Chapter 293: An Invitation From The Sect Leader (1)

Chapter 293: An Invitation From The Sect Leader (1)

“Hey, is that how you talk to people?!” Before Crying Fish had the chance to flare up, the woman accompanying her took the opportunity to angrily rebuke Shen Jingbin.

Shen Jingbin cast a sidelong glance in her direction before proceeding to ignore her.

Crying Fish stuck out her hand to restrain her companion. Then, she turned to Shen Jingbin, but her gaze was still focused on Quiet And Steadfast who she could see out of the corner of her eye. “My friend’s a little impetuous. I mean you no ill will and us running into you was a mere coincidence.”

“No worries. Happening to run into us or not is of no consequence.”

“Our purpose today was to look for the Sect Leader of the Nymphs. What are you guys here for?”

“What does it have to do with you?” Shen Jingchen rudely replied.

Unable to bear with the treatment they were receiving any longer, Crying Fish’s companion spoke up. “Why’re all of you so rude? Were your gentlemanly manners fed to dogs?”

“Mm, they were eaten up by you guys,” Quiet And Steadfast unexpectedly cut in.


“Quiet And Steadfast, don’t be like this. We were… we were just trying to…” Whenever Crying Fish encountered Quiet And Steadfast, her brain would automatically swap over to its stupid mode, and result in her stumbling over her words.

“Brother Dawn, we’re heading over to Hidden Eye Abyss to hunt Echo Bats,” Before she had the chance to finish speaking, Crying Fish was abruptly interrupted by Leisurely Viewing Nanshan who’d come running out of the Sect Leader’s residence.

“Eh? There are other people here as well?” Leisurely Viewing Nanshan froze for a moment when she saw Crying Fish before eyeing her curiously.

“We don’t know them. Hidden Eye Abyss, was it? Let’s head over there now then.”

He then proceeded to lead Leisurely Viewing Nanshan away with Shen Jingbin and Quiet And Steadfast trailing behind them, leaving Crying Fish and her companions behind.

“Quiet And Steadfast’s being too much! You’ve liked him for so long, but he hasn’t even spared a glance at you. Forget responding to your feelings, he’s even treating you like this!” Crying Fish’s companion indignantly said.

Troubled by her relationship with Quiet And Steadfast, Crying Fish’s expression turned cloudy. A long while passed before she finally said, “This isn’t the first time he’s done such a thing, so what’re you kicking up a fuss for? Let’s just bide our time for now. Once I become the Lead Disciple of the Nymphs, it’ll only be a matter of time before he falls for me… Alright, let’s head inside.”

With that, she led her companions into the Nymph Sect Leader’s residence.

At this time, Shen Jingbin’s party had just reached Hidden Eye Abyss.

Hidden Eye Abyss was a place that almost never saw the light of day. It was a dark and damp locale, with Echo Bats being a specific monster that thrived in such conditions. Coming in at Level 118, they weren’t particularly difficult to beat. However, they always appeared in a colony, making them incredibly annoying to deal with.

Leisurely Viewing Nanshan’s quest was for her to hunt down two hundred Echo Bats. While two hundred might sound like a large number, with the presence of three experts in their party, the task only took several minutes for them to complete. Once done, the party hurriedly made their way back to the Sect Leader’s residence.

When they returned, they spotted Crying Fish’s companions hanging around the Sect Leader’s courtyard. Crying Fish herself was nowhere to be seen, and they guessed that she was probably still in the midst of having an audience with the Sect Leader.

Ignoring the woman who was intensely staring at him with wide eyes, Shen Jingchen patted Leisurely Viewing Nanshan on the shoulder, indicating that she needn’t bother with anything and should just focus on going inside to hand in her quest.

Leisurely Viewing Nanshan obediently nodded and jogged into the Sect Leader’s residence. Along the way, one of the women intentionally knocked into her. She stumbled a little before she cast an aggrieved look at the woman in question. But in the end, Leisurely Viewing Nanshan put the matter aside and wordlessly walked into the residence.

“Tch, useless,” Said the woman disdainfully in a low tone.

Her companions tugged at her clothes, hinting for her to be less brazen. After all, Shen Jingchen and Quiet And Steadfast were just outside.

The woman cast an indignant gaze at the three people standing outside. To her frustration, they didn’t even spare her a glance, and she angrily stomped her foot down on the ground.

But, what she didn’t know was that, with Shen Jingchen leading the discussion, the three of them were talking about how to take care of the woman once she stepped out of the Nymph Abode.

While the two groups were waiting for their respective party members, all disciples of the Nymph Abode suddenly received a piece of news that stirred their hearts.

All players from the Nymph Abode that were online received an invitation from their Sect Leader at the same time to ‘Battle for the Position of Lead Disciple’.

[Guild] Slight Chill: I received an invitation to battle for the position of Lead Disciple of the Nymphs! Did anyone else receive it?!

[Guild] Eight National Treasures: I got one too! I got one too! What the f*ck is going on?

[Guild] Lingering White Clouds: I received one too +1.

[Guild] Gentle Flower: Same here +2.

All of the Nymphs within Jade Sea Pavilion popped out and indicated that they’d received an invitation as well. After a moment of stunned silence, they began guessing what had led to this.

Shen Jingchen, who was whiling the time away, noticed what was going on in the guild chat the instant it became active, and immediately informed the two people beside him. When they heard the news, Shen Jingbin and Quiet And Steadfast hurriedly checked their guild chat.

Bronze Tree was also abuzz with activity as a result of the Sect Leader’s invitation.

[Guild] Black Kite: Wtfwtf! Did any of you receive an invitation? (ΟΔΟ;;)

[Guild] Cheshire Cat: I received it. It wasn’t just me; my Nymph friends got them as well.

[Guild] The Winds Of Ximen: What’s happening?

[Guild] Black Kite: I suddenly received a letter from my Sect Leader with an invitation in it. It’s an invitation to participate in a battle to become the Lead Disciple of the Nymphs!

[Guild] Little Tadpole: Sister Black Kite, I’ve got bad news for you: I got one as well.

Little Tadpole was the lowest leveled Nymph in the guild.

[Guild] Black Kite: ...

[Guild] Delicate Flower: Ahahahaha!

[Guild] Cheshire Cat: Haha.

[Guild] The Winds Of Ximen: Hahahahaha. Rofl.

[Guild] Black Kite: ... Stop laughing, you bunch of beasts! Sobsobsob, someone tell me what’s going on!

[Guild] Nutjob: Dawn, Quiet And Steadfast, and I are helping a Nymph out with her hidden quest. Her quest was probably what triggered it. I’m guessing that all of the Nymphs have received an invitation.

[Guild] Pure Crane: A grand melee within the sect?

[Guild] Nutjob: We can’t say for sure at the moment.

[Guild] Pure Crane: Since that’s the case, all of the Nymphs who’ve received an invitation are to gather at the Nymph Abode. Let’s have a look at what’s going on.

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