Chapter 32 - The Shen Family (2)

Chapter 32 - The Shen Family (2) 

Zhao Chengning held his car keys and walked behind Grandfather Shen. Upon seeing this, he patted Shen Jingchen on the shoulder as though he was comforting him and said, “My condolences.”

“……” What the hell did he mean by ‘my condolences’?!

The matter with the organizer and that young lady seemed to have had a tremendous effect on Old Master Shen. After he finished eating, Old Master Shen even went as far as to say that Shen Jingbin wouldn’t need to attend the rest of the competition.

Hrmph! He’d be better off letting his granddaughter bond with that youngster from the Zhao Family than bringing her along to watch those competitions that practiced fraud!

Shen Jingbin’s parents were both very busy with work and had to leave once they finished eating.

Before he left, their Father patted his children on the shoulder. He had an extremely guilty look on his face as he said, “Xiao Jing, Xiao Chen, we’ll take the two of you on holiday once we’re done with this busy period! The two of you usually take good care of yourselves, so let me know if you don’t have enough money. And if there’s anything else you need, just give me a call.”

By now, the two siblings were already unfazed by their parents’ busy schedule. Once they heard what their Father said, they immediately waved their hands and indicated that their Father shouldn’t simply spread his fatherly love for no reason. They were passing their time rather happily amongst themselves.

“Father, you’re becoming more talkative nowadays.”

“Old man, hurry up and get going! Aren’t you a very important person? Who knows how much of our family’s money you’re losing again for every moment you spend hanging around here! Quickly, go!”

The words from the siblings struck deep into their Father’s heart. He immediately collapsed on Mama Shen’s shoulder and sobbed woefully. Mama Shen pulled him close, embracing him in a very protective manner as consoled her husband in a gentle tone of voice. While doing so, she didn’t forget to shoot a piercing glare at the two siblings, “You impudent brats! Watch how you speak to your Father! Are the two of you looking for a beating?”

This couple really was a piece of work. They were already an old couple, but they didn’t have any qualms about showing off their affections for one another, regardless of time or place. What an eyesore!

In truth, the two of them were wed through a political marriage at first, but their relationship with one another was unusually good. In the ten or so years that they’ve been married, they’ve never argued even once. Even if they were busy, they’d always be together the moment they had time to themselves.

The siblings were taken aback by their parents’ sudden and unexpected profession of love so often that they were mentally scarred.

After sending off their parents who had their public affection skill maxed out, Shen Jingbin turned around and saw Zhao Chengning leaning against the car. He was looking at her with a face filled with curiosity. He seemed very interested in how the Shen Family interacted with one another. Although he’d been caught stealing a glance at her, he didn’t feel the least bit embarrassed. He confidently straightened his body and gave her a harmless smile.

Maybe it was his overly amorous smile, or perhaps it was her parents’ overly public display of affection, but Shen Jingbin suddenly felt that her eyes were very sore.

I should probably set aside some time to get my eyes checked at an ophthalmologist.

Apart from visiting Old Master Shen, the grandfather and grandson duo mainly came to A City to have a look at the market. The Zhao Family’s main connections were all based in the North. They’ve practically never set foot in the markets on the South end.

The two from the Zhao Family had set aside a total of four days to observe and study the market in A City. After all, they had many things on their plate and didn’t have much time to waste.

As per Old Master Shen’s orders, Shen Jingbin had been tasked with accompanying the Zhao Family duo around these four days. She also had to help them build various interpersonal relationships with people in A City. If it wasn’t that, she’d be helping them gather information about the state of A City’s economic development in recent years. She was so busy every day that time passed in a flurry.

Thankfully, it was just for four days. If she had to do this for a few days longer, she’d probably fall asleep right on the streets.

However, it was worth mentioning that in the few days that she’d been with them, she felt that the gaze Grandfather Zhao was giving her was getting stranger and stranger with each passing day. She originally wanted to asked Zhao Chengning about this, but felt that it wouldn’t be too polite of her to do so. In the end, she could only leave this matter be.

Sure enough, people who were advanced in age were truly an enigma.

She eventually finished running about with much difficulty. After she sent the grandfather and grandson duo from the Zhao Family off, Shen Jingbin felt like she’d lost some weight.

Old Master Shen noticed that she’d had a rough time over these past few days. Thus, he waved his large hand in a benevolent manner and returned the siblings’ freedom back to them.

Shen Jingbin’s heart was very unsettled. She was clearly the only one busy, so why was Shen Jingchen included as well!

Shen Jingchen didn’t sense any of the unsettled feelings in his younger sister’s heart. When he heard that he had been released, meaning he could return to his life in the small villa, he felt so liberated that he could almost float in the air.

After they received the “Liberation Order”, the two of them wordlessly gathered their belongings and headed home. This behaviour of theirs caused their Grandmother heartache.

Once they returned to their own domain, the first thing that Shen Jingchen did was run back to his room to play games.

Shen Jingbin had previously given their nanny, Aunt Zhang, a week off from work. Seeing as they’d came back ahead of schedule, they had to do everything themselves.

Shen Jingchen was nowhere to be seen which meant that everything naturally fell on her shoulders.

What sin had she committed for her to deserve this?

Shen Jingbin resigned herself to her fate with a sigh. She tidied everything up as her figurative tears streamed down her face, cursing that fella who was upstairs playing games.

Oh, that’s right. She had mysophobia. She’d feel restless if a day went by without the house being cleaned.

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