Chapter 294: An Invitation From The Sect Leader (2)

Chapter 294: An Invitation From The Sect Leader (2)

Since Pure Crane was taking charge of things, Shen Jingbin closed up the guild chat. At this time, Leisurely Viewing Nanshan had finally come running out of the Sect Leader’s residence with a broad smile on her face. Following behind her was Crying Fish who also wore an ecstatic smile on her face.

“Brother Dawn, I’ve completed my quest! I received lots of Experience, gold coins, and was even named the change for some thingy! Do you know what I’m supposed to be the judge of, Brother Dawn? Does the Swordmaster Pavilion have something like this?” Asked Leisurely Viewing Nanshan as she happily skipped over.

Shen Jingbin and company exchanged glances with one another.

“Nanshan, you’re a judge now? Did it talk about anything that’s happening now?”

“Eh? You guys don’t have anything like this in your sects? My Sect Leader said that there are many outstanding talents in our sect, but we’re currently in a something-something state of crisis, so we need a leader. He decided to use the most common method of having a sect competition to select the Lead Disciple. He also told me that after many rounds of testing, he found that I met all of the requirements to be a judge, so he appointed me as one to oversee the competition.”

“What rights do you have?” Quiet And Steadfast asked.

Leisurely Viewing Nanshan looked at her control panel and said, “My description says that I have to oversee the competition and determine whether anyone’s throwing their matches. If they are, I’m to disqualify those that are guilty of cheating. Also, I have the final say when it comes to the rules.”

Shen Jingbin and company’s eyes lit up when they heard the latter half of what she said.

That also meant that the decision on who becomes the Nymph Abode’s Lead Disciple largely rests on Leisurely Viewing Nanshan’s shoulders! If that’s the case, didn’t that mean they didn’t have to worry about it falling into Crying Fish’s or some other random person’s hands?

Quiet And Steadfast shot a glance at Shen Jingchen, who immediately understood what was going on. So, after gently taking hold of Leisurely Viewing Nanshan’s shoulders, he pulled her over to the side in an attempt to sweet talk her.

Quiet And Steadfast allowed the elite Nymphs in Jade Sea Pavilion to pull out their best equipment, allowing them to enter the competition in the best possible state.

If nothing unexpected were to happen, then the position of Lead Disciple would likely end up in the hands of his guild!

“Fish, Fish! You received one as well, right?! That invitation!” There were also some Nymphs who’d gone with Crying Fish on her trip to the Nymph Abode but hadn’t accompanied her inside. When they spotted her, they revealed looks of elation on their faces and surged up to question her.

“Fish, did the Sect Leader give you any preferential treatment when you went in?”

Crying Fish’s gaze swept past Quiet And Steadfast, who was standing outside and had his back towards her; her sight landing on the little Nymph that had been pulled aside by Shen Jingchen. Although she didn’t know what the Sect Leader had said to that Nymph, she could say with certainty that she, Crying Fish, had obtained a considerable advantage! With this advantage, securing the position of Lead Disciple would be a cinch!

Due to her high Luck, she had a sufficient amount of reputation with the NPCs in the sect. She’d also accumulated a significant amount of Contribution Points. All she needed to do was ask, and the Sect Leader had divulged plenty of inside information regarding the competition to her.

For example, the competition would begin the next day at seven in the morning and would last all the way until eight at night. Once players had confirmed that they’d be participating, they weren’t allowed to take any breaks till it was over. The competition was slated to take place at two battlegrounds, and each location was playing host to a battle of attrition. The last man standing in each battlefield would then proceed to the final round where the winner would be decided.

However, she, on the other hand, had been seeded directly into the finals!

During the finals, she’d have the absolute advantage when facing two other opponents who’d be both physically and mentally exhausted!

Whatever preferential treatment that the little Nymph had received was nothing to be afraid of!

When she thought of this, Crying Fish couldn’t hold back the joy that was threatening to break free from within, and she returned her gaze to Quiet And Steadfast’s back. It was a scorching gaze filled with desire, and it was almost as if she’d already become the Lead Disciple of the Nymphs.

“Did I receive any preferential treatment? Hehe, I received lots of it… just wait and see. The position of Lead Disciple will definitely be mine!” Said Crying Fish as she gave her companions a determined smile.

At that time, Shen Jingbin happened to turn back and saw Crying Fish’s smile, and she felt a sense of foreboding run down her spine. She tugged at Quiet And Steadfast’s sleeve and gestured for him to lower his head before she whispered into his ear, “Something’s not right with Quarrelsome Fish; she probably got her hands on some secret information when she was inside. Tell the members of Jade Sea Pavilion to be careful.”

Quiet And Steadfast looked in Crying Fish’s direction when he’d heard what Shen Jingbin had said. His expression darkening when he caught sight of Crying Fish’s lingering smile.

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