Chapter 298: The Decisive Battle (2)

Chapter 298: The Decisive Battle (2)

At the end of the five rounds, Sentimental Musings had beaten Qi Mu and nearly won against Shen Jingbin. Unfortunately, Shen Jingbin had managed to wrap her horsetail whisk around Sentimental Musings and pull her off the stage just before Shen Jingbin herself was rung out, leading to an unfortunate defeat.

The second to step up was Blooming Flower. Naturally, nothing needed to be said about her combat prowess. Apart from losing to Quiet And Steadfast and fighting Pure Crane to a draw, she easily won her other three matches.

Crying Fish’s expression was extremely unsightly when Blooming Flower descended from the stage.

Since Blooming Flower had won three rounds, it meant that she had to win at least four. Fighting against Quiet And Steadfast was a guaranteed loss; no one in the game could beat him. Putting him aside, out of the remaining four Lead Disciples, three of them were difficult for her to deal with. Even trying to win three battles was a challenge for her.

After Blooming Flower walked off the stage, the veiled referee announced, “In the second battle, player Blooming Flower has three victories, one draw, and one loss. Will the next competitor please step forward.”

Crying Fish took several deep breaths before she slowly stepped onto the stage.

The first person she was up against was Quiet And Steadfast.

“Ah Ning, we’ve known each other for so long now, you…” Crying Fish gazed lovingly at the tall and well-built man in front of her, the apprehension evident on her face.

Before she had the chance to finish speaking her mind, I’m Not A Monster suddenly interjected. “Who’s friends with you?! Can you stop spouting nonsense, Quarrelsome Fish? Stop mincing your words! It’s like you’re going through menopause!”

The rest of what Crying Fish wanted to say found itself stuck in her throat. She glared hatefully at I’m Not A Monster, while the players beside him cast admiring gazes at him.

This was the first time that Quiet And Steadfast had openly approved of I’m Not A Monster’s actions in public. He then turned his attention back to Crying Fish. “Let’s begin.”

Since things turned out like this, there was nothing else for her to say. All she could do was look at him with grief-ridden eyes before she reluctantly leapt into action.

The result was a foregone conclusion. Quiet And Steadfast mercilessly defeated Crying Fish in less than a minute.

“Quiet And Steadfast, you!” Crying Fish glared at the man on the stage the instant she was knocked out. Quiet And Steadfast was the picture of calm as he glanced at her and said, “I’ve already wasted a day’s worth of time, I just wanted to get this over and done with a little quicker.”

“Tsk tsk tsk, this person has no gentlemanly air about him at all,” Shen Jingbin said with a sigh as she repeatedly shook her head. “But, I like it!”

“Hehe, people who display public shows of affection should get lost!” The Winds Of Ximen said.

Pure Crane and The Winds Of Ximen fought in the second and third rounds. Although both of them didn’t say anything, their attacks were just as merciless as Quiet And Steadfast’s, giving Crying Fish no opportunity to strike back.

Truth be told, Shen Jingbin found it a little hard to watch the later rounds. When they were up against Blooming Flower, these men still held onto their gentlemanly spirit, ensuring that even if she lost, she didn’t do so in an unsightly manner. But, when it came to Crying Fish, they acted like they were tearing open the seal on an envelope.

After being brutally beaten in her earlier three matches, the light finally returned to Crying Fish’s eyes when Shen Jingbin stepped onto the stage. “It’s finally your turn. I’m going to use this chance to settle the debts between us.”

Even if she couldn’t beat Shen Jingbin, at the very least, she wouldn’t lose too badly. At this point, she’d realised that there was no chance of her becoming a Lead Disciple. Since that was the case, she wanted to throw some shade at this ugly monster!

“I’m the only one who has a score to settle with you, not the other way around. If any debts are being settled, I should be the one doing it,” Shen Jingbin corrected Crying Fish without the slightest change in her expression.

“Heh, whatever you say then. In the past, you had a Divine Beast by your side so I couldn’t beat you. But now, without it around, the victor is no longer certain. Do you have what it takes to make a bet with me? If you lose, you’ll…”

While Crying Fish was still going on and on about her bet, the referee unexpectedly appeared and delivered a deadpan warning. “Please begin fighting as soon as possible. It will be viewed as the challenger giving up if the battle doesn’t commence within the next ten seconds.”




All of the spectators burst into laughter.

Crying Fish’s face went from surprised to angry. When the referee counted down to ‘2’, her eyes hardened, and she rushed forward. At the same time, an underhanded attack flew towards Shen Jingbin.

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