Chapter 299: When the Dust Settles (1)

Chapter 299: When the Dust Settles (1)

Shen Jingbin dodged the dark green beam of light flying towards her face by performing an exceptionally quick split. At the same time, she sent a rooting spell in Crying Fish’s direction.

Crying Fish, who’d exploded in anger, narrowly dodged Shen Jingbin’s spell before throwing out another skill of her own and charging forward with it.

Crying Fish was moving much more agilely today than she usually did. If it was any other person, they might’ve been hit. Unfortunately, her opponent was Shen Jingbin. To Shen Jingbin, Crying Fish was moving in slow motion; avoiding it was as easy as flipping her hand.

Having missed her opponent and nearly being hit by their attack, Crying Fish gritted her teeth and shouted, “Is dodging all you’re good for, ugly monster? Aren’t you supposed to be hot stuff? What, are you too afraid to face me head-on?”

Shen Jingbin let out a cold laugh. “I wanted to let you keep some of your dignity by surviving for a little while. But, since you’re in such a hurry to get off the stage, then don’t blame me for what happens next!”

Shen Jingbin stopped holding back and threw out all of her skills that were off cooldown. At the same time, she whipped out her horsetail whisk and brandished it several times. It came alive with the intelligence of a person and the flexibility of a snake, wrapping itself around Crying Fish and restraining her.

The distance between them was now infinitely small, but Shen Jingbin kept slithering around like a snake, leaving no trace of herself behind. All of Crying Fish’s skills failed to find their target. If she wasn’t careful, she even ran the risk of hitting herself. Thankfully, damaging skills wouldn’t harm its user; otherwise, there was a high chance of her becoming the very first player in the game who’d killed themselves with their own skill.

“What the f*ck, this is my first time seeing someone fight like this. It looks really cool,” The Winds Of Ximen muttered to himself. All of the other spectators were captivated by her movements and sighed in admiration.

Pure Crane looked at Shen Jingbin for a little while more and asked, “Nutjob knows martial arts, right? Her movements and breathing are different from your average person’s.”

“Eh? You’re able to tell? She’s been learning since was young, and she’s a violent psycho.”

Pure Crane shook his head. “Crying Fish definitely isn’t lacking in strength, but Nutjob’s growth is far too astonishing. Even with the competition prohibiting the use of pets, Crying Fish’s victory isn’t assured.”

Quiet And Steadfast no longer paid any attention to the battle, turning his attention to Qi Mu who was behind him instead. “Crying Fish has already lost four rounds. She won’t be able to attain the position of Lead Disciple regardless of whether she wins or loses the next round, so there’s no pressure on you. You can even forfeit if you want.”

Qi Mu’s expression was as tranquil as a lake. She gazed intently at Shen Jingbin who was going all out against Crying Fish and resolutely shook her head. “She’s part of the reason why I’m in this state today, so I want to fight her even if I end up losing.”

“Do as you please then. All that matters is that you did your best, it’s not the end of the world even if you lose.”

Qi Mu finally looked away and turned her attention to Quiet And Steadfast. “I know, thank you.”


It was clear who the victor of the round was going to be: it would without a doubt be Shen Jingbin.

Before Crying Fish had a chance to react to her body being bound, Shen Jingbin made her way behind Crying Fish and swung her horsetail whisk at her back. Crying Fish felt an enormous force bear down on her back, and she fell forward.

She was already at the edge of the stage, and this fall of hers would send her out.

It can’t end like this!

Crying Fish’s heart was filled with resentment, to the point where she felt like wiping Shen Jingbin off the face of the Earth.

In the midst of her helplessness, she felt a dull pain from her abdomen, and her vision turned black. Before she had a chance to recover, she heard the referee’s emotionless voice.

“The victor of round one is Nutjob from White Cloud Temple. Will the final Lead Disciple please step onto the stage.”

Moments after the referee spoke, Crying Fish fought to stand up and took a deep breath. “Don’t bother, I forfeit!”

Qi Mu was just about to step up to the stage when she turned her attention to the normally high-spirited Crying Fish, who was now beaten and exhausted. In fact, Crying Fish didn’t even bother to spare her a glance.

The two players from Life At First Sight hurriedly ran forward to support her.

“There’s no need for the fifth round, I concede,” Crying Fish slowly said with a hand to her chest, the bitterness in her voice evident to everyone present.

Leisurely Viewing Nanshan glanced at Shen Jingchen before turning her attention back to Crying Fish. “Are you sure?”

Fennel spoke up before Crying Fish had a chance to reply. “You need to think this through; you won’t have any chance of becoming the Lead Disciple if you forfeit.”

“The five Lead Disciples from the other Great Sects are giants amongst men, and they’re all highly skilled individuals; I’m no match for them. Thank you, Sect Leader, for thinking so highly of me, but I’ve disappointed you!” Having played for so long, Crying Fish obviously knew the importance of leaving a good impression, so she swallowed her grievances and did her best to act as if she was putting on a strong front in spite of the mistreatment she’d received.

As expected, Fennel wore a complicated expression on his face, but he didn’t utter a word. He just waved his hand and accepted her request to forfeit.

The white veiled referee stepped forward once again and raised her voice, “The competition for the position of Lead Disciple of the Nymphs has now come to a close. Player Sentimental Musings has one victory and four defeats. Player Gentle Flower has three victories, one draw, and one loss. Player Crying FIsh has zero victories and five losses. Congratulations player Gentle Flower on becoming the new Lead Disciple of the Nymphs.”

“Gentle Flower, you’ve now become the Lead Disciple of the Nymphs, but I hope you will remain free from arrogance and rashness as you lead the sect’s disciples and work with the other Great Sects to combat to Shinra Sect and purge the world of evil!”

Gentle Flower took a step forward. “Yes, Sect Leader!”

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