Chapter 318: The Final Battle (2)

Chapter 318: The Final Battle (2)

Days went by, and the Shen siblings were so busy that they were practically flying all over the place. Because of this, Shen Jingbin could only log into the game at night to monitor the situation. She’d found that everyone within the game had fallen into a strange state of excitement. There was a mad rush to level up and upgrade their equipment; probably because everyone knew that the upcoming battle was imminent, and they wanted to do everything they could to prepare for it.

Quiet And Steadfast heard from Hundred Daybreaks that a number of players on the Shinra Sect side had accidentally revealed their identities. It turned out that more than half of them were from Life At First Sight or Sovereign’s Descent.

So, it looked like they were going to be up against an old enemy. Things worked out nicely as they were evenly split into opposing factions.

Aside from this, Shen Jingbin also heard another interesting bit of information - Crying Fish and Neverending Journey had gotten married! Honestly, she’d never even thought of such a thing beforehand, but now that she did, the two of them seemed like quite a good match for one another.

The New Year holidays officially came to an end on Thursday, and planning for new projects began as well. With great difficulty, Shen Jingbin managed to last till Friday and finally got the chance to get some rest. She’d just gotten off a long phone call with Zhao Chengning and was planning to turn on her computer and read the news before going to bed when she was given a fright by Shen Jingchen who’d come barging into her room.

The news that he’d brought with him was astonishing enough to stifle whatever insult she had prepared for him.

Pure Crane had finished forging all of the Divine Weapons, and the Shinra Sect had finished expanding its numbers. The battle between good and evil was scheduled to take place on Saturday at 8 am.

‘What the f*ck!?’ Was the only thing that came to Shen Jingbin’s mind when she heard the news. The news was so surprising, that whatever sleepiness she was feeling was completely shaken out of her, and she jumped straight into the game.

She saw a notification the moment she logged in. “Your husband Quiet And Steadfast has logged in.”

He’d probably logged in as soon as he’d heard the news too.

Quiet And Steadfast’s carrier pigeon came shortly after. “Join the party; we’re going to look for Pure Crane.” After reading the message, Shen Jingbin decisively accepted the invitation.

Qi Mu, Gentle Flower, and the rest of the Lead Disciples were already in the party. Apart from them, there were also a few elite players from Jade Sea Pavilion, including Shen Jingchen. Shen Jingbin summoned her mount and blazed a path to Pure Crane’s manor.

Many people were already at Pure Crane’s manor by the time she reached it. In fact, Quiet And Steadfast had arrived even faster than her. He beckoned her over when he caught sight of her, and the crowd parted to make way for her as she cut a path to the innermost section.

“These people are…?” Shen Jingbin asked.

“Some of them are Pure Crane’s friends, while others are from neutral guilds that have come to find out what’s happening. After all, the upcoming battle involves all players,” Quiet And Steadfast replied as he lead her towards the forging room.

While speaking, they’d arrived at the room. Present were the six Lead Disciples and some members from Jade Sea Pavilion. Shen Jingbin gave them a nod of acknowledgement.

Pure Crane walked up to greet Shen Jingbin when he saw her. “The final Divine Weapon has just been made. It’s Qi Mu’s, and I’ve already given it to her.”

“Has Qi Mu hit Level 120?”

“I’m 114 now, just a little bit more,” Qi Mu answered.

“That won’t do. The battle will be taking place tomorrow morning. You won’t be able to use your Divine Weapon if you can’t hit 120,” Quiet And Steadfast said.

“I won’t sleep tonight then. I’ll accompany her to raise her level. I don’t have lessons tomorrow anyway,” The Winds Of Ximen said.

“Won’t it be too much for just you alone?” Gentle Flower asked.

“Don’t worry; I’ve got a few friends that I can call along.”

“If your friends go at it hard enough, and you use a five times EXP pill, hitting Level 120 by tomorrow morning isn’t impossible,” Pure Crane said.

“Then let’s not waste any time. Ximen, call your friends over now so that you can go leveling with Qi Mu,” Shen Jingbin said.

The Winds Of Ximen grunted in acknowledgement and was making preparations for Qi Mu’s leveling when he suddenly received a letter from his Sect Leader. At the same time, the rest of the Lead Disciples also received a letter from their respective Sect Leaders too.

The contents of their letters were simple and straight to the point - all six of them were to return to their sects.

The six of them agreed to meet back at Pure Crane’s manor once they were done and left for their respective sects.

Shen Jingbin could feel that the atmosphere about White Cloud Temple had changed as soon as she reached it. The gatekeeping disciples stood ramrod straight, and they wore serious looks on their faces. When they caught sight of her, one of them said, “Senior Sister, the Sect Leader’s waiting for you in the main hall.”

Shen Jingbin thanked him for telling her and quickened her steps.

What Shen Jingbin saw when she reached the main hall gave her a fright. The entire hall was filled to the brim with people. The left side was made up of players, while the right side were NPCs. From the looks of it, all of the sect’s players and NPCs were present. Song Yuqing and all of White Cloud Temple’s Hall Masters were standing on the steps.

Shen Jingbin squeezed her way through the crowd and walked up to Song Yuqing. “Teacher, I’ve arrived.”

Song Yuqing looked at her and nodded his head. “I take it that you know what the current situation is, right?”


“Good, stand behind me for now.”

“Mm,” She acknowledged and obediently stood behind him.

Song Yuqing cleared his throat and spoke. His deep, rich voice resonated throughout the hall. It wasn’t very loud, but his voice carried itself clearly to the ears of every person present.

“Disciples of White Cloud Temple, the world is in chaos, and the Demonic Sect has made its appearance. The battle between the Six Great Sects and the Shinra Sect has finally come, and I hope that all of you will give your best in tomorrow’s battle. Remember, the fate of the world lies in your hands. You are the saviors of the world and the hope of all people!”

After hearing his speech, everyone’s blood began to boil.

“In tomorrow's battle, I, my Hall Masters and your Senior Sister, will fight with all of you! We live and die together! Everyone will remember the names of the heroes who participate in this great battle! Don’t get careless and give it your all!”

“Yes, Sect Leader!”

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