Chapter 316: Su Qin and Reincarnation Pagoda (2)

Chapter 316: Su Qin and Reincarnation Pagoda (2)

The Vermillion Bird had only just been released from the seal and was still weak, so it remained with Shao Feng to guard Virtuous Heaven Temple. On the other hand, the Azure Dragon had returned to Shen Jingbin’s pet space to give the other three Divine Beasts some ‘special training’.

Shen Jingbin’s head was filled with question marks. Could pets actually undergo special training while they were in the pet space? Huh, the more you know.

Reincarnation Pagoda was located in the Southern Sea and had a total of seven floors, with each floor representing a different kind of hardship. And, Su Qing just so happened to be the Master of Reincarnation Pagoda. He guarded Reincarnation Pagoda all year round and never left it. Aside from people whom he was familiar with, there was no chance at all for one to meet with him.

So, when they reached Reincarnation Pagoda, Xu Sheng bade them wait outside for a bit while she went in to check which floor Su Qing was currently on.

Reincarnation Pagoda had a barrier, rendering most people incapable of entering. However, the four guardians of the Southern Sea had the ability to freely enter each other’s domain. Xu Sheng appeared again not long after going in. She stood at the entranced and waved for everyone to come over.

The group walked in as Xu Sheng spoke. “You guys are lucky; Su Qing happens to be on the first and simplest floor today - the suffering of birth. If it were one of the other floors, bringing you to meet him would have been a far more difficult task.”

The exterior of Reincarnation Pagoda was a worn, dull grey; giving it the appearance of something that had been weathered by the passage of time. However, the inside was like a completely different world. Putting aside the other floors which they had no knowledge of, for the time being, the first floor was truly a sight to behold. It was so magnificent that people who hadn’t prepared themselves in advance would feel like their eyes were dazzled by the splendor before them.

There was nothing on Reincarnation Pavilion’s first floor. All that was present were walls lined with gold that sparkled with its brilliance. Looking at the scene before them, the party felt like all of their flaws were laid bare.

A ring of people could be seen at the center sitting cross-legged with their eyes closed. In spite of that, the expressions they wore had nothing in common with one another. The emotions on their faces ranged from joy, sadness, anger, and grief. On closer inspection, there were even some enchanting women present. On the other hand of the spectrum, there were also horrifyingly ugly women. In fact, they looked even worse than Shen Jingbin. There were others who seemed to be in the pink of health, which was juxtaposed by individuals who had lost their arms or legs.

Xu Sheng walked up and patted the ugliest looking person who’d also lost an arm and a leg. The person’s eyelids fluttered open, but there were empty sockets instead of eyes.

It was as if Xu Sheng didn’t notice how the person looked, and nonchalantly uttered a few words into his ear. After hearing what she had to say, the person looked over to where Shen Jingbin and company were standing.

The person’s empty gaze caused a chill to run down the spines of everyone present. At that moment, all of the girls in the group sucked in a deep breath.

‘What the f*ck, what the f*ck!’ Shen Jingbin’s heart was about to explode. This was unbearable!

Seeing this, Quiet And Steadfast walked in front of her and protectively shielded her. Pure Crane and the Winds Of Ximen did the same for Qi Mu and Gentle Flower.

Su Qing stood with Xu Sheng. He was missing his left leg, but he still stood firm, like someone who was whole. He and Xu Sheng walked abreast with one another and made their way over to the group. At a glance, it was like a real-life version of the story: Beauty and the Beast.

Then, something miraculous happened. When Su Qing took his first step, his body began to undergo a change. His barren head sprouted thick, jet-black locks of beautiful hair. His scar-riddled face turned glossy and fair, while his face itself gradually became more handsome. His short stature began to grow taller, and his missing leg started regrowing.

Several steps later, what was once a horrifying creature had now turned into a tall, handsome man! It was even more amazing than those people you’d see in real life who were able to make themselves look like a completely different person!

When he drew nearer, he asked in a low and gentle voice, “Are you the Lead Disciples of the Six Great Sects?” It was a comforting voice, like a warm breeze that gently caressed the ears as it blows by.

Seeing the infatuated looks on his companion’s faces, Quiet And Steadfast sighed and stepped out. He handed the plaque that Poison Toad had given him to Su Qing and said, “That’s right. I’ve been sent by the Sect Leader of the Lich Palace, Poison Toad, to pay you a visit and ask you about some matters pertaining to the Shinra Sect.”

Su Qing took the plaque from Quiet And Steadfast and glanced at it without any change to his expression. He then placed the plaque in his bosom and inspected Shen Jingbin, who was being shielded by Quiet And Steadfast. “What’s the relationship between you and the person behind you?” He asked.

“She’s my wife,” Quiet And Steadfast stoically replied.

A glint flashed across Su Qing’s eyes. “You have an outstanding appearance, and you don't lack in strength either. Yet, you choose to marry this unbearably ugly woman. Are you satisfied with this?”

Shen Jingbin was shocked back to her senses by what he’d said. Whatever good impression she’d had of him because of his looks was now completely blown away. She wrinkled her nose in disdain. If you weren’t an NPC, I would’ve beaten you up!

“It doesn’t matter whether I’m satisfied or not; this was my choice.”

“This was your choice? Then, would you still be willing to take her if she were disabled, poor, or incapable of doing a single thing?”

Shen Jingbin glared at Su Qing. Oi oi oi, what’re you trying to get at with such speculation?

“This was my choice, so I would take responsibility for my actions,” Quiet And Steadfast answered.

With that, the atmosphere became a little strained as Su Qing silently stared at Quiet And Steadfast. Not willing to back down, Quiet And Steadfast stared right back at him.

Shortly after, Su Qing suddenly smiled. “That’s good to hear.”

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