Tower’s Soul Bind skill, simultaneously hit the wolf mob. At the same time, The Winds Of Ximen brandished his broadsword. A wave of imposing sword qi burst forth from it and sped towards the wolf mob. The wolf mob had its wits about it and managed to detect the oncoming attack. However, the sword qi was already upon the wolf mob, and an overwhelming sense of oppression bore down on it. It was too late for it to dodge.

The blood curdling cries of the wolf mob rang out.

At the same time, the others who’d been spread out elsewhere started to take action as well. The effects of skills being activated in quick succession could be seen, and several gaps appeared in the tightly knit encirclement.

Realising what was happening, the people within the encirclement began to move as well. Shocked by this sudden development, the demonized White Marsh was scared stiff and stood there gaping with its eyes wide open. Invisible sound waves rippled out of its mouth in circles and swept around the area, sending all of the mobs into a rampage.

Sure enough, the demonized White Marsh had shot itself in the foot.

This made things much more manageable. With the two groups coordinating their efforts, it didn’t take long for them to get rid of the encirclement of another layer of mobs. It was at this point that Shen Jingbin was able to clearly make out the people trapped within.

They turned out to be from Life At First Sight, and the person leading them was Lonely Moon.

Similarly, Lonely Moon froze when he caught sight of her, and his expression became even more comical when he saw Qi Mu.

“Um, er, I mean, thanks for the help.”

Lonely Moon wasn’t actually a bad person. Previously, he’d had no choice but to oppose them because of their difference in positions. But, that didn’t mean he wasn’t able to distinguish right from wrong. They’d saved him, and regardless of why they’d done so, he still needed to express his thanks. This was especially so since he felt terrible about Qi Mu.

In the past, the man who Qi Mu had liked had been one of Lonely Moon’s bros. At the time, Lonely Moon and Qi Mu’s relationship was quite good. He’d also borne witness to the dispute between Qi Mu, his bro, and his bro’s wife, and was perfectly aware of everything that had happened. However, in spite of that, he’d held his tongue all this while for the sake of his bro. When Qi Mu was surrounded by Life At First Sight, he’d felt that, as a man, it wasn’t his place to meddle in matters between women, so he’d stood idly by.

It was only later when he found out that Qi Mu’s level had been maliciously purged that he realised just how horrible his actions had been. He’d wanted to apologize to Qi Mu, but he no longer had the guts to do so...

Till this very moment, when they rescued him.

Speaking of which, this was actually the very first time he’d seen Qi Mu ever since she’d left the guild.

It was clear that Qi Mu had significantly changed during this time. Her previous arrogance was utterly gone, and it was replaced with a sense of calmness. Such a drastic change left Lonely Moon feeling even more uncomfortable.

“Qi-Qi Mu, have you… been well lately?” Lonely Moon asked shyly.

Having no knowledge of what had transpired between the two of them in the past, based on what he’d said and his expression, Shen Jingbin jumped to the conclusion that Lonely Moon was the man who’d previously bullied Qi Mu.

Qi Mu seemed to know what she was thinking, and calmly said, “It’s not him.” Following that, she turned her gaze to Lonely Moon and said, “Not bad. At the very least, I’m more comfortable than I was in my previous guild.”

“About that, back then I…” Lonely Moon felt so stifled that his manly face began to turn a little red.

Qi Mu knew what he wanted to say, but she had no intention of listening to him. “This isn’t the time to be talking about these things, let’s just focus on fighting.” This utterance forestalled Lonely Moon’s apology. He quietly rubbed his nose, while his companions behind him remained silent as well; none of them daring to speak up.

Shen Jingbin peered over at Lonely Moon’s companions. Apart from Lonely Moon and a few other players, the rest of the members from Life At First Sight were unfamiliar. This prompted her to ask, “Where’s your Guild Leader and Vice-leader?”

When they were mentioned, Lonely Moon’s sad expression instantly fell away. “I’m just as puzzled as you are. Previously, only our Vice-leader seldom made an appearance. Putting aside everything else, Guild Leader Fish would still show up and mingle with the guild. But, ever since Nutjob gathered the Four Divine Beasts, we haven’t seen hide nor hair of our Guild Leader. Even Sovereign’s Descent’s Leader, Neverending Journey, seems to have stopped showing up as well. It’s as if they’ve gone to another world. The friend list still clearly shows that they’re online, but we just can’t seem to find them. We weren’t even able to catch sight of them for an event as big as today’s final battle; I have no idea what they’re thinking.”

Lonely Moon appeared to be feeling rather indignant. After all, their Guild Leader and Vice-leader weren’t present, and there weren’t many other people within the guild who could take up the mantle while they were gone. In the end, he’d had no choice but to grudgingly assume the role. However, his words caused Shen Jingbin’s heart to skip a beat. She had a bad feeling about this.

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