Chapter 285: Setting An Example (1)

Chapter 285: Setting An Example (1)

Zhao Chengning returned the slip of paper, which was still in perfect condition, to Ke Yuan and asked, “Have you called the police yet?”

“I’ve already called them.”

“Good timing then; we’ll use him to set an example. Take care of it.”

Ke Yuan nodded. “Got it.”

The man who was still being pressed down onto the sofa was originally of the mind that what he’d done was but a small infraction. Even if he were caught, at worst, he’d just be dragged over to the local police station to be reprimanded. But, from the looks of things, he wasn’t going to get off so easily.

The man’s expression changed when he came to that conclusion. He stopped his endless stream of cursing and started imploring Zhao Chengning. “Mr Zhao, I’m sorry for my actions. I was just… just too impulsive. I’m very sorry, and I promise never to do it again. Can you please let me off just this once?”

When his pleas fell on deaf ears, the man turned his attention to Shen Jingbin instead.

“Goddess, I’m begging you, help me out here. We’re about to celebrate the New Year, and I have a wife and child at home. Please, don’t send me to the police… Just help me out on account of me liking you… please? You’re so beautiful, so you’re definitely filled with kindness as well, right? I know that you’ll help me…”

Never in her life had Shen Jingbin seen someone so shameless. Shen Jingbin gave him a cold smile and said, “You have a wife and child back home? In that case, they’re truly unfortunate. Forgive me, but I can’t help you. In the first place, I was never a saint.”

Zhao Chengning shot a look of disdain at the man. “The human brain is a wonderful thing, and I hope that you’ll remember to use it in the future. Take this as a lesson and don’t blame me for being ruthless if this ever happens again.”

“Look, all you moneybags are just exploiting us little people! You’re colluding with the government! I’m going to report all of you! I’ll reveal your true colours to everyone… And as for you, you slut, your beauty is wasted on a person like you! It turns out that you were just a whore who cozies up to anyone who’s rich! Pui, shameless…”

Realizing that begging for forgiveness was useless, his eyes turned red in anger, and he resumed his wave of insults. This only resulted in him being dragged nearer by Shen Jingbin and given a slap across his face, stunning him into silence and leaving his ears ringing in the aftermath.

You really couldn’t look down on the strength of women who practiced martial arts.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. While Shen Jingbin’s slap had left the man feeling like he was about to lose consciousness, she’d used way too much force which caused her hand to sting. However, none of the pain leaked through her facade as she gazed coldly at the man. In a voice so cold it could freeze a lake, she said, “Allow me to discipline your mouth since you obviously can’t control it yourself.”

Everything happened in a blur that was too fast for anyone to react, leaving the men in the room to just stand dumbly where they were.

“Good day, Mr Zhao, I received a report stating that someone is causing a disturbance. May I know where the perpetrator is?” Luckily, the police dispatched from the nearby station arrived on the scene. The officer in the lead swept a glance at his surroundings before pausing on Shen Jingbin, whose entire body was emitting an aura of frost. He hurriedly turned his gaze away and flashed a wide smile at Zhao Chengning.

The man on the sofa immediately recovered from his stupor when he spotted the officer and bawled at the top of his voice. “Officer, please save me! I’m about to be beaten to death! They attacked me! They’ve taken matters into their own hands and illegally detained me; I want to report them! Officer, please render your judgement!”

The man bawled like a pig being slaughtered and made it impossible for him to be ignored. The officer in the lead could only helplessly glare at him before giving Zhao Chengning a playful smile.

“Team Leader Fang, this person posted something on the entrance of my office and used it to cause a disturbance by spreading harmful rumours about me. This has caused great damage to my reputation, and I hope that you’ll do a thorough investigation before giving me a report.”

“I will, I will. Rest easy, Mr Zhao, we’ll definitely conduct a thorough investigation.”

Shen Jingbin suddenly cut in, “He even attempted to assault me.”

Team Leader Fang felt a drop of cold sweat threaten to run down his cheeks. Tomorrow was New Year’s Eve, and he was planning to head home a little earlier to spend time with his wife. But, as luck would have it, something had to crop up at this critical juncture.

“You’re all scum! Officer, you have to back me up! I’m the real victim here; take a look at my face! That woman did it! You have to help me!” The man hollered at the top of his lungs.

Zhao Chengning shot a chilling glance at Team Leader Fang. “Team Leader Fang, you heard him; this man has been slandering us this whole time.”

“I heard it. Please be at ease, Mr Zhao… But, regarding the matter of your friend hitting him…” Team Leader Fang said embarrassedly.

“You can ask around and see if anyone’s taken any action against him. He was the only one insulting us the whole time.”

Team Leader Fang raised his head and found that everyone in the room was stone-faced. The only one who was displaying just the slightest bit of emotion on their face was an extraordinarily beautiful woman beside the sofa. She winked at him with doe eyes that could ensnare one’s soul. Team Leader Fang almost wished that he could throw himself before her and proclaim, ‘long live the goddess!’.

“Team Leader Fang, I don’t think this person’s right in the head. It’d be best if you sent him for some tests. Otherwise, he’ll hold us responsible if he gets slapped for running his mouth.”

Team Leader Fang repeatedly nodded and said, “Alright, we’ll take custody of him.”

With that, he hurriedly motioned for the young officers that followed him along to deal with the man. The young officers were quick on the uptake too and remembered to cover his mouth when they took custody of him, stifling his cries.

“I’ll be bringing him away now. Have a happy New Year, Mr Zhao.”

Zhao Chengning slightly relaxed once the man’s muffled cries were finally out of earshot, and returned a polite greeting. “Thanks for the hard work, Team Leader Fang. I’ll personally thank you once the New Year’s celebrations are over.”

A splendid smile immediately blossomed on Team Leader Fang’s face, and the two men bid each other farewell.

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