Chapter 277: The Dragonkin’s Lead Disciple (1)

Chapter 277: The Dragonkin’s Lead Disciple (1)

Shen Jingbin wasn’t the type of person to sleep in, so she was already awake when Shen Jingchen came rushing over. She’d just finished changing and glared at Shen Jingchen who’d barged into her room without even bothering to knock. “Good thing I was fast enough and had managed to get my clothes on in time. Otherwise, things would’ve turned ugly,” She thought to herself.

“Why didn’t you knock?”

“Do you ever knock when you enter my room? Anyway, there’s a huge issue now; there’s no time for knocking.”

Shen Jingbin rolled her eyes at him. “What happened?”

“Did you know that the promotional trailer you were filming has been released?”

“Yeah, what of it?”

“You’re trending now, and lots of people have been asking for your contact information. Yiju’s social media Administrator mentioned that you play <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> too and told all of them to go looking for you… But, at least he didn’t reveal your in-game name.”

Someone of Shen Jingbin’s intelligence didn’t need him to spell out everything for her to understand what the issue was. Her expression turned serious. “That does sound troublesome. I didn’t consider the possibility of this happening last time. Zhao Chengning and I were planning to hand over the Black Tortoise’s egg to Poison Toad to incubate before we headed out to look for the Vermillion Bird two days later.”

Shen Jingchen looked concerned too. “I think it’s better if you don’t log in at all during this time.”

Shen Jingbin thought for a bit and said, “I’ll see how it goes.”

In spite of her saying that she still logged on after lunch.

Pure Crane had gotten his hands on a Divine Weapon.

To facilitate the ease of communication, Shen Jingbin gave Pure Crane her Penguin account[1. A Chinese social account].

She’d previously logged off at Beiming Sea’s ferry terminal, so that was where she appeared when she logged in. Afternoons were usually the time when player activity in the game peaked, leading to numerous people crowding around the terminal.

Those with sharp eyes immediately spotted her and began huddling together and whispering to one another in twos and threes. Shen Jingbin didn’t bother about them, opting instead to hop onto her mount and make her way towards where Pure Crane was waiting.

At the same time, various guilds in the game started to make a move as well when they found out that she’d logged in. Veterans who wanted to shit stir leaked information about her to their acquaintances who’d just joined the game, and waited for events to unfold with looks of glee on their faces. The newbies were going to get their chance to meet the Senior Sister from White Cloud Temple that they were so looking forward to!

[Guild] Learning How To Be A Despot: Eh? I think I saw that Senior Sister was on.

[Guild] Fleeing To The Ends Of The Earth: Hm? Is our renowned Senior Sister on? Please speak up Senior Sister, you’re famous now, and I wanna rub shoulders with people like you!

Aside from a few people like Delicate Flower, everyone else in Pure Crane’s guild referred to her as ‘Senior Sister’. Reason being that they couldn’t bring themselves to call her by her in-game name. Shen Jingbin had a pretty good relationship with everyone in Bronze Tree, so she found the time to send a reply after glancing at the guild chat.

[Guild] Nutjob: Good afternoon.

[Guild] Black Kite: What the f*ck, you really did log in, Nutty. Did you know that lots of people are looking for you?!

[Guild] Nutjob: I know.

[Guild] Delicate Flower: Nutty, I think you’re in a bit of a difficult situation. If possible, you should do your best to stay away from places with many people.

[Guild] Cheshire Cat: I don’t know who it was, but someone revealed that you’re in our guild. We’ve had tons of people applying to join over the past few days, but we rejected all of them because we weren’t sure of their motives.

Looks like more than a few people have found out about it,

Shen Jingbin thought to herself as she looked at the guild chat with gratification.

[Guild] Nutjob: Thank you, everyone.

Shen Jingbin had reached Pure Crane’s manor by the time they finished talking, so she dismounted and swiftly made her way forward. When she stepped inside, she spotted Pure Crane standing in front of a door in high spirits.

Pure Crane was a bit of a moneybags, and he’d built himself a refining room within his manor. At present, he stood in front of the door to the room with uncontrollable excitement in his eyes.

When Shen Jingbin called out to him, he looked over and said, “You’re here, hurry over and watch me refine a Divine Weapon!” After saying so, he pulled out a horsetail whisk.

The entire length of the horsetail whisk was snow white and suffused with a faint golden glow, its sacred aura clear for all to see. White cloud patterns were wrapped around the handle, and the strands on the upper half of the whisk were made of some unknown material. When touched, the strands were incomparably soft and supple, and on closer inspection, glistening light could be seen through each length.

“This is a weapon for you White Cloud Temple disciples; have a look at its attributes,” Pure Crane said.

Shen Jingbin didn’t stand on ceremony and grabbed the horsetail whisk to inspect it.

“Snow Sealing Mist (Divine). A legendary Divine Weapon said to have the power to shake the very heavens. Rarity: Gold, unable to grow. Durability: 350/350, (Sect Requirement: White Cloud Temple, Level Requirement: 120). Can be upgraded and reforged. Inner Strength +180, Physical Strength +100, Accuracy +380, Critical Hit Strike +280. Divine Blessing: +50 defence against critical strikes from magical attacks. Human Bane: +68 increased damage against other players. Enemy Knowledge: +66 defence against attacks from other players.

While she inspected the horsetail whisk, Pure Crane said, “Refining a Divine Weapon is much harder than I thought. I’ve failed ten times already. Luckily, all the materials used in the refining process are returned to you if you fail. This is the first one I’ve managed to make.”

Shen Jingbin smiled. “I must have been lucky then.”

“Lend me some of your luck then. I’m currently forging another Divine Weapon. You can have a look when you open up the furnace in a bit.”

Shen Jingbin nodded.

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