Chapter 304: A Phoenix In The Ocean (2)

Chapter 304: A Phoenix In The Ocean (2)

Legends say that the Phoenix is a God Bird that represents fortune and wealth. However, when the seawater gradually calmed down, they found that apart from its brightly coloured feathers, which bore a similarity to that of a God Bird, everything else about it was nothing like the bird of legend; be it the air about it or any other feature. Rather, it was more like a monster than a God Bird.

No white was present within the creature's eyes. Instead, they were a strange shade of blood-red. When it opened its beak, an unknown black liquid dripped out of it and onto the sand with a hiss. The creature was also accompanied by a stench so foul; it assailed the noses of everyone present.

Thank god they were able to endure it. Otherwise, they probably would have passed out when they got close.

They were all experts. While there was some difficulty at the start when they weren’t familiar with one another, they later worked out a battle plan, and their coordination only grew smoother from there. Even the legendary Phoenix couldn’t do anything to them and was being gradually pushed back.

“What’s it doing?!”

When the Phoenix was just about to breathe its last, it suddenly retreated and hovered in the air, continually flapping its wings while numerous black threads began to spill out from its body. These threads were as thin as silk and extremely long, snaking out in all directions.

The black threads continued to grow in length, gradually covering the area above them to resemble a spider’s web. With the increase in threads, the Phoenix began to screech continuously. It was a mournful cry, and everyone present who heard it felt waves of throbbing pain.

All of a sudden, Mascot and Fuzhu turned restless. Fuzhu, in particular, fell to the ground as its legs twitched and its body trembled. On the other hand, Mascot was growling off to the side and repeatedly slamming its head into the nearby corals like a madman.

Shen Jingbin and Quiet And Steadfast were taken aback by the sight and hurriedly placed their pets back into their pet inventory.

Quiet And Steadfast tried throwing his dagger at the Phoenix who was floating in the sky, but the dagger rebounded off it, almost as if there was an enchantment surrounding the Phoenix. Pure Crane and Qi Mu’s skills were able to reach further than the others, so they tried launching their skills at the Phoenix. However, the result was the same as the dagger, and they rebounded harmlessly off the Phoenix.

As the six of them looked on helplessly at the Phoenix floating in the sky, Qi Mu noticed that the ground beneath them was trembling slightly.

“Be careful of the ground,” She shouted anxiously.

At times like these, even the slightest change in their surroundings could be the precursor to something else. Everyone immediately took what she said to heart and hurriedly glanced down at the ground.

At present, the tremors had already built up in intensity, and they now felt like a mighty army with thousands of steeds stampeding towards them.

Quiet And Steadfast was the first to react. “Stop staring! Hurry up and head towards Virtuous Heaven Temple! Move!” He shouted.

The six of them immediately did an about face and made a beeline for Virtuous Heaven Temple.

Although the brass door of Virtuous Heaven Temple was left only slightly ajar, the gap was large enough for them to enter single file. Without any bickering, they quickly made their way into the temple in the same sequence they’d used before.

By this time, the tremors had become so violent that they could barely even stand.

“Shut the door!” Quiet And Steadfast shouted.

All of them rushed forward without a single question and pushed against the door with all their strength. Strangely, the copper door seemed to be frozen to the ground. It refused to budge no matter how hard they tried.

“It won’t move!” The Winds Of Ximen shouted.

Shen Jingbin looked up and glanced outside. That one look was all it took for her scalp to go numb.

Considering the unique geography of the Southern Sea, monsters here naturally weren’t as numerous as those in other areas. That being said, the number of monsters in this map wasn’t small either.

Now, countless monsters of various shapes and sizes had suddenly appeared outside Virtuous Heaven Temple and were jostling against one another as they made a mad sprint towards the temple.

Every one of the monsters had a strand of black thread sticking out of their heads. With every move that they made, the black threads floated about in the water as if they were alive. It was truly a frightening sight.

When she looked up this time, the water above Virtuous Heaven Temple was utterly enveloped in black threads that stemmed from the strange Phoenix. These black threads were arranged so densely that not even light could pass through. It completely blocked out the sky, and their vision turned dark.

Shen Jingbin wasn’t the only one who’d noticed this change; the others had as well.

“F*ck!” The Winds Of Ximen swore. “What the f*ck is that?!”

Qi Mu’s face turned pale, and her legs grew weak, but she did her best to remain standing and give her all to shut the door. “Those… must be… all of the nearby monsters… right?” She whispered. Her explanation coming out haltingly since she was straining herself to her limits.

Pure Crane’s expression turned serious. “It’s not just the ones that are nearby; I’m afraid that all the monsters in the Southern Sea are currently here.”

Gentle Flower wasn’t looking so good. “Why did so many monsters suddenly appear?”

“It’s the Phoenix,” Shen Jingbin explained. “The black strands of thread that it produced have forced all of the monsters in the Southern Sea to appear here.”

Quiet And Steadfast’s eyes were a sea of calm as he stared at the many monsters that were drawing ever closer. He then once again turned his attention to the Phoenix whose voice sounded more mournful with every cry.

“Don’t stop! Use every last ounce of your strength to shut the door! If we can’t… we’ll go out and slaughter every last one of these monsters!”

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