Chapter 320: Preparing For Battle (2)

Chapter 320: Preparing For Battle (2)

The situation didn’t seem very hopeful. A long while passed, and the three of them saw no sign of their Sect Leaders. Instead, two unexpected individuals made an appearance.

A striking man accompanied by an elder dressed in tattered clothes walked over to the three of them. The man recognized Shen Jingbin the minute he saw her. “Youth, we meet again. I knew that you were going to accomplish great things the moment I met you in Evening Sun Village. It looks like I wasn’t wrong. I’ve heard of your accomplishments."

Shen Jingbin was blown over as soon as she laid eyes on the man. "Village Chief?!"

Bai Hua gave a satisfied nod. "I didn't think that you’d still remember me."

"It really is you! Village Chief, why are you here? I went back to Evening Sun Village later on, but you’d already left."

"I had some unfinished business, so I left Evening Sun Village after my wounds had healed."

"Cough cough. Say, lass, haven’t you noticed this old fogey?" The old man looked quite put off when he saw the two of them reminiscing about the past as if they were the only ones around. "And you, the two youths, don’t tell me you haven’t noticed this old fogey either?"

Beautiful people were always the center of everyone’s attention, so when Zhang Wudi stood beside Bai Hua, he was entirely overlooked by the three of them.

Pure Crane immediately said, “Oh, it’s Senior. My apologies for not noticing you just now."


"Many thanks to Senior for helping us refine our weapons. May I ask what brings you here?"

"You can ask this shameless lad. I don’t know how he caught wind of the fact that the Six Great Sects were going to battle the Shinra Sect soon, but the Sect Leader of Dragonkin Tower appeared to have been injured. Hence, he sought me out and forced me to come over to help."

His words sparked a ray of hope. Back then, the ability Zhang Wudi revealed at the Shadow Snaring Pool was nothing to be scoffed at. Coupled with the fact that he was a Blacksmithing Grandmaster, it meant that he was likely one of those rouge skilled individuals.

"This old fogey is but an insignificant blacksmith; what talent do I have to speak of? Why would you drag an old fogey like me into a matter of life and death!"

Zhang Wudi’s ceaseless complaints ensued, and Bai Hua revealed a helpless look on his face. While this was happening, the Sect Leaders and the Four Guardians finally emerged from their discussions. Shen Jingbin noticed that Fennel was the last one to exit, and he was pushing a wheelchair with a cold looking woman sitting atop it. However, the icy aura that she exuded was greatly suppressed by the pale complexion of her face that was caused by her injuries.

The face of the Mara Hall’s Sect Leader, Distant Tyrant, who was walking at the forefront of the procession immediately lit up when he saw Zhang Wudi. "Zhang Wudi! You're actually still alive! Hahaha! The heavens must be helping us! Did you come over to help because you knew that something had happened to this woman from Dragonkin Tower? Hahaha, how kind of you, old man!"

Zhang Wudi puffed up in anger. "Shut up, you barbarian. Who permitted you to address this old fogey by his name?! In the end, barbarians are barbarians; they’re all lacking in manners."

Ignoring Zhang Wudi's anger, Distant Tyrant rushed forward and lifted the thin old man into the air. “Hey guys, look over here!"

When the rest of the Sect Leaders and Guardians looked over and saw Zhang Wudi, whose face was flushed in anger, the worry clouding their faces instantly dissipated.

Song Qingyu rushed up and hurriedly made Distant Tyrant release Zhang Wudi before issuing an apology. "Senior Zhang, please forgive him. This is just what Distant Tyrant is like, so I hope you won’t take what he did to heart... May I ask if Senior Zhang is here to aid us?"

Zhang Wudi glared at Distant Tyrant. "Away with all this pointless formality. If it weren't for the fact that I know this lad, I wouldn't bother about any of you. Whoever ends up becoming the Leader of the world is none of my business."

As he spoke, Lu Yinzhou and the rest walked forward. They looked to his side when they heard what he’d said.

“Bai Hua!” Lu Yinzhou’s voice quivered slightly.

“Master, this disciple is unfilial for only returning now, please punish me!” Bai Hua’s emotions were complicated when he finally saw his Master after so long, and he knelt without another word.

How could Lu Yinzhou bear to blame his beloved disciple? He immediately went forward to help him up and said, "Let’s not talk about all of this. All that matters is that you’re back. Why would I blame you for being gone!"

"Fellow Sect Leaders, please put aside your private matters for now so that we can discuss how we’re going to deal with the Shinra Sect's five elders."

A female voice broke the happy atmosphere. Shen Jingbin looked over and found that the person who’d spoken was the Dragonkin’s Sect Leader, Yu Youchen, who was sitting on a wheelchair.

"Indeed, since we have Senior Zhang, who can take Celestial Yu's place, we can proceed with our original plan,” Xu Sheng said.

"I will be busy opening the eighth floor of Reincarnation Pavilion, so I won't be able to help you. But, during our previous battle with the Shinra Sect, the Grand Elder of the five elders and Jue Tian were never far from one another. The same will probably be the case this time around as well. As such, I will entrust you youths with the task of defeating Jue Tian and the Grand Elder... Don't worry, one of us will be there to aid you, along with the subordinates from the Six Great Sects and the Guardians of the Southern Sea."

Shen Jingbin and company had no reason to reject, so they nodded in agreement. These elite NPCs had their preparations to do, so with a wave of their hands, they forced their three pitiful disciples to prepare pills and the like for them while there was still time.

Gentle Flower logged in at 9 o'clock. After purchasing all of the needed medicine, the four of them made their way over to where Qi Mu and The Winds Of Ximen were leveling and focused on helping Qi Mu raise her level.

After being fed an endless amount of experience pills like they had cost nothing, Qi Mu managed to hit Level 120 at 9:57, and Pure Crane handed her her Divine Weapon.

At 9:59, all of the good players rushed over to Soundwave Temple, which was located in the middle of the Southern Sea.

At 10 o’clock sharp, the system promptly announced the start of the battle.

[System Announcement] Heaven and Earth are shaken; the wolves howl, and the devils cry. The Shinra Sect, under the leadership of Jue Tian, have once again risen to slaughter all living creatures, and send the world spiralling into chaos. The Sect Leaders of the Six Great Sects, the Four Guardians of the Southern Sea, and the players on the side of good have joined forces to meet this threat head-on!

[System Announcement] The battle between good and evil is a fight for survival. Young heroes, you shall be the ones who’ll write your future! It's a winner-take-all battle; will you be victorious?

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