Chapter 309: The Vermillion Bird’s Consciousness (1)

Chapter 309: The Vermillion Bird’s Consciousness (1)

“Congratulations, you’ve triggered the hidden quest ‘The Divine Beasts’ Salvation. (Trigger condition: Be above Level 110, possess the Vermillion Bird’s blood, and own at least one Divine Beast.)”

“Quest: ‘The Divine Beasts’ Salvation - Rescue the Divine Beast, Vermillion Bird (0/1). Will you accept this quest? Yes/No.”


After Shen Jingbin accepted the quest, Xu Sheng’s red lips moved as she continued, “I’ll lay down a formation in a bit and send you into the Vermillion Bird’s consciousness. Your mission is to eliminate all the evil spirits afflicting its mind. Beware: these evil spirits have grown over the years and are night and day from how they used to be. Be on your guard at all times.”

Right after she finished speaking, Quiet And Steadfast’s expression darkened. “Wait, are you saying that she’ll be going alone?”

Xu Sheng gave him a questioning look and nodded. “Mm.”

“No, we’re going with her,” came Quiet And Steadfast emphatic refusal.

The others chimed in as well and echoed his sentiment.

“Yeah. How can we let Nutty go on her own? Count us in!” The Winds of Ximen said.

“It’s far too dangerous to go alone. If possible, allow us to accompany her,” Pure Crane added.

“Although my DPS isn’t enough, I’ve brought lots of healing and cleansing potions. They should be able to provide some help, at least,” Qi Mu said.

“I too think it’s better for us to stick together at a time like this,” Gentle Flower said.

Xu Sheng gave a helpless sigh when she saw the insistent looks on everyone’s faces.

“I’m not trying to stop you guys from going along with her, but you have to understand that she’s delving into the consciousness of a Divine Beast. This isn’t a place that just anyone can enter. She’s only able to do so because she possesses the Vermillion Bird’s blood, and she has the presence of a Divine Beast on her person. If that wasn’t the case, why do you think I’d be guarding the Vermillion Bird for all these years without doing a single thing?”

Everyone was stunned into silence. Quiet and Steadfast frowned, and his eyebrows tightly furrowed in contemplation. In spite of this, he still couldn’t accept this outcome. He took Shen Jingbin’s hand and said, “It’s too dangerous for you to go alone. Don’t go.”

She looked back at him. “I won’t be able to obtain the Vermillion Bird if I don’t. I have to go.”


Quiet and Steadfast wanted to say something else, but Shen Jingbin cut him off. “You should trust me. After all, I’m your...”

She whispered the last few words into his ears; too soft to be heard by anyone else. All they knew was that after she finished speaking, although Quiet and Steadfast still appeared to be reluctant, he let go of her hand and allowed Xu Sheng to lead her away.

After Shen Jingbin left with Xu Sheng, Pure Crane went up to Quiet and Steadfast and gave him a pat on the shoulder to reassure him that nothing would happen. “Since we can’t go with her, let’s just wait here for her. Relax, everything’s going to be okay.”

The Winds of Ximen still felt a little down about not being able to tag along, but when he saw Quiet and Steadfast’s expression, he suddenly felt that his disappointment was nothing in comparison. He gave himself a pat on the face before moving to comfort Quiet And Steadfast as well. “Hey, Great God, don’t worry. There’s no point dwelling over it. Besides, it’s only a game. Anyone who dies will still be resurrected in one piece, so there’s no need for you to be so serious~”

Quiet And Steadfast remained silent. This might just be a game, but he still wasn’t willing to see her walk into danger while his hands were tied.

Qi Mu and Gentle Flower wanted to say something as well, but neither were good with words. They opened their mouths, unsure of what to say. In the end, they exchanged glances with one another before returning to their silent vigil with the rest of the group as they waited for Shen Jingbin’s return.

Noticing that the atmosphere was a little heavy, Shao Feng, who was left in the main hall and charged with the important task of greeting guests, piped up and tried to say something to lighten the mood.

“Just sitting around and waiting’s kind of boring, why don’t I tell you about the dangers of entering the Vermillion Bird’s consciousness… Eh, why are all of you glaring at me?”

Quiet and Steadfast: ...

Everyone else: …

Motherf*cker, this idiot’s definitely trying to stir up trouble, isn’t he?!

Shen Jingbin, who was led away by Xu Sheng, had stepped into a room covered in talismans. It wasn’t a large room, but it was empty.

After entering the room, Xu Sheng pulled out a handbell and a strand of red string from thin air. She tied one end of the string on the second section of Shen Jingbin’s right pinky finger, and the other end on the handbell’s handle.

“After entering the consciousness of the Vermillion Bird, you only have the time it takes for an incense stick to burn; regardless of whether you succeed or not. After which, I’ll ring the bell. When you hear it, you must come out immediately. Otherwise, you might be trapped in there forever. Do you understand?”

Shen Jingbin sobered when she saw the serious look on Xu Sheng’s face. “I understand.”

“Then, I’ll activate the formation.”

Shen Jingbin nodded.

Xu Sheng guided her to the center of the room. She then stepped back, closed her eyes, and began muttering to herself. The talismans covering all four walls of the room started to glow red as she chanted. Shen Jingbin saw a flash of red light, then, nothing. She felt a wave of dizziness, and she reflexively closed her eyes...

When she opened her eyes again, she was no longer in the room, and Xu Sheng was nowhere to be seen. Looking down, she found that the red string was still tied on her pinky finger; trailing from behind her and disappearing into the darkness.

“You have entered the consciousness of the Vermillion Bird. Attention: the consciousness of the Vermillion Bird exists in the mind of the Divine Beast, Vermillion Bird. This is an opportunity, but at the same time, it is also a challenge. The player is advised to be careful, do not let your guard down.”

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