Chapter 281: Cowing The Masses (1)

Chapter 281: Cowing The Masses (1)

Shen Jingbin brought Qi Mu over to meet Quiet And Steadfast when he logged in that night. Now that she thought about it, apart from the Nymph Abode’s Lead Disciple, they’d managed to gather the rest of the disciples from the Six Great Sects.

After Qi Mu briefly explained the Shinra Sect’s plan to take down the Sect Leaders of the Six Great Sects to Quiet And Steadfast and The Winds Of Ximen, the five of them dispersed; each person returning to their respective sects to warn their Sect Leaders.

The Dragonkin Tower needn’t be informed since they already knew, but the Nymph Abode didn’t have anyone on their side to spread the news. Hence, Qi Mu was charged with the task of informing them.

Quiet And Steadfast accompanied Shen Jingbin back to White Cloud Temple. Once done, he’d planned for them to head over to the Lich Palace and get Poison Toad to hatch the Black Tortoise’s egg.

Song Yuqing seemed to have been expecting their return; a pot brewing tea was present when they entered the house. After listening to Shen Jingbin’s thorough explanation of everything that had happened so far, Song Yuqing fell silent for a long while before he acknowledged what she’d said and waved them off.

Just as they were about to leave, Shen Jingbin glanced back at Song Yuqing; something about him felt off. Almost as if he’d felt her gaze, Song Yuqing raised his head and met her eyes before he smiled at her. Unable to discern what was wrong, Shen Jingbin shook her head and left.

What she didn’t see was that Song Yuqing’s expression changed the moment they left, and he produced a piece of paper from within his robes. On it, information from Lu Yingzhou [1. In case you guys have forgotten, he’s the Sect Leader of Swordmaster Pavilion. I know I have, I had to look it up! XD] could be seen.

“The Dragonkin Tower’s Sect Leader has been poisoned. Jue Tian has made his move.”

“Too fast; everything’s happening too quickly,” Song Yuqing’s expression was grave as he balled his hand into a fist, gripping the piece of paper tightly within it.

Just as Shen Jingbin and Quiet And Steadfast were planning to make their way towards the Lich Palace, they were obstructed by a mass of people. Shen Jingbin was struck dumb while Quiet And Steadfast surveyed their surroundings and lowered his brows into a frown.

“I heard the Great Senior Sister from White Cloud Temple’s back! Where is she?!”

“F*ck, don’t push me! All I just want is to f*cking catch a glimpse of the great Senior Sister!”

“Is this Great Senior Sister the same one from the video?!”

“Which one of them is the real Senior Sister?”

These people had evidently gotten their hands on information about their ‘great Senior Sister’ but had yet make sense of the situation. Shen Jingbin was rendered speechless when she heard the hushed curses of someone beside her.

F*ck, you’re here to see me? Don’t screw around. Fellow disciple, looking at me will only result in you injuring yourself.

Quiet And Steadfast’s face darkened when he heard the mutterings of everyone around him. He pressed himself close to her and stretched out his hands to protect her as he brought his head to her ear. “Let’s quietly slip away.”

Shen Jingbin fiercely nodded her head. She was of the same mind!

However, after only taking a few steps, someone suddenly shouted, “White Cloud Temple’s Great Senior Sister is over there!”

Everyone instantly fell silent, and a half-meter-radius around Shen Jingbin was immediately cleared of people. Countless fervent gazes fell on Shen Jingbin at the same time...

And then, they vomited.

“Blergh!” The sound of continuous retching and unpleasant curses filled the air.

“F*ck, the game company’s a liar! Are they trying to jerk our chain with this ugly Senior Sister??”

“F*ck, White Cloud Temple’s Great Senior Sister is this ugly? I’m leaving this sect!”

Some of them were so frustrated that they even wanted to attack her.

“F*ck, what’s an ugly monster like her doing playing this game? She should be hiding at home instead. Get lost!” As they said that, a person threw something in their hand at Shen Jingbin.

Quiet And Steadfast quickly pulled her behind him and shot a glare at that person.

Though the person in question didn’t recognise him, he still fell back a step, likely due to the imposing aura that Quiet And Steadfast was giving off. When he realised how embarrassing his actions were, he shouted, “What’re you glaring at; am I wrong? Why’s she showing her face even though she’s so ugly? Doesn’t she have an ounce of self-awareness?”

They were still in White Cloud Temple’s territory, and as a disciple of the Lich Palace, Quiet And Steadfast wasn’t able to take any action. Otherwise, the NPC disciples that patrolled the sect’s grounds would immediately come over and beat him up. Hence, he could only rein in his impulse to throttle this person.

When the more experienced players saw how furious Quiet And Steadfast was, they silently lit a candle for the newbies. Honestly speaking, they just wanted to watch what was happening and had no intentions of shit stirring by provoking the Great God. Little did they expect that this bunch of newbs would be so rash!

None of the more experienced players said anything. They just quietly distanced themselves from the newbs, inching out of the circle of players in an effort to escape before Quiet And Steadfast noticed them. After all, they could tell that the Great God who rarely got angry was genuinely enraged this time around.

What’s worse was that the newbs weren’t even aware of it, and thought that the couple wouldn’t be able to do anything to them since they were greatly outnumbered. With that thought in mind, they became increasingly bold and started to launch personal attacks against Shen Jingbin.

The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment; they were previously filled with a longing to see their beautiful Great Senior Sister but were instead greeted with a woman so ugly, she caused the earth to shake and the heavens to tremble. Not a single one of them could bear with the disappointment! And so, for the sake of soothing their wounded little souls, this ugly monster had to endure their rage.

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