Chapter 282: Cowing The Masses (2)

Chapter 282: Cowing The Masses (2)

Shen Jingbin had long since gotten used to being despised and labelled as ugly. But this time around, she flew into a rage when their increasingly caustic insults touched upon her parents and Quiet And Steadfast.

She stepped out from behind Quiet And Steadfast and slapped away a bottle that happened to be flying her way. Her eyes that were as sharp as a hawk’s turned to glare at the person who’d first insulted her parents.

When a beautiful person glared at someone, they might feel like that the person wasn’t threatening and that they instead looked pretty. However, when someone who was ugly to begin with glared at them with the intent to intimidate others, they’d appear extremely frightening. The player who was glared at felt his hair stand on end and his legs start to weaken.

Her overly vicious expression stunned the newbies into silence, and they slowly closed their mouths.

When silence filled the air, Shen Jingbin slowly began to speak, her voice indescribably eerie, “You, repeat what you just said.”

“I… I said it’s definitely your parents’ fault that you look so ugly. They… better apologise for committing such a sin…” The next moment, his voice choked off as a branch was lodged in his neck. The person cupped his throat with both his hands and coughed a few times before dissolving in a flash of light.

F*ck, an insta-kill in such a way!

Everyone present immediately cupped their throats in terror.

Shen Jingbin would never stand for insults towards her family, and that person from just now had undoubtedly crossed the line. Without even thinking, she’d plucked a branch from beside her and mercilessly tossed it at that person.

That single branch dealt a critical hit, and that person was killed in a second.

A storm was brewing within Shen Jingbin’s eyes as she surveyed the people around her. Those who had insulted her the most ardently now had their heads lowered, as though they were afraid that she’d see them.

“How I look is my own business; if you can’t stand my appearance, then look away. Those of you who have trouble looking away can take it up with me instead… And, if anyone ever dares to insult me or mine again, you’d best be extremely careful.”

After throwing down her vicious rhetoric, Shen Jingbin pulled Quiet And Steadfast away, her entire being exuding coldness. As the pair made their way out, the masses obediently opened up a path for them, not even daring to breathe too heavily till they disappeared. This was especially so for the more experienced players who’d hidden themselves beforehand and were still reeling from their lingering fear.

Who was it that said that the ugly monster was good-natured and a pushover? Was this what they f*king meant by ‘good-natured’?! Don’t insult our intelligence!

Back to the couple that had just left.

Noticing Shen Jingbin’s sour mood, Quiet And Steadfast tactfully summoned his mount, Sheng Huang, and rode together with her. From his position behind her, Quiet And Steadfast gently wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into his embrace.

“This is my first time seeing you so angry.”

Shen Jingbin was never the type of person who took her anger out on other people; it would only be directed at those who’d provoked her ire. She leaned back onto his chest and asked, “Did I scare you?”

“I’m not so easily scared. The big sister vibes you gave off just now were pretty nice.”

“How terrifying. Zhao Chengning, I think you’re going nuts.”

Quiet And Steadfast tightened his arms around her. “I’m fine with going nuts, as long as you’re the one who’s causing it.”

Tsk tsk tsk, thank goodness that there weren’t any single pringles around here!

When they arrived at the Lich Palace, Quiet And Steadfast informed Poison Toad about the Shinra Sect. After that, Shen Jingbin took out the Black Tortoise’s Egg. Poison Toad’s eyes lit up the moment he saw the Black Tortoise’s Egg.

Poison Toad took the Black Tortoise’s Egg and impatiently asked, “Have you found the Black Tortoise’s Inheritance?”

Shen Jingbin nodded. Poison Toad placed the egg in his bosom and said, “I’ll hold on to the Black Tortoise’s Egg for now; come back in three days time to retrieve it. Since you’ve gotten ahold of the Black Tortoise’s Inheritance, you can now follow me to the Temple.”

“Alright,” After issuing a word of acknowledgement, the two of them proceeded to follow Poison Toad to the Temple.

When they reached the Temple, Poison Toad dismissed the disciples guarding the entrance with a wave of his hand and led them in. It was spacious, and apart from a towering statue of the Black Tortoise, the area was void of anything else.

Poison Toad brought the two of them over to the statue.

“Stretch out your hands and face your palms towards the statue,” Poison Toad instructed from the side. Shen Jingbin moved in accordance to what he’d said. “Close your eyes, and feel the spiritual energy surging within your dantian. The Black Tortoise’s Inheritance is different from the body’s spiritual energy; you can only sense it if you make an effort to do so.”

Ever since she’d started practicing martial arts when she was young, the phrase Shen Jingbin had heard the most was probably ‘settle your energy into your dantian’, so she didn’t bother asking where her ‘dantian’ was.

After closing her eyes, she sensed a surge of warmth rising from her navel. Her dantian grew a little hotter, and a mystical interface suddenly appeared before her eyes.

It was a place enshrouded in blue mist and dotted with dim glowing lights, appearing as though it were a miniature paradise. Shen Jingbin calmed herself and gave it a proper look. When she did so, she realised that a beam of black light sat right in the center of the swathe of blue mist. It should have stood out, but instead, it might’ve been overlooked if she wasn’t currently focusing her attention on it.

“After you’ve found the Inheritance, attempt to extract a part of it.”

Shen Jingbin did as Poison Toad instructed. She stared at the black light and imagined it splitting into two. As she did so, she saw a brief flash of activity from within the ray of black light before it split itself into two. Now, one tall and one short black ray of light could be seen.

“Now, guide it out of your dantian and through your veins.”

Shen Jingbin continued to do as Poison toad had said. At the end of it, she felt a tinge of heat on the tip of her left index finger. When she glanced at it once again, a ray of black light shot out of her fingertip like a bullet and sped towards the statue of the Black Tortoise in front of her.

The statue of the Black Tortoise lit up and radiated a celestial light, enveloping the entire temple in its glow. This, in turn, caused a warmth to rise within the bodies of both Quiet And Steadfast and Shen Jingbin.

“Congratulations on completing the quest ‘The Lich’s Inheritance’. Quest reward: Clear Jade Pendant (1), Brilliant Earrings (1), Shining Necklace (1), Misty Drizzle Rings (1 pair), 40,000 Experience, 300 taels of silver, 600 Chivalric Prestige. Lich Palace’s Sect Leader Poison Toad’s Goodwill towards you has increased by 80 points, and the Goodwill of all NPCs in Lich Palace has increased by 20 points.”

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