Chapter 287: The Night Before Chinese New Year (1)

Chapter 287: The Night Before Chinese New Year (1)

“My Boss has gotten himself a girlfriend as of late. As a single man, I had to watch these two being lovey-dovey every day. V●ᴥ●V [1. If you guys are having trouble figuring it out, that’s supposed to be a dog emoji =P]In spite of that, doing so brought me great happiness because the two of them were just that compatible! But now, I’ve found out that someone’s been spreading rumours that our new Lady Boss is actually the Boss’ mistress. Excusez-moi?[2. Another phrase that was originally written in English. This one’s a lot easier to decipher though XD] Are you screwing with me? I feel that there’s a need for me to issue a clarification: my Lady Boss is someone of both wealth and status. If you really want to talk about someone being taken care off, then my Boss would probably be the ‘mistress’ in question (゚∀゚ ). If you don’t believe me, then let the facts speak for themselves; I guarantee that it’ll leave you in tears (ᗒᗊᗕ).”

Ke Yuan then proceeded to post a video of the time when Shen Jingbin was interviewed after participating in a martial arts competition. The video itself was concise; less than two minutes long. However, she could be clearly seen clutching the champion’s trophy alongside Old Master Shen.

After that, Ke Yuan threw out a screenshot taken from Baidu that talked about a martial arts master from the Shen family. Then, by extension, he went on to post Baidu entries relating to Granny Shen, Papa Shen, and Mama Shen.

Everyone single one of them was an awe-inspiring individual that made others want to prostrate themselves before them. What’s more, they hailed from the same family. It didn’t take much to figure out just how terrifying this family was.

That wasn’t the end of it either.

Back in the day, Shen Jingbin used to take part in quite a few friendly matches both at home and abroad. With her charisma, she’d managed to win the favor of many foreign judges. Photos of her touring around with these judges and eating with them were posted as well, terrifying countless users on the forum.

In short, even winners at life couldn’t match up to her!

Which was why someone like her being labelled as a mistress was the biggest joke of the century, leaving the ones who’d previously condemn her feeling like they’d been slapped when they finished reading everything.

With that, Shen Jingbin’s naysayers quietly shut their mouths, while those who were previously enamoured with her looks came out of the woodworks to worship her.

Although there’s a saying that beauties should be shared amongst everyone, when a woman reaches a certain level of excellence, you’d be hard pressed to share her with anyone else. Many people from A City University were of this mind, and they felt that Shen Jingbin was their little secret. They alone would know of her existence, and they loathed the idea of speaking out and letting others know of her brilliance. As such, they’d adopted a cautious approach and never spoke of her in front of anyone else.

However, when they saw their Goddess being vilified by all these keyboard warriors, these little schemes of theirs lost all importance.

Ke Yuan’s Weibo was like a signal flare, and the previously silent students of A City University appeared in droves to support their Goddess.

Like a gathering storm, Shen Jingbin’s popularity grew by leaps and bounds, eventually culminating in her becoming the most popular woman online.

Of course, this was all said in retrospect.

Since Zhao Chengning had said that he’d handle it, Shen Jingbin left everything in his hands and did her own thing after reaching home.

On New Year’s Eve, the Shen family had gotten an early start in the morning and busied themselves with their duties. To make herself stand out more, Shen Jingbin, who normally didn’t bother with dolling herself up, ran over to Mama Shen’s room and borrowed her makeup.

Shen Jingbin, who was a natural born beauty, only possessed toners and moisturizers.

After applying a light layer of makeup, Shen Jingbin’s complexion looked even better, and her beauty surged upwards by several points. When Mama Shen saw her, she viciously tossed a pair of sunglasses at her.

What should I do if my daughter looks too beautiful? Urgently waiting online for a reply.

Putting aside how other families celebrated their New Year’s Eve, in the Zhao household, everyone had to make time in their schedule; regardless of how busy they were. In this day and age, due to the constant pursuit of material possessions and wealth, the social connections holding people together were gradually thinning out. This was primarily so for wealthy families, where some of their members wouldn’t even go home for the New Year. Instead, they rushed about to conduct business and attend the various social niceties required of them.

As Old Master Zhao was a very traditional person, he obviously placed a great deal of importance on days like New Year’s Eve and the New Year. Adding to that was the fact that he felt like he didn’t have much longer left, so pushing aside all work-related activities for these two days had become an ironclad rule. In addition, there was one other rule: invitations from others, as well as those who were trying to worm their way into the family’s good graces, would be rejected.

But, it looked like the latter rule would have to be broken for this year.

Carrying bags of varying shapes and sizes, Shen Jingbin made her way over to the Zhao household with the rest of her family. Apart from them, Old Master Xie would also be present to usher in the New Year. It’d been countless years since the Old Masters had met up, and it’d been even longer since they’d had the chance to get together at an event like this. And so, everyone split up into their little group and went to talk about everything under the sun.

On her end, Shen Jingbin went to join the youths that were casually enjoying themselves.

And just like that, everyone passed a joyous and harmonious day together. After dinner, the Shen family decided to stay for the night at Old Master Zhao’s very generous behest, allowing them to usher in the New Year together.

These get-togethers were becoming increasingly insipid by the year, and Shen Jingbin found herself unable to sit around any longer after only a short period. Shen Jingchen, who also felt the same way, locked eyes with her and took advantage of the time when the older generation was happily chatting amongst themselves to haul Zhao Chengning out of the house. Of course, they didn’t forget Zhao Chengan either.

While Shen Jingbin didn’t have the best of relations with Zhao Chengan in the past, it was all water under the bridge when Zhao Chengan explained the reason for his actions.

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