Chapter 314: Gathering The Four Divine Beasts (2)

Chapter 314: Gathering The Four Divine Beasts (2)

Shen Jingbin had never liked fluffy creatures before, but this baby Vermillion Bird was so adorable that she couldn’t help but step forward and carefully pick it up with both hands.

As soon as she touched the baby Vermillion Bird, several system notifications and announcements popped up.

“Congratulations, you’ve received the baby Vermillion Bird.”

“Congratulations, you’ve successfully gathered the Divine Beasts, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and Vermillion Bird. You’ve met the requirement to summon the Divine Beast, Azure Dragon. Do you wish to summon the Azure Dragon? Yes/No.”

“Summoning Azure Dragon… Attention: Since the Azure Dragon is a Divine Beast, summoning it will take longer. Please be patient.”

“Successfully summoned the Azure Dragon. Congratulations, you’ve received the Divine Beast, Azure Dragon.”

“Congratulations, you’ve gathered the four Divine Beasts. You’ve received the Divine Beast Halo.”

[System Announcement] These are turbulent times, and the world is experiencing great change. Player Nutjob has successfully gathered the Divine Beasts, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and Vermillion Bird. The legendary Divine Beast, Azure Dragon will now appear.

[System Announcement] Player Nutjob has successfully summoned the Divine Beast, Azure Dragon, and gathered all four Divine Beasts.

[System Announcement] All four Divine Beasts have descended. The war between good and evil has now entered its next chapter - The Chaotic War. All players in the Shinra Sect have received the Infection skill. This skill allows them to infect any player other than the Lead Disciples of the Six Great Sects and convert them over to the Shinra Sect’s side. This skill will be available till the maximum number of players in the Shinra Sect has been reached.

[System Announcement] In view of the beginning of The Chaotic War, the Sect Leader of the Shinra Sect, Jue Tian, has made an appearance once again. What is he planning? What’s his goal? Will the world be saved? All these questions remain unanswered. Young heroes, please pay close attention to the changes around you, for you might be the one who ends up rewriting the ending to this story.

Regardless of how excited the rest of the players in the game had become due to the appearance of these announcements, all six of the Lead Disciples in Virtuous Heaven Temple had fallen into a stupor. When the system notification informing everyone that Shen Jingbin had successfully summoned the Azure Dragon appeared, the entirety of Virtuous Heaven Temple was surrounded by a faint cyan light. Everyone within it felt an indescribable feeling of warmth and comfort that rose from their feet to their heads.

While they were immersed in this feeling of comfort, something surrounded by a ball of light fell from the sky, and gradually descended into Virtuous Heaven Temple’s courtyard.

The party of six came to their senses and ran out to have a look, while Xu Sheng and the Vermillion Bird exchanged glances with one another before following suit.

“Young lady, were you the one who awakened me?” Asked a gentle voice worn by the vicissitudes of time from within the light.

“Yes,” Shen Jingbin answered.

“How long has it been? I can’t even remember. I thought that was it for me and that I was never going to be summoned again,” Said the voice with a sigh. “Let the White Tiger, Black Tortoise and Vermillion Bird out.”

Without asking any questions, Shen Jingbin placed the little Vermillion Bird in her hands in front of the light and released Mascot and the little Black Tortoise from her pet inventory.

The light immediately split into three beams and enveloped each of the three Divine Beasts.

“Mascot has been bathed in the Azure Dragon’s auspicious light, and has reached its maximum level.”

“The Black Tortoise has been bathed in the Azure Dragon’s auspicious light, and has reached its maximum level.”

“The Vermillion Bird has been bathed in the Azure Dragon’s auspicious light, and has reached its maximum level.”

Three chimes rang out as she received a system notification for each of them. Shen Jingbin hurriedly looked over at the three Divine Beasts on the ground.

Mascot had regained its original appearance. There weren’t many changes apart from the stripes on its body that were visibly larger, its body becoming much bigger than it was in the past, and it’s wings growing to twice its original size. The most notable change was the air about it. In the past, it had looked a little silly, but now it possessed the awe-inspiring presence of the king of the forest.

Compared to Mascot, the little Black Tortoise and baby Vermillion Bird saw considerable changes to their bodies. The Black Tortoise grew many times larger, and its shell turned golden. The winged snake pattern on its shell disappeared and was replaced by several vast and terrifying winged snakes that now occupied the top of the Black Tortoise’s shell and were making threatening gestures. The Vermillion Bird had grown from a fluffy chick to an enormous blazing bird. It looked similar to the Demonic Vermillion Bird, but it was wreathed in a faint layer of flames. With its long slender neck, it looked like it was brimming with vigor.

“The fate of the world has fallen into chaos, and leveling them up isn’t an easy task. Allow me to help you.” That light gently said. “Come closer, young woman.”

Shen Jingbin glanced at her companions and stepped forward till her little flat nose almost came in contact with the light.

“Stretch out your hand.”

Shen Jingbin did as instructed. When her hand touched the light, she immediately felt a warm and comfortable sensation. She stretched further and felt something cool, somewhat hard, and a little uncomfortable to the touch.

“Can you feel it? I’m within this sacred light. Try to imagine my appearance and lead me out.”

Shen Jingbin closed her eyes, imagining the character of an Azure Dragon that she’d seen on TV shows and in books… While imagining, she felt something moving onto her hand.

She grabbed onto the object and pulled it towards herself. With a ‘bang’, the light dispersed, and the Azure Dragon’s majestic form towered above her, while the pointed end of its tail was quietly curled up in her palm.

“Wow~” The Winds Of Ximen couldn’t help but exclaim.

Feeling the tail in her hands move slightly, Shen Jingbin loosened her grip and took a step backwards, and the Azure Dragon immediately shot to the sky. A few seconds later, a ‘bang’ could be heard, and it came speeding towards the ground. The instant it landed, there was a flash of light, and the Azure Dragon’s awe-inspiring form suddenly disappeared. In its place was an outstanding man of talent who had a domineering air about him and was dressed in black.

The Vermillion Bird suddenly spoke up. “It’s been awhile, Azure Dragon,” He said as he slowly walked over to the man in black.

The man in black stood with his hands behind him and gave a slight nod to the Vermillion Bird. “Yes, it has been awhile. Back then, the White Tiger and Black Tortoise falling into a deep sleep caused you to lose much of your strength and shorten your lifespan. It almost resulted in a disaster, and I’m thankful for being able to see you once again.”

The Vermillion Bird gave an enchanting smile. “It’s all thanks to these youths; otherwise, I wouldn’t be standing here. If it’s them, I can rest easy leaving the task of saving the world in their hands.”

The Azure Dragon calmly glanced at Shen Jingbin and company before stepping past the Vermillion Bird and coming to a stop before Shen Jingbin. Under everyone’s astonished gazes, he slowly knelt on one knee.

“I, the Azure Dragon, would like to take you as my Master and aid you in saving the world. Will you accept my oath of loyalty?”

Shen Jingbin’s eyes faintly shone.

“I accept.”

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