Chapter 292: Encountering Quarrelsome Fish Once Again (2)

Chapter 292: Encountering Quarrelsome Fish Once Again (2)

Quiet And Steadfast thought for a bit before asking a question on the guild channel.

[Guild] Quiet And Steadfast: Dawn, where are you?

[Guild] Dawn’s Twilight: Can I not answer?

[Guild] Quiet And Steadfast: No.

[Guild] Dawn’s Twilight: ...

[Guild] Lingering White Clouds: Tsk tsk tsk, Dawn’s actually going against our Leader. What an eye-opener!

[Guild] Eight National Treasures: Hehehe, Dawn, you’re finally going to be the one on top?

[Guild] I’m Not A Monster: Fujoshis are scary.

[Guild] I’m Really Not A Monster: Terrifying!

[Guild] Dawn’s Twilight: I’m at the Nymph Abode helping someone with their quest.

Shen Jingchen was greeted with a wave of enthusiastic teasing when he said that. Quiet And Steadfast ignored all of it and told Shen Jingchen to wait there for him before he leading her towards the Nymph Abode.

The two Great Sects of the Demons were situated at Beiming in the north, while on the other hand, the two Great Sects of the Celestials - the Nymph Abode and Dragonkin Tower - were located to the south of the continent in the Southern Mountains. As for the Great Sects of the Humans, they were sandwiched between the two sects of the other two races.

The couple spotted Shen Jingchen the moment they passed through the Sect’s main gate. Feeling guilty, Shen Jingbin ran forward and issued an enthusiastic greeting to Shen Jingchen. But alas, a certain tsundere ignored her.

“What’s got you guys looking for me so desperately?”

Nutjob shrugged. “Nothing, I just wanted to play with you.”

Shen Jingchen looked as if he’d seen a ghost when he heard what she’d said. He cast a glance at Quiet And Steadfast who was standing by the side, and muttered softly, “Did the sun rise from the west?”

“You said you were helping someone out with their quest? Who is it? A girl?”

“Hmph, how's it any of your business?!”

“Aren’t I showing concern for your love life?”

“I don’t need your concern!”

“That’s it, I’ve had it with you Shen Jingchen! Keep up this tsundere act of yours and I’ll smack you!”

“Sob sob sob, look at her, Leader. She's so violent! It's not too late to for you to back out!”


Quiet And Steadfast: I’m just an onlooker; please don't drag me into this.

While the three of them were chatting, a familiar girl suddenly ran up to them.

“Brother Dawn, is your friend here yet?”

Shen Jingbin looked up when she heard the person’s voice, revealing an adorable and sugary sweet looking girl with a pair of pretty, expressive eyes framed by wispy lashes that continuously fluttered.

Shen Jingchen turned to glance at the girl. “They're here, let me introduce you guys. This is my little sister, Nutjob. The person beside her is her husband, Quiet And Steadfast. He's also our Guild Leader.”

“Ah, I know, this is White Cloud Temple’s great Senior Sister and the number one God in the game!” The girl exclaimed excitedly after hearing Shen Jingchen’s introduction.

Shen Jingbin flashed a friendly smile at the girl. Quiet And Steadfast nodded at the girl, his expression hidden by the veil on his face.

“This is Leisurely Viewing Nanshan; a girl I happened to pick up along the way.”

When he mentioned that he’d ‘picked her up along the way’, Leisurely Viewing Nanshan stuck out her tongue in embarrassment.

“Quiet And Steadfast and I have nothing better to do anyway, so let's do the quest together. Are you doing a sect quest?” Nutjob asked.

Leisurely Viewing Nanshan’s expression fell. “No, I’m not. Honestly speaking, I don't know what it is either as I suddenly received it when I was strolling around the sect, and it immediately tasked me with hunting monsters. After asking around, I found out that the monsters were all high leveled ones. There’s no way that I could beat them!”

Leisurely Viewing Nanshan was still a little Nymph with her Level only in the 60’s, and Shen Jingchen bumped into her at the Heartless Precipice in Youzhou. After seeing her getting killed countless times by a Rock Eagle, he couldn’t bear watching any longer and partied up with her to help her complete her quest.

Quiet And Steadfast cupped his chin on his hand and thought for a moment. “Looks like you received a hidden quest. What do you need to do next? We’ll help you out.”

“I just finished hunting the monsters and was about to look for my Sect Leader to submit my quest,” Leisurely Viewing Nanshan replied.

“Let’s go together then,” Shen Jingbin said.


With that, the four of them made their way over to the residence of the Nymph Abode’s Sect Leader.

Quiet And Steadfast, who belonged to the race of Demons, was suddenly barred from entering by the NPCs standing by the entrance to the Sect Leader’s residence. Further inside, both Shen Jingbin and Shen Jingchen were prevented from advancing as well. In the end, only Leisurely Viewing Nanshan was allowed to meet with the Nymph Abode’s Sect Leader.

“Celestials sure are troublesome. How can they discriminate against the other races even at a time like this,” Shen Jingchen commented.

“They're Celestials. You have to understand that amongst the three races, they’re the noblest,” Shen Jingbin replied.

When they thought back to how Quiet And Steadfast was still stuck outside, the siblings left the Sect Leader’s residence to wait outside with him. Besides, it’s not like they could enter anyway.

But, little did they expect to see Crying Fish walking over with her companions before Leisurely Viewing Nanshan had come out.

“Quiet And Steadfast!” Exclaimed Crying Fish. It was as if her eyes had been affixed with a Quiet And Steadfast radar, allowing her to spot him from afar.

Having successfully attracted their attention, Shen Jingbin’s group turned to look in the direction of the voice.

Quiet And Steadfast brows furrowed slightly when he saw Crying Fish.

“Why are you here? Who're you waiting for? Were you waiting for me? How’d you know I'd be here?” Crying Fish completely ignored Nutjob and her brother. The only one in her eyes was Quiet And Steadfast.

Quiet And Steadfast, on the other hand, completely ignored her existence and paid no heed to anything she said.

There was a stark contrast in their attitudes towards one another. Unable to bear the sight of this scene any longer, the person who'd accompanied Crying Fish discreetly tugged.

Only then did Crying Fish realise that the man in front of her had no intention of paying any attention to her. Her face flushed an unnatural shade of red, and she glanced away. When she did so, she finally took notice of Shen Jingbin and her brother.

She shot Shen Jingbin an indifferent glance and unconsciously stuck out her chest. “Heh, looks like you're here too.”

Shen Jingbin’s gaze was tinged with pity as she gave Crying Fish a once over before she turned back to Quiet And Steadfast and said, “Is she suffering from poor vision? How unfortunate, she's still so young.”

“Pfft!” Both men chuckled when they heard what she’d said.

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