Chapter 313: Gathering The Four Divine Beasts (1)

Chapter 313: Gathering The Four Divine Beasts (1)

Xu Sheng looked at Shen Jingbin in bewilderment. “What did you say? You failed to save the Vermillion Bird? What does that mean? That shouldn’t be the case. If you hadn’t saved the Vermillion Bird, then this sealing room wouldn’t be around any longer. The fact that it’s still here means that the Vermillion Bird is alive.”

Shen Jingbin’s eyes twitched. “Don’t ask me. I don’t know what’s happening either!”

“Well, maybe I was wrong then… Erm, why don’t you find out what’s going on?”

Xu Sheng nodded and made some unknown gestures, causing a mirror to appear floating between them. Xu Sheng stared at it for a moment before she ecstatically said, “You did it! You saved the Vermillion Bird! Head back to the main hall first while I unseal it!” Then, without waiting for Shen Jingbin’s reply, Xu Sheng shoved her out of the room.

Shen Jingbin shrugged and made her way back to the main hall.

“How was it? Did everything go smoothly?” The moment Shen Jingbin stepped into the main hall, Quiet And Steadfast immediately stood up and rushed over to anxiously examine her.

“Hey, Great God, what are you going on about! The fact that she’s standing in front of you unharmed means that everything went well,” The Winds Of Ximen said disdainfully from behind him. He was clearly overdoing it with his concern.

People in love are all fools.

Shen Jingbin winked at Quiet And Steadfast and said, “Don’t worry, everything went well. Xu Sheng’s unsealing the Vermillion Bird; she’ll be over in a bit.”

Only then did Quiet And Steadfast calm down.

“What’s your reward for saving the Vermillion Bird?” Pure Crane asked.

“A baby Vermillion Bird. The system told me to ask the Vermillion Bird for my reward. I think he’ll be coming along with Xu Sheng later.”

“What the f*ck! The Vermillion Bird’s coming? I heard she’s a beauty! I have to take a good look at her!” The Winds Of Ximen exclaimed.

Gentle Flower had a puzzled look on her face. “How do you know Vermillion Bird’s a beauty?”

“Actually, I heard that the Vermillion Bird’s a guy,” Qi Mu commented.

“…. Don’t screw with me. All the Vermillion Bird’s I’ve seen on TV are beauties!” Declared The Winds Of Ximen as he looked at Shen Jingbin with eyes filled with hope. It was as if he was trying to say, “Hurry up and say that the Vermillion Bird’s a beauty!”

Shen Jingbin placed a fist near her mouth and coughed. “Well… the Vermillion Bird is beautiful, but he’s a guy.”

The Winds Of Ximen’s face fell. He looked as if he had nothing left to live for.

Shortly after, Xu Sheng walked into the main hall with a lively man wearing beautiful red clothes in tow. Although he had yet to step into the main hall, the man’s billowing robes and extraordinary presence were a sight to behold.

The moment he stepped into the main hall, the Vermillion Bird didn’t even spare a glance for anyone else and looked straight at Shen Jingbin. “Young woman, you were the one who saved me.”

Shen Jingbin nodded him. “I only did my duty.”

The Vermillion Bird said, “Back then, I absorbed the evil spirit’s qi by accident and turned into a demonic creature, making numerous mistakes in the process. With the world in chaos, I should be doing everything in my power to right my wrongs. However, the evil spirit is far too strong. I’ve yet to regain my former strength, and I’m unable to fight. I know you’re looking for the four Divine Beasts, and you already possess the White Tiger and the Black Tortoise. Since that’s the case, I’ll leave a baby Vermillion Bird in your care.”

Shen Jingbin was ecstatic. “Then I’ll give you my thanks in advance.”

The Vermillion Bird waved his hand, his long sleeve tracing a perfect arc in the air. “No thanks are needed, you deserve it. Your companions don’t seem to be regular people. How about this then: I’ll give you guys a gift. The Shinra Sect’s evil qi is extremely strong, and while my blessing can’t guarantee your lives, it can at least ward off some of its harmful effects.”

Everyone was overjoyed when they heard the Vermillion Bird’s proposal. “Thank you,” Said Quiet And Steadfast.

The Vermilion Bird went silent and he drew several strokes on his chest. Several rays of red light shot out from it and embedded themselves in everyone’s solar plexus.

“Congratulations, you’ve received ‘The Vermillion Bird’s Blessing.”

“The Vermillion Bird’s Blessing - A blessing from the Vermillion Bird, the Divine Beast who protects the North, that is brimming with vital energy. It can protect you from 40% of damage inflicted by the Demonic Sect. Limited to three uses.“

After bestowing his blessing, the Vermillion Bird pulled out a red egg from his bosom, and all eyes turned to the egg. Shen Jingbin felt a bit of a headache when she saw the egg. She knew that birds and tortoises laid eggs, but holding on to them and waiting for them to hatch was really annoying.

To Shen Jingbin’s surprise, the red egg in the Vermillion Bird’s palm began to crack in front of everyone while she was silently complaining to herself. The cracks gradually spread across the egg, and with one final ‘crack’, a fluffy little bird stood cutely on top of the Vermillion Bird’s palm. It raised its tiny head and gave a little chirp to everyone present.

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