Chapter 306: Virtuous Heaven Temple (2)

Chapter 306: Virtuous Heaven Temple (2)

“After the previous great battle between good and evil in the past, the Vermillion Bird was trapped under Virtuous Heaven Temple. Now that it’s escaped, it’s naturally filled with grievances. This was why it gathered all of the monsters within the Southern Sea with the intent of taking revenge. That’s more or less the current situation. Young heroes, do you understand what’s going on now? If you do, can you tell me who you’re looking for and why? Each of the four corners of the Southern Sea has a guardian, and my Master is the Guardian of the North. Who knows, I might know who you’re looking for, and I might even be able to help you guys out a little.”

Pure Crane and Quiet And Steadfast exchanged a glance with one another before Quiet And Steadfast spoke, “I’m the Lead Disciple of the Lich Palace, Quiet And Steadfast. My Sect Leader, Poison Toad, has sent me here to look for someone named Su Qing and hand an item to him. From what I know, it has something to do with the Shinra Sect.” After speaking, he pulled out the black plaque that Poison Toad had given him.

Shao Feng’s face immediately lit up when he spotted the black plaque. “This is the Immortal Transformation Plaque… This Su Qing you speak of is actually the reincarnation of the Southern Sea’s Eastern Pagoda Master, and he’s also the Guardian of the East. My Master is on excellent terms with him. When she’s back, she can take you to meet Su Qing.”

‘Bang!’ Another resounding thump could be heard from outside.

“When will your Master be back?” Gentle Flower asked.

Shao Feng appeared as if he was trying to perform fortune telling. “My Master didn’t say when she’d be back, but now that the Vermillion Bird has escaped and caused such a huge ruckus, she should be hurrying back. Let me figure out how long she’ll take… Ah! Master’s right at the temple’s doorstep!”

The group looked back at the brass doors when they’d heard what he said. But, apart from the doors trembling slightly whenever it was attacked, nothing else could be seen.

“Little Brother, are you sure your calculations are accurate?” Shen Jingbin asked.

Shao Feng’s face flushed, and he proceeded to count once again. While he did so, he said, “Of course it’s accurate! Eh? That’s strange. By my calculations, my Master should have been back already. Why’d it turn out like this…”

Before he had a chance to finish, the familiar cry of a bird sounded out.

It was the cry of the Vermillion Bird.

Quiet And Steadfast and Pure Crane both stood up with a ‘whoosh’.

“Your Master is probably back, but she’s been obstructed by the monsters outside,” Quiet And Steadfast said.

Shao Feng’s face turned sullen. “We’re done for, we’re done for. Master is never going to forgive me when she gets in.”

When she thought back to the scenery that she’d seen before she stepped in, Shen Jingbin was a little suspicious about how reliable Shao Feng’s Master would be. Would she really have to strength to take on all of the monsters within the Southern Sea and the Vermillion Bird, who was bursting at the seams with hatred?

She clearly wasn’t the only one who harboured such doubts. “Is your Master that strong? Will she be able to take on all of those monsters outside?” Qi Mu asked.

“Of course she can’t! My Master may be strong, but she isn’t that strong.”

“... Then how is she going to get in?” Shen Jingbin asked again.

“You young heroes will, of course, be going out to help her~ My Master is going to bring you guys to see Elder Su Qing, so you guys should obviously do something to help my Master in return,” Shao Feng said innocently.


Sure enough, there was no such thing as a free meal in this world.

All sorts of monstrous shrieks began to sound out from behind the door.

“Let’s go. Let’s go out and help her. The faster we get this over with, the faster she can lead us to Su Qing,” Quiet And Steadfast said.

The rest of them stood up, drew their weapons, and ensured that they were in the best possible state to do battle.

When the group stood in front of the door, they heard Shao Feng call out from within the temple, “I’ll help you guys to open the door.” Then, the brass door which felt like it had been welded shut suddenly began to slowly creak open.

The outside was a scene straight from purgatory.

Torn limbs were strewn all over the ground, but none of them were human shaped. The once densely packed throng of monsters no longer encircled the temple doors.

Shen Jingbin’s sharp eyes suddenly caught sight of a person who was buried in monsters.

The person’s skirt that was once white had now been stained with various shades of blood. She held in her hands a long sword that was suffused with a golden light. With a swing of her blade, any monsters that came in touch with her blade’s edge all fell without exception. However, there were far too many monsters, and in spite of how strong she was, she wasn’t able to deal with their numbers, let alone the Vermillion BIrd that was eyeing her like a tiger from above.

Upon hearing the brass door open, the woman shouted at the top of her voice while her hands continued to brandish her weapon, “If you’re out, then come over and help me!” The woman used some unknown technique to raise her voice, allowing it to be clearly heard by everyone present.

“Qi Mu, remain by the door and refrain from joining in the fight. Just focus on looking after yourself,” Quiet And Steadfast instructed Qi Mu.



The five of them leapt out with the speed of an arrow leaving a bow and made a beeline for the woman who was being surrounded by the monsters.

“Cover me, and help me catch the Vermillion Bird!” The woman instructed when she saw them drawing closer. At the same time, a red beam of light shot out from her sleeves. The red beam moved as if it were alive, and shot straight towards the Vermillion Bird above them as soon as it left her sleeve.

When the Vermillion Bird saw the red beam of light speeding towards it, it raised its head and cried out as it flapped its wings in an attempt to flee. Unfortunately, it was a step too slow and was firmly caught within the light and unable to break free.

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