Chapter 295: Battle For The Position Of Lead Disciple (1)

Chapter 295: Battle For The Position Of Lead Disciple (1)

The next day, the entire game was abuzz with activity as everyone excitedly logged into the game. In particular, it was the Nymph players who were practically bouncing on the balls of their feet.

When the clock hit seven, the notification from the system popped up right on time.

[System Announcement] The battle for the position of the Nymph Abode’s Lead Disciple has now begun. Nymphs who are participating in this competition are to follow instructions from the system and proceed to their assigned battlegrounds. The battlegrounds are as follows: Mysterious Sky Region - Xiling City’s Imperial City, Yellow Earth Region - Matchless City. The competition strictly prohibits throwing fights, fraud, etc. Once found, both parties will be disqualified. In addition, 100 points will be deducted from the offenders’ sect contribution points, and sect NPC’s goodwill towards them will also drop by 30 points. Youths, strive for the top and give your all in battle!

The Nymphs from Jade Sea Pavilion were evenly split between both battlegrounds, while a majority of the Nymphs from Bronze Tree were clustered in Matchless City. When Shen Jingbin logged in, she asked Quiet And Steadfast where he’d be watching the competition from before she hit up Pure Crane and went over to the Imperial City in Xiling City.

The battleground in Xiling City’s Imperial City was an elevated stage that was built beneath the city gates. A seat of power was placed at the top of the gates, which Shen Jingbin guessed was probably for Leisurely Viewing Nanshan to oversee the battle.

A higher position meant a better vantage point, and only a place as high as that would afford Leisurely Viewing Nanshan the ability to take notice of all the little schemes that participants might try to pull off.

Xiling City’s Imperial City encompassed a larger area than Matchless City. Although both battlegrounds were designed with the same specifications, concerning spectator comfort, the spacious area that the Imperial City offered within Xiling City meant that the spectators there were slightly more comfortable. So, by the time Shen Jingbin arrived, the Imperial City’s gates were already swarming with people.

Looking at the number of people present, Shen Jingbin felt that she probably wouldn’t be able to squeeze her way in. Instead, sent a message to Quiet And Steadfast to let him know where she was. Shortly after, the crowd of people blocking her way suddenly parted, revealing a path that was wide enough for two people to walk abreast. A black-clothed man could be seen at the other end. He was tall and well built, with an air of confidence about him as he made his way to Shen Jingbin.

When the man reached her side, his gaze instantly turned warm, and the imposing aura he exuded significantly dissipated. “Let’s go. They’re all inside now, and they’ll probably be thrilled to see you.”

Shen Jingbin nodded, and Quiet And Steadfast held her hand in his like it was the most natural thing in the world. They then made their way through the stupefied crowd towards the innermost section that was occupied by Jade Sea Pavilion.

After they’d walked off, the players who were left behind began slapping themselves in a vain attempt to wake themselves up from this dream.

What the f*ck?! The scene they’d witnessed just now was far too much of a blow for them. They were having a little trouble taking all of it in!

But, from the looks of things, had the Great God and his wife taken their relationship to the real world as well? Was the Great God’s sense of aesthetics genuinely distorted?!

Or, could it be that the ugly monster, Nutjob, was rather beautiful in real life?

Of course, they weren’t aware of the truth.

“Ahhhh! Nutty! It’s been so long!” When Shen Jingbin saw the members of Jade Sea Pavilion, she didn’t even have a chance to greet them before a woman lunged at her and pulled her into an embrace.

“Eh? National Treasures?” Shen Jingbin glanced at the woman who’d wrapped herself around her like an octopus before she cast a pleading gaze at Quiet And Steadfast.

Having received his wife’s plea for help, Quiet And Steadfast coughed and separated National Treasures from his wife, pushing her over to a corner. “Please restrain yourself; she's my wife.”

Having been cast to the side, National Treasures shot a dissatisfied glare at her Leader. With an aggrieved expression on her face, she turned to Shen Jingbin and said, “Nutty, when are you planning to return to Jade Sea Pavilion? Life feels so meaningless without you around.”

Shen Jingbin thought for a bit and replied, “If life lacks meaning for you, then you should find yourself a husband. That will help to fill the void both physically and mentally.”

National Treasures turned pale with fright. “Oh my goodness! Nutty, you’ve gone bad!”

Quiet And Steadfast cut in, “Alright, stop fooling around. How're the preparations coming along?”

Lingering White Clouds suddenly popped up out of nowhere and said, “Everything’s ready. I asked around just now, and the first person to make an appearance from our side is Blooming Flower. She’s also the first contestant in the competition. The last from our side to enter is Southern Creeping Foam, who’s relatively far behind on the list.”

Quiet And Steadfast nodded. He’d more or less foreseen this result.

Due to the nature of the competition, the stronger players would be pushed up on the list to equalize the difference in power between players. Blooming Flower was the strongest Nymph in Jade Sea Pavilion, and she was also the number one Nymph in the entire game. This was the very reason why her being selected by the system as the first person to fight was no surprise. On the other hand, Southern Creeping Foam was a Life Skill player who focused on cultivation, so her combat strength wasn’t all that high.

“What about National Treasures and Seaweed?”

“They’re all further up on the list. Blooming shouldn’t have used up that much of her strength when National Treasures and Seaweed come up, so the question now is whether she should soldier on or let Southern Creeping Foam take over later on.”

Regarding Battle strength, even if Blooming Flower was exhausted, she still had a higher chance of winning than Southern Creeping Foam.

“We’ll let Blooming Flower continue on. Even if she makes it to the finals, Southern Creeping Foam’s chances of winning were way too low. Tell Next Week Is Unlikely to gather up some people and head over to the Eternal Island in the East sea to gather some roselle plants. After that, he needs to hurry and refine Soul Returning Pills. When the battle over here at the Mysterious Sky Region concludes, he has to hand over the Soul Returning Pills to Blooming immediately, and also look in on the battle in Yellow Earth Region. If it looks like there’s a high chance of our guild members winning over there as well, get Shen Jingchen to hurry over and retrieve some Soul Returning Pills.”

“Mm, I got it,” Lingering White Clouds replied. She then bade farewell to Shen Jingbin before she went off to convey Quiet And Steadfast’s instructions.

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