Chapter 315: Su Qin and Reincarnation Pagoda (1)

Chapter 315: Su Qin and Reincarnation Pagoda (1)

The Shinra Sect.

Jue Tian had an unsightly look on his face as he sat on his seat of power. He lowered his head and focused his chilling gaze on the NPC followers and players beneath him.

“I charged all of you with the task of eliminating the Lead Disciples from the Six Great Sects, and all you do is get rid of the weakest one. I tell you to assassinate that old fogey from the Dragonkins, and you end up injuring some woman instead and give yourselves a pat on the back. Now, the Four Divine Beasts have been reborn, and you lot can’t even do the simplest job of reporting that back to me. Tell me, what the hell have I been keeping you bunch of useless sacks around for?!” Roared Jue Tian as he viciously smashed the luminous jade cup [1. The luminous jade cup is a renowned and expensive alcohol-drinking vessel made of a variety of jades. It is so named because it sparkles when filled with alcohol and placed under the moonlight. Luminous jade cups can endure very hot and cold temperatures and still preserve their natural splendor. They are popular souvenirs among tourists from China and abroad. Here’s a picture of what it looks like:

Image result for luminous jade cup]in his hand onto the floor. “Where’s Elder Yang and Wuyang?”

A junior disciple stepped out and said, “About that… Sect Leader, Elder Yang and Miss Wuyang have been dispatched by you to gather information.”

“What of our elite disciples?”

Nine Ballads, Reckless East Emperor, and the rest of the elite disciples who were urgently recalled plucked up their courage and stepped forward. “Disciple is present!” They shouted in unison.

Truth be told, the Shinra Sect’s Sect Leader was a real piece of work. Putting aside his temperamental personality, he’d hand out corporal punishment whenever he felt like it. This ass even had a buff called ‘Torment’. Regardless of what level players previously set their pain level at, as long as Jue Tian was the one performing an action that inflicted pain, your pain level would be set to the highest level. This was why even someone as egotistical as Nine Ballads had to be careful when she was around him.

After being punished by Jue Tian, the elite players who’d failed their mission contacted customer service to file a complaint, stating that this would affect their mental and physical health. However, the customer service representative was not one to be deterred. They argued that such a skill was in line with the Shinra Sect’s setting and that this would be an incentive to players to be even more conscientious when it came to discharging their duties. After all, the Shinra Sect only had so many people. If there were dead weights within the sect, there wouldn’t even be a need to wage war.

As for the issue of a player’s mental and physical health being affected, the pain players felt was all a figment of their imagination. In reality, they weren’t being harmed at all. Furthermore, most of the people who played <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> would be lying in gaming pods when they played. Due to this, some players might see a decline in certain bodily functions. In such a situation, giving players a bit of stimulus would actually be beneficial for their bodies.

In the end, the players who’d lodged a complaint were left speechless, while the rest of the players in the Shinra Sect had a rough idea of what they were dealing with.

“The Six Great Sects are moving faster than I’d anticipated. We can’t wait any longer; I want each of you to lead a group of people and convert outstanding disciples from the Six Great Sects over to our side! The Shinra Sect isn’t interested in trash, and you lot would do well to remember that.”

“Yes, Sect Leader!”

“Get going! If you screw this up, you’d better end yourselves. Otherwise, I’ll help you do it.”

Be it NPCs or players, everyone who heard the sinister tone in Jue Tian’s voice shivered.

F*ck. Hey developers, did you guys really need to make him so lifelike? Also, that girl called Nutjob from the White Cloud Temple, just you wait, we’re not done with you yet! If it weren’t for you, that damn pervert Jue Tian wouldn’t have taken his anger out on us!

And so, Shen Jingbin unwittingly attracted the ire of many players from the Shinra Sect.

Going back to what was happening in the Southern Sea.

Shen Jingbin had just accepted the Azure Dragon’s oath of loyalty and met the requirement of gathering all four Divine Beasts for the battle between good and evil. All that remained was Pure Crane’s Divine Weapons and Quiet And Steadfast’s task of seeking Su Qing out.

Qi Mu raised her hand and asked in a small voice, “Does this count as solving Virtuous Heaven Temple’s problem?”

Everyone shook themselves out of their astonishment that was induced by the Azure Dragon’s descent and the gathering of the Four Divine Beasts.

“Of course, it was perfectly done! Are you planning to look for Su Qing now? If you are, give me a bit of time to prepare some things, and then I’ll lead you to him,” Said Xu Sheng.

Quiet And Steadfast nodded. “The sooner, the better.” The Shinra Sect was going all out with leveling its disciples. To prevent the current situation from taking a turn for the worst, it was best to resolve everything as quickly as possible.

Xu Sheng grunted in acknowledgement and returned to her room with Shao Feng in tow. The Vermillion Bird, who was standing with everyone else, gazed at the Divine Beasts by Shen Jingbin’s side. Mascot now exuded an oppressive aura, while its baby Vermillion Bird was now fully grown. “I never expected to see the day where the Four Divine Beasts would be gathered once again.”

“All hardship in the world can be overcome as long as one has the determination to do so,” Said the Azure Dragon.

Everyone: … What the hell are you two NPCs doing?

The Winds Of Ximen suddenly acted as if he’d discovered the New World and pointed towards the Vermillion Bird and the Azure Dragon. “Eh, why are only the two of you humanoid? Do the three of them only look like this?”

Without waiting for the two NPCs to reply, Gentle Flower said disdainfully, “You idiot, the Azure Dragon and the older Vermillion Bird are from an older generation, while these three are from the younger generation.”

The Azure Dragon nodded his head and turned a gentle gaze towards the three second-generation Divine Beasts. “The Vermillion Bird and the Black Turtle are second generation Divine Beasts, so it’ll take some time for them to attain a human form. But the White Tiger…”

He paused for a moment as if he was trying to figure out how to explain Mascot’s circumstances. Amongst the Four Divine Beasts, Mascot has been with Shen Jingbin for the longest time and was also the one that she liked the best. Thinking that Mascot might be suffering from some problem, Shen Jingbin hurriedly asked, “What’s that about the White Tiger?”

The Azure Dragon shook his head. “The White Tiger’s circumstances are special. It can be considered as both a first and second generation Divine Beast.” When looks of confusion appeared on the faces of everyone present, he continued, “The White Tiger is different from the Black Tortoise and the Vermillion Bird. As it represents slaughter, it lacks the ability to reproduce. To ensure its continued existence, the White Tiger will fall into a deep sleep at certain times to restore its vitality. When it regains consciousness, its memories and strength will see a regression. However, it will completely regain everything at a later date.”

Shen Jingbin looked as if she still couldn’t quite get it. She was just about to ask another question when Xu Sheng appeared from her room. “I’ve finished packing, let’s get going. I’ll be leading you guys to look for Su Qing at Reincarnation Pagoda.”

Shen Jingbin pushed down her question and followed Su Qing as the group made their way towards Reincarnation Pagoda.

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